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15 people share the dumbest name they've ever heard someone give their child.

15 people share the dumbest name they've ever heard someone give their child.


Names are subjective.

They're informed by culture, notions of gender, and the personalities of the parents choosing the name. In most cases, people can agree to disagree about what makes a name 'good' or 'cool.'

However, there are some name choices that are so universally absurd people can't hold in their eye rolls or comical distaste for them.

In this vein, people jumped on a popular Ask Reddit thread to share the 'dumbest' name they've ever heard someone give their child.

1. From pepperdice:

Girl I was in high school with was named Sparkle. Kid in my daughter's kindergarten class was named Legend.

2. From LadyGraceOfThePits:

Kerosene. And she would always add “like the gas”. Mom was young and goth.

3. From halfwayhipster2:


4. From akgt94:

Wife worked in a bank. Had a regular customer named Dextrose. Always wondered if he had siblings Sucrose and Fructose.

5. From Ko_DaBomb:

I do contract-based IT work. Implementation when hospitals buy each other out, stuff like that. Last week I was working with an office manager named MORONICA.

6. From Traditional_Money968:

There was a woman who used to cut my hair named secretion.

7. From PhilHardingsHotPants:

Orange. It's not a translation or a nickname, but after the fruit itself. People keep thinking his name is George and he's just too young to pronounce it correctly but nope, his parents got their inspiration from the produce department.

8. From LordBaranof:

I knew a pair of twin boys in elementary school named Freedom and Friendship.

9. From cinemascifi:

When my child was born, the people in the room next to us named their kid Pikachu. You read that right. Pikachu. After the Pokemon.

10. From MysteriousApple135:

Reality Winner.

11. From partymouthmike:

I once met a woman who named her sons Doral and Viceroy. I asked her, 'like the cigarettes?' She said, 'yes, those were my daddy's favorite smokes.'

12. From OrangeDied:


13. From mjn73178:

In my career working at Public Schools I've had two separate children named Tequila Mockingbird. Absolutely unrelated, across the state from each other, but it's weird that it happened twice.

14. From FartAttack911:

Felonie. I’ve been downvoted a lot on Reddit for sharing this because people never believe it’s a real name someone would give a kid. But it is lol.

15. From raptroszx:

One of the worst that comes to mind in recent times.

Jizzelle. The person's name was, honest to god, Jizzelle.

Sources: Reddit
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