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18 married people share what they discovered about their partners after the wedding.

18 married people share what they discovered about their partners after the wedding.


Everyone knows before walking down the aisle that marriage sometimes takes work, compromise, and a little sacrifice, but what happens when you find out that the person you chose to spend the rest of your life with is a pizza-patter?

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What did you find out about your wife/husband only after you got married?' people everywhere were ready to share the hilarious, surprising, or shocking fact they learned after the papers were signed.


That rice crispy treats are his favorite 'baked' good. He had never so much as mentioned them before to me. Two years married and suddenly- this bombshell! Out of the blue! But seriously: after we got married I realized that he wasn't as calm as he seemed.

He can actually get very anxious (like a normal human being) and if he doesn't do something active for a few days (work out, run, etc) he gets hyper like a 3 year old on a sugar high- manic, can't sit still, loud singing....It's quite something to behold. - NewEnglandlovah


'Hey, can you grab me something from the candy drawer if you're going to the kitchen?' That's how I found out we had a candy drawer. - TomRiddleVoldemort


The shedding. My god, the shedding. I'd like to put a long sleeve shirt on without getting one of her hairs stuck between my fingers on the way through the sleeves. Man, I remember what that was like. - FerrisWheelJunky


My wife can make balloon animals and I never knew it. One day were sitting at home with the kids and after I brought home the wrong type of balloons out of nowhere she twists up a dog, then a monkey. - DiNAMiK


My wife turned out to be extremely food jealous. If I am eating something that looks and tastes better than what she is eating, she gets pretty upset if I don't offer her any. - [deleted]


After dating for seven years and well-establishing that I like to sleep in when I don't have plans, we got married. Suddenly, idk why, apparently 'we' had a bedtime AND in the morning, it was suddenly 'time for us to get up.' Had to have a stern conversation with my morning-person husband about that real quick. If there's stuff we have to do, yeah sure, but if it's a lazy Sunday, leave me alone and go play video games alone. - nfmadprops04


I literally only discovered this the moment we were married -- that he has a very romantic side. All the time we were together before, I probably would have said I would have liked a little more traditional romance, but I appreciated how straightforward and pragmatic he was about other things and thought I can't have it both ways. I could add that he is a theoretical physicist who works with engineers, and he has the personality to match.

He always said he thought marriage was essentially meaningless. Eventually, for external reasons, we decided to do it (I proposed to him, by the way, with a new watch). We threw together a cheap little ceremony in a few weeks to 'get it over with' as we both put it.

He put on his suit, I put on my pretty dress, we had the officiant there (that I found on Yelp two weeks before) and got started. However, when it came time for the vows and the ring exchange, I suddenly found myself facing a very sentimental man, who was clearly deeply in love with me and overjoyed to be marrying me. After that, the same man who took years to feel comfortable holding my hand in public for even five minutes was hugging and kissing me in front of everyone at every moment he could during the ceremony.

Then he wanted to celebrate every 'week-iversary' then every 'month-iversary' with romantic dinners and having the same cake we had at our wedding. He starts celebrating at 12:01 AM on our anniversaries. He gazes lovingly at his wedding ring and always wants me to do the Wonder Twins thing with him by clicking our rings together. Who'd a thunk it? - zazzlekdazzle


He's very much like a llama. Upset him at just the right time and he'll completely lose his appetite and refuse to eat for a while. - IxamxUnicron


That he has a THIRD middle name. - wimwood


That twins run in her family, both sides. Found out during an ultrasound when they said there are 2 babies in there - dogmeat0042


He thought the word 'subtle' meant the opposite of what it means. All through dating and the first few years of marriage (~7 years) I just thought he was using it sarcastically.

Also he gets 'horizontal' and 'vertical' confused. As in, he falls down on the bed after a long day and says 'Ahhh, it's so nice to finally be vertical.' He has a nice butt, though, so it evens out. - MrsStoneBones


That 3/4 of the time he spends in the bathroom is spent on 'iPad time'. For years I thought he was struggling with digestive issues..... nope, just the Simpsons game. - FreshJuice60


I thought I was the disorganized, messy one. I was not the disorganized, messy one. - djw319


My wife can speak french. We are on vacation last February in Papeete, Tahiti French Polynesia. My wife starts talking french to everyone talking french. WE'VE BEEN MARRIED 25 YEARS! - thatsonebigcookie


He hates grocery shopping, like would rather clean the toilet than pick up more than 2 things at the grocery store. It kind of works though, because I hate cleaning the bathroom. - Khaotic1987


That she will watch shows we started together without me. It's so hurtful. - Nick357


He had never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in his life, and I found this out when we were married for more than five years. I made him his first PB&J when he was 30, and he was blown away by how good it was. - pam_poovey_


Before we got married I loved how sarcastic she was. After we got married I realized she wasn't sarcastic at all, just mean. We're still happily married, though. - Reinhold_Messner

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