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18 parents share the dumbest thing their partners said when they were in labor.

18 parents share the dumbest thing their partners said when they were in labor.


'Did you try asking the baby politely to please come out?'--giving birth is not a task for the weak...

So, when a Reddit user asked parents, 'What was the dumbest thing your partner said when you were in labor with your child?' people who momentarily questioned the person they chose to co-parent and reproduce with were ready to vent.


Stop screaming, you’re scaring the other women. - Defiant-Pilot-2525


It’s not time! You aren’t due for a few more months. He was in complete denial I was pregnant not with one baby but two. Lol twins at 36 weeks as anticipated. - jajida21


Nothing he was in the corner playing sudoku on the magazines I was given for hospital time and also constantly going out for cigarettes. - adelemma


I was after 7 hours of intense pain, no active labor in sight, and he goes 'I'm going to grab myself some nuggets. You want any?' - Dependent-Guava-4334


When I was in labour my ex said could I hurry up because he was looking forward to his 2 weeks off work relaxing while I looked after the baby and our other children. - ellepre


I was in labor for 46hrs and the pain made it impossible to eat and once they gave me the epidural I just wasn’t allowed to eat. My baby daddy was like “this is exhausting, I need to eat something…” and he ordered a whole a*s pizza to my room and ate it in front of me. - Starlight_City45


Don’t be silly a c-section doesn’t hurt. No pain meds afterwards, it bloody well hurt. - Mapledore


'What's wrong with you, you look miserable?' Whilst he was sat on my birthing ball, munching away on crisps taking the piss out of me for being in pain. Or 'can you shut that machine up, I'm trying to sleep' hour 23 of labor, son was back to back and my blood pressure kept dropping dramatically.

Or the final one 'can you sew her up a bit tighter than before, it'll be like throwing a sausage down Tesco aisle.' We are now divorced. Happily. - Independent_Leg_5919


My ex asked if it hurt…cause I wasn’t grimacing or thrashing. I whispered for him to come over to me. I told him “give me your balls and let me twist them as hard as I can and then ask YOU if it hurts.” - glaurieb


And I quote, “I think you’re making a lot of this pain up because when I’m around you don’t want to speak to me, but when the nurse comes in you’re really nice to her.” I tried to explain the nurse was the one giving me pain meds and if husband had anything to offer, I would have been nice to him as well. Thankfully he’s now an ex. - Percivus-B-Pig


When my mom was in labor with my brother, my dad was so clueless. First he came in from the waiting room and said to her “it’s been 4 hours… are we thinking c-section?” Then a bit later he poked his head in and said “I was thinking of going to go get a pizza…” then a bit later he was on the waiting room couch watching golf and a nurse came out and said “Is that your wife in there?”

And he responded “yes” and she goes “aww. Is this your first baby?” And he beamed with fatherly pride and said “yes it is” and the nurse said “isn’t that nice GET YOUR A*S IN THERE”. My mom still laughs about it all. - I_Like_Knitting_TBH


When I was in training to be L&D nurse a guy said to his wife 'I told you I wanted you to have C, how am I supposed to f*ck you after this.' - SmutnySmalec


'Hurry! The lady down the hall is going to beat us!' It was January 1st. He wanted us to win the 1st baby of the New Year - VastMisconception


My BIL, at a complete loss on how to help or comfort his wife, panicked and pulled a 6 pack of Tesco mini pork pies out of his pocket and offered her one mid birth. That was 17 years ago and we are still laughing about it. - Speedy_Dragon46


He doesn't think I remember this because I was pretty zonked but I was sucking on that sweet sweet gas while I was riding contractions and he said 'ease up on the gas babe.' The nurse looked him dead on and said 'she can have as much gas as she wants'. He was suitably cowed until it was time to cut the cord. - senorsondering


That he was starving and needed a nap - NonstopTomates


I was in labor at 16 hrs he said Can we go home? I was in labor another 6 hrs before baby was born. - Content-Cranberry-24


Something along the lines of “damn babe, that looks like it hurts”. - MyOtherFunLogin

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