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17 parents share the book they read in school that they won't let their kids read.

17 parents share the book they read in school that they won't let their kids read.


We all have that one memory of reading a book assigned in school that makes us shudder in fear and horror to this day...

The books that made us sleep with the light on, spin us into an existential crisis, or question everything about the nature of humanity are powerful works of literature that we'd rather not let near our kids.

So, when a Reddit user asked parents everywhere, 'What book did you read in school that you would never want your child to read?' people were ready to reveal the book they covered in English lit or hovered over in the back of the library that they plan to hide from their own kids. Shout out to 'The Yellow Wallpaper' and 'The Awakening,' AP English kids.


The Kite dad saw me pick that up at a book store when I was in the 7th grade and he said no, I wasn't allowed to read that till I got older. Me being the rebellious little sh*t I was convinced my friend to buy it and we took turns reading it. Yeah that book is not for kids....I learnt some things that day - Severe-Experience333


Was given The Things They Carried in HS and had nightmares for weeks because I had a brother overseas in combat at the time. Part of me never wants my kids to read it because of how much it negatively effected me, which I know isn't a good reason. I do think it is a worthwhile book but it will always, always make me uncomfortable. - readyplayer_zero


A Street Car Named Desire. It was genuinely traumatizing - treesspeakvietnamese


Les Miserables. Sophomore year. Just too long. I failed English because of it. It was just a basic English class not English Literature. I read it years later and it is long but, one of the best endings of any novel ever. - nhtaco


Flowers In The Attic - PatriciaMorticia


Lord of the Flies. - bluelion70


American Psycho. - Krazy_Kitchen


F*ck catcher in the rye, holden is a whiny little b*tch - Legitimate_Funny5340


My mum used to use The Giving Tree to guilt me. That book is too easily weaponized - Troppetardpourmpi


Red Badge of Courage was so ungodly boring it almost drove me insane so I would save them that headache - ayebrade69


Where the Red Fern Grows- I wept like a baby when I read that book. I don’t want to subject my little one (who loves dogs) to that heartbreak. - zonth06


The Scarlet Letter that sh*t was a grind. I love to read, but I wanted to claw my eyes out so I could stop reading it. - Tough_Republic_3560


The ending to Of Mice and Men really messed up my 13 year old brain. - usernames_are_danger


I read A Child Called ‘It’ as an elementary aged child. I bought it at the school’s Scholastic Book Fair, and was maybe 9 years old. Why on earth they thought that was an appropriate book for small children to be purchasing and reading, I will never know. The 90’s were a trip. - YaBoyfriendKeefa


The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison was rough. - LillianneStarr


'A Day No Pigs Would Die' was pretty rough in 6th grade. Basically Charlotte's web with HAUNTINGLY graphic depictions. I don't remember getting a lot of value out of it at 11 years old, just pig-blood soaked nightmares lol - BizarroBuffalo


Dianetics, or anything else by L. Ron Hubbard. - monkey_farmer_

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