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5 head scratching questions on Reddit and their juiciest answers.

5 head scratching questions on Reddit and their juiciest answers.


Where does your mind go when your thoughts wander? Turns out, for a lot of people, the answer is Reddit.

Here are five obscure questions asked on the site and their most outrageous answers.

1. 'Which insect would make a great pet if it were the size of a dog?'

123518937 says:

One of those nice bumblebees that don’t sting.

MeniteTom warns:

As an entomologist, none of them. They would not hesitate to f*ck your sh*t up.

2. 'Would you watch a show where a billionaire CEO has to go an entire month on their lowest paid employees salary, without access to any other resources than that of the employee? What do you think would happen?'

thinksoftchildren answers:

It would be better if they had to live with their lowest salaried employee for a month or two, imo. In their house, dinner with the family, travel to and from work together, same lunch, kids with homework, the works. Building that relation would imo do much more for this problem than just 'experiencing below your normal standard of living before returning to it'.

You're more likely to feel empathy for a family you know, and much less likely to forget them. Anything else would just be another show about wealthy people having a fun adventure to talk about at cocktail parties.

jittery_raccoon complains:

What I didn't like about undercover boss was it ended in grand gestures for a few select employees. Instead of raising wages or improving employee retention, the boss would like buy a house for the single mother manager who lost her house in a tragic fire or like give a scholarship to that 19 year old hard working employee that attends school full time also.

3. 'What's your biggest flex?'

Kharn0 brags:

When I donated bone marrow (stem cells) I had 6 times the normal amount.

They ran the tests 3 times to confirm.

Kitsune_sits shows off with:

I’m so good at flicking pennies (P E N N I E S) that I can flick them into peoples pockets without them knowing.

4. 'What is something your parents said to you that may have not been a big deal, but they will never know how much it affected you?'

doremifasodone remembers:

I'm a high strung person but when I was a child, my dad looked me dead in the eyes and said 'be like the swan. They glide through the water and look calm and cool, but if you were to look below you'd see their feet frantically kicking. Don't let them see you sweat, but work hard.' I didn't think it made an impact but people tell me often that I come off very organized and calm while inside my inner monologue is a constant scream. Thanks, dad!

EvilAbdy thinks back:

'Your life is like a bus. People will get on, people will get off. Some people will stay on forever. Other people will be there for a short time and then leave. And sometimes you just need to kick someone off your bus'

5. 'If being naked was the norm what would be the worst job?'

r2k-in-the-vortex posits:

Shoveling snow. Most jobs really requiring protecting clothing you would do much more carefully, from a distance or not at all. Shoveling snow you would simply do while freezing your arse off.

LFDR settles the debate with:


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