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19 of the funniest and wildest posts from mom groups.

19 of the funniest and wildest posts from mom groups.


Moms have it tough (and so do dads). We all need community, support, a place to vent and ask questions. Social media can work great for this, but it also gives a forum to the craziest, funniest and most desperate people out there–people who will try anything to get help with the kids.

Today we've collected 19 of the most insane things to be posted on mom groups.

1. Cleanup in aisle 5.

2. They're trying to take away our freedom.

3. 'Grandmother'...the nerve.

4. What happens if the cameras don't catch Santa?

5. Anyone else 'lose their child to puberty'?

6. Teach, your children well...

7. Looking for someone who can't do math and doesn't realize this is $4/hour.

8. Wow.

9. Definitely sue the kid for running.

10. This is what the vomit emoji was made for.

11. Not sure this person understands what 'science' is.

12. Can't hurt to try though.

13. Dad is either psychic or really creepy or both.

14. Trigger Warning: 'I'm rich biatch!'

15. Curious how this is going to work out for the young man.

16. Mickey is a real perv.

17. Poor kid.

18. LOL

19. Great lesson. I'm sure the kids are going to grow up completely unscarred from this.

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