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Man destroys own garden to spite entitled 'Karen' thieves; 'they made my skin crawl.'

Man destroys own garden to spite entitled 'Karen' thieves; 'they made my skin crawl.'


Much like humans in general, old ladies can be cute, sweet, and lovely. They can also be entitled theives who pretend they don't know better!

When a frustrated and reluctant gardener noticed his neighbors weren't acting so neighborly, he devised a petty little plan to get back at those 'grannies.'

'Karens keep stealing from my garden.'

u/ZeroOvertime writes:

On a property with a beautiful lawn and it came with side garden running along the fence bordering the side walk. Full of herbs like mint, lavender and oregano, some small carrots and other stuff.

Quickly learned that several older ladies in the neighborhood felt entitled to my garden. They were reaching through the fence posts up to their shoulders, going as far as their arm could reach, grabbing what they could and fill their plastic bags.

They would wait till someone was out of the house or early in the morning to make their grab and run - so they were well aware they were in the wrong. Just knowing they were doing this whenever we were out of the house, made my skin crawl.

So I ripped out the garden. Less work for me now.

It honestly became too much work and messy to have, but it wasn't a big deal and there was plenty of it to go around. I hate gardening so it was a relief to get rid of.

I also didn't like that the garden had become an invitation for thieving grannies to intrude on my property. I was planning on removing the garden eventually but was not in a rush and didn’t care enough. They just accelerated my plans to get rid of it all by fueling me with spite.

IF ONLY they has asked and introduced themselves, I probably would have kept it a little longer...

Then after some nasty comments (shocking!) and A LOT of gardening tips, OP decided to add a few things:

For the people getting mad at me for removing the garden, I DO NOT like to garden and I did NOT LIKE THIS garden. I have a black thumb so I couldnt fix it if I tried. The garden had to go eventually. So as petty does, I got rid of it faster. Out of pure spite.

And stop suggesting I plant poison ivy, poison oak or nettles. I want to be able to roll around MY yard with my dog and ENJOY it without a care.

People accusing me of depriving poor old people from food. Ha!!!! I live in a well-to-do area and the only depriving I am doing is boomers who feel entitled to trespass on my property. This was a sh*tty garden of just herbs and some carrots that were the size of my pinky toe.

Nobody is being deprived of any real food to speak of. For whatever reason they just felt entitled to it; ignored me the day I moved in, damaged my fence and planned their trespassing excursions when I left the house.

And now, Reddit is largely on OP's side.

Here are some thoughts from the popular 'Petty Revenge' forum:

Sarcastic-Lemon comments:

The amount of people not understanding that OP does not like gardening is almost as shocking as the image of some old grannies' arms reaching thru a fence for some leaves.

Annual-Intern5669 agrees:

lol jesus, half the advice offered on reddit is some form of 'but have you considered making your life much worse about it?'

RJack151 suggests:

I would have added a sign: Garden removed due to constant thefts.

rykylynlan adds:

I would have done the same thing. It was YOUR garden not theirs, you had every right to do what you wanted. I would have been petty though and sat at the window waiting for one and gone out and start ripping the garden out.

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