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5 men ask women the questions they have been too afraid and embarrassed to ask irl.

5 men ask women the questions they have been too afraid and embarrassed to ask irl.


We are all naturally afraid of asking questions that may make us look stupid. And that's what the internet is for!

When u/Asking35 posed a very important query on the populer 'Ask Reddit' forum, both questions and answers were noteworthy enough to share. Maybe you'll learn something, or just laugh at their ignorance. Either way, time well spent!

'Men, what is something about women you are curious about but too afraid to ask?'

1. u/SleepingAddict21 comes in hot:

Why do you steal my food?

u/hyperactive_child shares:

If we steal your food, you know what we like and we show you that we trust and like you. We don't do that with people we don't like.

And koolaid-girl-40 lays it out with startling accuracy:

Omg I've been waiting for the opportunity to answer this! I don't know about other women, but for me it's because my husband isn't as health conscious about what he eats as I am. And I know that doesn't make sense at first but hear me out...

I don't have the same metabolism as my husband and have to monitor what I eat not to gain weight, which I don't like doing cuz it makes my back hurt. The problem is, my husband constantly brings home junk food or take out. He'll always ask if I want something from taco bell or Wendys or something and I'll say no because I genuinely don't want him to bring me any cuz I'm trying to be healthy.

But it's always wishful thinking because as soon as he comes home and I catch a whiff of those McDonald's fries I literally can't resist eating some. Or when we're on the couch and he's munching on a cheesy taco, my salad start to look less appetizing and I find myself just staring at his food.

This never happened when I lived alone because I would just buy healthy groceries so there wouldn't be any junk food at home tempting me with their seductive amazingness. And when I eat out alone I just order something healthy and there's nobody there tempting me with their delicious plate of nachos.

So yeah to sum it up it's basically just me wishing to eat healthy but then not having any self control when my partner indulges in junk food in front of me.

But gangaluver gets real:

It taste better coming from your S/O plate.

2. u/PastOrdinary wants to know:

Do you actually like it when a man approaches you with the intention of asking you on a date? I don't mean catcalling and that sort of weird sh*t, just being genuine and straightforward.

u/PastOrdinary answers:

Depends a little on the how. If it's someone I've already met a couple of times, like a colleague/fellow student or friend of a friend, I don't mind if he is forward and asks me out — that confidence is attractive, and something I'd envy in him, lol.

If it's someone I don't know or just met, I prefer if he gives me his contact information rather than asking for mine. I'll most likely say no if it is the latter. That puts me less on the spot and if he's not my type, there won't be the awkwardness of immediate rejection. But that's just me.

Arwen_Undomiel1990 says:

Depends on *where* and how. If I'm running an errand or at the gas station, leave me alone. But if I’m at a public event or a pub and we make eye contact and make myself look approachable then it is fine. But most of the time, I just want to be left alone to do whatever it is I’m doing.

And no means no. I have had too many times where guys keep pushing and not respecting the first no. If I say no or no thanks or whatever, just be cool and walk away.

3. u/mt0386 asks:

Do y'all change pads when it's full, half, or even a tiny bit? That has to be uncomfortable, like wearing wet diapers.

u/alexxmurphy_ responds:

Pads are designed to trap moisture away from the skin, so for the most part, they are pretty dry, and the labia can stay wet from blood passing. When pads are 'full' is when the wet diaper feeling starts happening, and it feels gross.

Heidi739 writes:

Depends. Some women hate the feeling of wetness, so they change them more often, some don't mind and only change full ones. Pads are designed to feel dry-ish even when full, so it's not that bad. But I personally hate the feeling so I only wear pads as a back-up to tampons. Removing a tampon that's not full is very uncomfortable, so here it's easy, you only remove a full one.

4. u/VoidChickenFan submits an interesting one:

Do y'all ever wear heels just to hear the clip-clopping of them on the pavement like you're the main character in a movie? Because that's what I'd do if I wore heels, and I want to know if there's a woman out there whose brain is on my wavelength or if this is just me?

u/nogutsnoglory17 replies:

I hate heels but I grudgingly bought a pair of sensible office heels when I got into this new job and honestly, very few feelings come close to how I feel when I come walking in each morning, clip-clopping on my heels with a nice pair of pants and a cup of coffee in hand. Boss bitch energy supreme.

PiperBachJ comments:

The only reason I like heels is because they make my leg muscles pop.

Imojinetta says:

Clip clopping is a plus, boots are especially good for that. You gotta take the pain factor into account too tho :(

5. u/Gunnerjackel97 asks:

What do women check out on men?

(Now, mind you, these answers are extremely personal and depend entirely on the individual)

u/Chonky_monster shares:

That cake. 🍑

thedeadliestdash says:

Personally I’m into arms and shoulders, good teeth, and a good haircut. A bad haircut can make or break attraction for me. And a little tummy is nice too.

mindiimok thinks:

Hair. Forearms. Thighs. Bulge. In that order.

vero_6321 writes:

Usually face first but I also check out the hands. Can tell a lot about a guy just looking at his hands.

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