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Man takes GF to mountain peak to propose, something else accidentally peeks out.

Man takes GF to mountain peak to propose, something else accidentally peeks out.


Proposals and nerve-racking.

One man took his girlfriend on a romantic hike for his proposal. He was bviously nervous and it was a long hike. He had to make a quick pitstop. When he went to propose, he presented more of a surprise than he intended.

'TIFU by peeing off the side of a mountain'


So I (32M) and my girlfriend (33F) were out enjoying our annual anniversary vacation. This year we had decided to do some hiking through Apalachia and had ended up in Red River Gorge, KY.

The scenery is amazing, the weather was great. I figured I wasn't going to get a better opportunity to pop the question.

Well, any gentleman knows better than to get down on one knee in the middle of the trail. You wait until you're at the highest peak. Unfortunately nature called long before we got to that point.

Now, every guy knows that the higher the ledge you pee off of, the more authority you have. So I found a pleasant little overlook, did my business and carried on with my proposal in mind.

Along the way we passed a few other hikers, said our greeting and kept moving towards the top. Once we had reached the summit of this particular rock, she sat down and I tried to mentally prepare myself to get things just right.

So once I'd gotten myself psyched up, I put my hand into my pocket and palmed the ring, knelt down in front of her, and she said.

'I see your weiner.'

Turns I had forgotten to zip myself back up and the little flippy flaps of my boxer shorts failed to do their job.

So there I am on one knee, trying to make this a memorable moment, and failing successfully. After flopping through the proposal, we stopped and realized that I may have flashed a few innocent hikers as well.

Here are the top comments from readers:


Was totally expecting you to say you’d peed on the hikers below Congrats!


Maybe use the short version when you tell the in-laws?


Congrats on getting engaged! You really did make it memorable!


I can't wait for the post from a random photographer who caught the proposal in all its glory.


She'll never forget it, that's for sure. Probably never let you forget it either lol. Congrats man

So, let's just call this a happy accident? Can anyone top this story with their engagement faux pas?

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