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21 people share the worst pickup line they've ever seen someone attempt.

21 people share the worst pickup line they've ever seen someone attempt.


Flirting can be a stressful endeavor when you don't know if your attempts at romantic witty banter will be welcomed or mistaken as creepy...

Still, some attempts miss the mark so beautifully that they deserve to be forever preserved in a flirting failure museum. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?' people were brave enough to share.


One time I was in a bar with my (admittedly stunning) friend and some guy was like 'hey can I buy you a drink? Must be hard being out with a friend that's so much better looking than you.' Obviously didnt work, told him to go f*ck himself. - amelia_greggs


Buddy of mine, in a bar in Ft Collins Colo back in 1990, saw some chick at the bar and was entranced by her. He was also very, very, intoximacated. Asked me for a pick up line, I said you were on your own.

Long story short, he approached her, panicked, asked her if she had ever been to Guatamala. 'Nope' was her answer. 'Neither have I, wanna f**k?' Still married to this day. - valis6886


I was 15 at the mall (1990s) with a few friends and wearing shirt with flowers on it. Some guy walked up and asked, 'how many seeds did it take to germinate your shirt?' I have no poker face and was extremely confused by the comment.

He quickly said, 'terrible pick-up line. I know.' I blurted out, 'that was a pickup line?!' I wasn't trying to be mean. It really popped out of my mouth. He sort of shrugged and walked away. - Sea_Math_8864


My wife provided this one for submission. Overheard in a pub in Galway: If I was an airplane, I'd land on ye - Devrij68


A young lady was standing at the bar near me, and a young guy with flashy brand new clothes walked up to her and asked 'Are you single?' She barely looked at him before walking to the other side of the bar.

I saw this guy do that 2 other times, and also one time he asked 'Do you have a boyfriend?' That girl laughed and walked to the bathroom for a few minutes. - blarch


Someone messaged me on a dating app saying “I’m like your appendix - I want to burst inside you” - SarcastiKatt


About 10 years ago I met a girl at my buddy's July 4th party. She introduced herself, I did the same and asked, 'Do you like bagels?' 'Yeah, I guess..?' I pull up my shirt and made a circle with my hands around my belly button. We got married 4 years later. - strangebabydog


The skies are clear tonight and I if I'm lucky, I can see Uranus... - Tanuk-E-


'hey, I heard you were looking for a stud.... I got the STD, all I need is U' - chicken_tendy_bandit


When i worked as a wine specialist this guy comes up to me and was like 'Yeah i need your most expensive bottle. I need something for my uptown house. I own several houses.' Like totally cold call we weren't even talking. - TrickBoom414


“Damn girl, you’re like the earth… flat as f*ck with no curves in sight” - Seer77887


Let’s play titanic. You be the iceberg. And I’ll go down. - JamesCOlson


Wasn't directed at me but, 'Daamn girl, you sh*t with that thing?' -gov_be_lying_n_shi


On a very hot summer day, a van stopped and this pudgy metalhead rolled down his window and said: 'I got air conditioner in the back. What do you think, you and me?' It wasn't threatening in the slightest.

Just an honest and very direct question. I replied with 'Ahhh I think not!' He said 'Alright,' smiled and went on his way. I'm still impressed by the way he made it sound so not creepy. - Uncommon-unnamed


Sitting at a bar and a girl I was on a date with was approached by another man who said: 'Your pants look very empty without me in them.' I had offered to give her my pants so that this guy could be in her pants. She laughed and we left the bar. P.S. thanks random drunk guy, I went to 3rd base that night because of you. - FirkFirebeard


A guy walked up to me in the club and said 'You are beautiful, i am beautiful, our children will also be beautiful.' - Pass_the_Lasagna


You never know, the guy on your left could be Mr Right. cough cough. Dude was sitting to my right. - Alarmed_Alpaca2022


A buddy of mine pulls the 'you dropped your name tag' bit on a waitress in a diner. The waitress goes 'that's not even sugar, that's a packet of equal.' My buddy says 'I know- I'm a feminist!' - King_of_Lunch223


I once told a girl 'your body is 70% water and I'm thirsty' and it worked lmao - datonerandometeen


Did you get a parking ticket? Because you got Fine written all over you - No_Environment3461


Hey, baby. I know you don't have your virginity anymore, but can I play with the box it came in? - oldladygamerishere

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