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'My seat is not your support;' frequent flyer takes revenge on rude passengers.

'My seat is not your support;' frequent flyer takes revenge on rude passengers.


A crowded plane is a breeding ground for inconsiderate people to invade your personal space. What can you do about it?

One frustrated Redditor had an answer that struck a chord with the interent after posting to the popular 'petty revenge' page.

'My seat is not meant to to be your support.'

u/ColdHardPocketChange writes:

I find myself taking this petty revenge quite frequently, and the whole situation could be avoided if the people involved were slightly more courteous or had respect for those around them. For those of you who fly frequently, this may be an all too familiar situation.

Now this usually happens when the person behind you or someone in their row needs to use the bathroom midflight. People have started using the back of my seat as a method to pull themselves up out of their chair as oppose to using their own arm rests.

They usually pull the seat back 3-4 inches due to their leverage and let it go once they are standing. If you're the one in the chair in front of them, this provides you with the sudden unpleasant feeling of your chair unexpectedly rocketing back, followed by a quick reversal launching you forward. A real dick move.

95% of time, the person who does this either does not apologize or is oblivious to their actions. Cue petty revenge.

When this happens to me now, I bide my time, waiting for the persons return. Upon their return but before they sit, I make sure the button that reclines the seat is fully pressed in.

The person generally expects the seat is going to provide that same resistance they used to get out of their seat in the first place.

Sorry friend, that resistance is gone. Hearing that sweet shocked gasp as fall hard into their seat has been one of the new pleasure I've found in flying.

Raise your hand if you just realized you do this on accident!

Most of Reddit was on OP's side.

4linosa comments:

This is probably the PUREST petty revenge ever. Locked and loaded for my next business trip.

lalauna says:

I like this. Thanks! The ones who grab a handful of my hair on the way are especially the ones I'd do this to.

CoderJoe1 writes:

OMG, I've been travelling all over the US for work for the last twenty years and have been doing this. It's best when you can hear them behind you talking about getting up again so they get the full yank-back experience they weren't expecting.

So, what do you think?

Is this move something you are going to use in the future? Or is it a little too petty?

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