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16 people share the funniest example of rage-quitting they've ever witnessed.

16 people share the funniest example of rage-quitting they've ever witnessed.


Leaving a party without saying bye to anyone, quitting a job after telling your boss and the whole staff how you really feel about their 'as per my last email' emails on your vacation, or boldly refusing to finish what you signed up for--the art of rage-quitting is beautiful...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the funniest instance of 'rage quitting' you have ever experienced?' people were ready to share the best bail on a job, event, or task they've ever seen. Sometimes you just have to storm out mid-shift on your first day at a gig because someone asked you to do the job you agreed to do...


I was working at a small company (less than 10 employees) and the two lead developers were brothers. One day I walked into an office where the two brothers were arguing about how much oil and gas is actually in North America. The younger of the two brothers is getting angry that his brother won't believe him and he says, 'Why are you arguing with me? I've done the research.'

At this moment I quipped, 'well if you would've searched right the first time you wouldn't have to re-search.' At that moment he jumps up from his chair, starts grabbing some of his books and storms out of the office saying he's not putting up with this sh*t anymore. Yeah he quit right then, on the spot. Everyone pretty much thought it was funny...but I felt pretty bad for being the catalyst that set him off. - Churn


My younger sister was playing the wii and couldn't beat some part of twilight princess, she tried again and again and again before she stood up, let loose a barbarian war-scream and threw the wii-mote at the ground, shattering it.

She then literally grabbed the wii console and cracked it against the coffee table, permanently jamming the disc inside. She realized what she had done and freaked out, running out the door. This all would have been hilarious if it had been her wii, not mine. - IsHomestuckAnAnime


I was 3 months pregnant with my first child and attempting to do the taxes online, our first year of doing taxes together. Husband had just made me a sandwich and I couldn't figure out what one of the questions was asking.

I asked my husband for help and he wouldn't answer me so out of frustration I picked up my sandwich and frisbee'd it towards him. It somehow managed to stay together and he snatched it out of midair and took a bite of it. I burst into tears and ran from the room, crying. - [deleted]


A coworker of mine was really bad about showing up to work without notice. He was about to get fired for it and then didn't show up for a few days. He apparently had been busted for DUI for the 3rd time and was in jail. When he did show up the department head called him into her office.

Before he even got to her office we hear 'I QUIT YOU DRIED UP OLD C*NT' and he went out to sit in his car (that he wasn't supposed to be driving). She called the cops because she was worried he would do something crazy. He got busted for driving without a license on the spot and we never heard from him again. - offleashgirl


I was playing Mouse Trap on Christmas night when I was about 4 or 5 (18-19 years ago). I was doing awesome, next thing I know people are laughing and having a good time and I didn't know what happened. My mouse had been trapped. I flipped my sh*t. I flipped the entire board into the air and jumped on my older brother (about 13 years old at the time) and just started punching him in the face and chest repeatedly. - kwheel596


Seeing two of my friends play chess in high school. About 7-10 moves in one just kicks the set off the table and says ' f*ck this sh*t' and walks away. Funny as f*ck. I'm not well versed in chess or its strategies, but I'm guessing in 7-10 moves he knew he was a goner? Pretty impressive. - kesekimofo


My dad was making breakfast for my sister and I before school, and the toaster wouldn't stay down to toast the bread. He pushed the lever down about 20 times in frustration and then yelled out: 'Ah cram it up your a*s, ya toaster!' We ate cereal. - annapl


When I was in my early 20s, I worked overnights on a customer service gig with a bunch of other early-20s dickheads and this one guy who was in his 40s who clearly didn't fit in with the first job morons like me that dicked around and told jokes and had fun doing stupid stuff.

We were on overnights so we were mostly unsupervised and got up to a number of shenanigans that clearly annoyed him (but our employer didn't care because our shift always did every bit of work and had its sh*t together and they didn't have to SEE us chair jousting in the halls).

His breaking point was one night when a buddy and I were talking loudly about some book we were both reading and we notice that dude is sitting at his desk doing that angry nerd breathing. That HUNNNNH HUNNNNH HUNNNNNH heavy breathing that angry nerds think is intimidating but really just sounds like wheezing. We ask him what's up and he whirls around and starts yelling at us.

'SPOILERS!' 'What?' 'NO SPOILERS!!' 'What?' 'YOU TWO ARE SPOILING THAT BOOK FOR ME!' 'Oh, you're reading it now?' 'NO!' ''re reading it soon?' 'NO!' 'So I'm clear, the two of us can't talk about a book we're reading because you might want to read it some day?' 'YES!'

'Well, sorry, but the book is over 30 years old, dude, sometime in the preceding three decades, you could've read it...' 'NO! NO SPOILERS EVER!' 'So we're not supposed to talk about anything you may want to read or watch in case one day you decide to read or watch it?' 'YES!' '...well, that's not gonna fucking happen, especially with sh*t older than we are.'

He gets up from his chair, all red-faced, and starts bellowing. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Tries staring me down. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I just start laughing because here is a grown-a*s man having a temper tantrum.

When he sees his attempt to scare me into silence doesn't work, he grabs the sides of his head and runs out the office and down the hall screaming. We hear it fading away like in a cartoon.

AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (muffled by the elevator)...Then we go to the window and see him running across the parking lot and, faintly but distinctly, we can still hear him screaming through the thick glass of the window until he gets into his car, lays out a long streak of rubber driving away, and tears off down the road.

We never saw him again and I had to explain to my boss that the guy quit because we were talking about a book he hadn't read and had no plans to read but might want to read someday. - ThePunkSwoleBrother


when I was in high school, senior year, me and a couple of my friends had a study the same period. So naturally, we would screw around and play cards. We would usually play this palace/schiessekopf hybrid.

They're basically the same game, buy there's a couple of differences, so we took the best rules of both. Well, this one time, its me and these two guys, johnny and nick, actual names because no shame. They decide that they were going to cheat and keep taking cards out of the discard pile.

I eventually get so pissed, I gather up the cards, ALL OF THEM, and whip them at nick while screaming 'burn in the lowest pit'. They all hit him in the face. I then proceeded to make him pick them all up. I never played with him again, and made sure of it, since they were my cards. - pantherhs666


I took tae-kwon-do from the age of 7 to 15 and there was this one kid, Zach, who had some sort of anger issues. I could tell from the moment I met him he was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode because he had that same expression on his face that all people have when they hold emotions back and it kind of freaked me and everyone else there out.

Well, time goes on and by now he's about a month away from black belt (as was I) and it was a Wednesday which is a sparring night. I could tell something was up this day because he hadn't said a single word since he got there.

Well by now we had started sparring and he looked like he was short circuiting or something, so one of the black belts came up to me (I was Zach's sparring partner) and asked if he could step in, so I agreed and Zach just f*cking lost it. I'm talking war cry and everything.

Everyone there stopped and just watched as this short little kid went apesh*t on the 6'5 black belt. After he did this running jump attack sh*t the black belt just bopped him on the head and he just passed out on the floor. His dad came in and carried him away, never to be seen again. - mistermegusta69


Someone paid me to paint them something on a huge a*s canvas. I'm about half way through, and I keep trying and it's just not looking right, I punch a hole through it, go to bed, and cry b*tch tears all day. - somethingstupid_


On Christmas Eve last week, my boss got into it with our regional president. She made him cry. He packed up his stuff, called her a mean b*tch, threw his keys at her and straight up quit his job. - [deleted]


I rage quit a job once and it was talked about for more than a year after. I was working at a Subway sandwich shop. I'd worked there for about 4 days and had quickly become everyone's b*tch.

When I wasn't making sandwiches, I was cleaning, when I wasn't cleaning I was doing prep. God forbid I'd stand still for 30 seconds. If I did, I'd get screamed at by the manager to get to work. All the while I'm working my a*s off while the other three people on my shift are literally standing still talking non stop.

After a full shift of getting screamed at, I took the store owner aside and asked for a transfer to a store about a 1/2 mile down the road. I explained that I couldn't work for the manager and needed to be moved.

Owner decides manager and I just need to have a heart to heart. During the heart to heart, owner and manager both start yelling at me for being lazy and trying to get out of hard work.

I took off my work shirt and threw it at the owner screaming 'F*CK YOU I QUIT!' and walked out. As I'm walking out, the owner yells 'Make sure to clock out before you leave.' Almost a full year later, my friend Lisa introduced me to her friend Stacy. Stacy says 'Oh my God. Did you work at Subway?' Apparently, my story had become legend. - 112233445566778899


I once was losing at monopoly and my sister was gloating like the power drunk tycoon only monopoly can I took the entire game board scooped it up and threw it outside while yelling 'anarchy wins!' - 1799gwd


My brother was killed by a frost troll in Skyrim and he got so mad that he took the game out, bit it in half, and chewed it. We had to take him to the hospital because his mouth was all bloody and his teeth were messed up. It was hilarious. - Jesters


I was at a poker table in Vegas with my brother. Super casual 50¢/$1 hold em game. A large pot is maybe $80. My brother ends up heads up with this other guy, and wins with quad 9s. Turns out there was some sort of bonus at the casino: Win with quads or better, and your name is in a draw for extra cash that Sunday - gotta be playing to win it, though. We won't be in Vegas by then.

Brother says 'Anyone at the table going to be here Sunday?' The man he has just beaten says 'I will.' 'Fair enough - here ya go - you basically bought it from me' and hands the gentleman the comp ticket.

A third party - this old man, LOSES HIS SH*T, starts screaming about how he works all damn day for comps at this low limit table and starts threatening my brother and anyone who defends the decision. In the next 5 hands he drops close to $500 trying to buy pots he feels it is his right to win, regardless of the odds. He leaves penniless within 20 minutes. - [deleted]

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