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16 of the cringiest posts from mom groups.

16 of the cringiest posts from mom groups.


Being a mom is tough, so we completely sympathize with people having questions, wanting advice, and needing support. But that doesn't stop us from marveling at how weird, wild, batsh*t crazy and funny some of the posts are.

In a recent search for posts, we found these 16 that really made us go, hmmm?

1. The woman who doesn't want couples going to Disney.

Wouldn't it be great if Disney just opened for you personally? We'd love that.

2. Those look deliscious.

Also, is this even real?

3. Naming our first kid Chili's Baby Back Ribs.

Whenever we miss our kid we'll just sing, 'I want my baby back, baby back, baby back, Chileeeeee's, Baby Back Ribs.'

4. We need to stop teaching kids about idioms and euphemisms.

And don't forget to thank all our teachers for their hard word.

5. Never heard of this, but interesting concept.

Working on this app now.

6. Great parenting method.

Teach your kids the only way you'll play with them is if they do chores, but keep yelling in your back pocket.

7. The old coconut sock cure. Haven't tried it, but and not going to.

That being said, maybe it would be good for corns?

8. I'm 'I've been injured on one of these things' years old.

It is pretty cool looking and will toughen up your children.

9. Yes, yes, yes.

When you need to call her you can just dial her xylophone.

10. Poor groundskeeper.

Great Halloween idea though.

11. At least she's asking?

Still traumatized from watching 'Friday the 13th' at 16 years old.

12. Sounds like a fun mom.

Poor kids.

13. Another great idea.

Also working on this app. Don't copy us.

14. Honestly no idea if this is bad health-wise, but sounds like a great idea if you're trying to raise an alcoholic.

Lots of sugar in kombucha though, and maybe a little alcohol as well?

15. Of course no middle name. Why add another name when you've nailed it with the first one?

Reign Royal Atlas-Navy Trey should be the winner.

16. Good thing it's just 'scenes,' so she's only partially traumatized for life.

Another movie that still keeps us up at night.

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