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16 people reveal the worst way they ever got revenge on a sworn enemy.

16 people reveal the worst way they ever got revenge on a sworn enemy.


Revenge is often bittersweet, but the satisfaction of petty payback is a whole different category of glory...

Getting back at an evil boss at a job from hell, a rude and entitled customer, or a lazy and inconsiderate roommate is not exactly the 'high road,' but it can certainly be a fun road. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst thing you have done to get revenge on someone?' people were ready to confess their worst examples of hilariously petty or gloriously vindictive revenge.


Former co-worker was rude and condescending to me 24/7 when I was first hired. Also would brag about cheating on their taxes and would brag about how much their return was. Mailed the IRS every day for one month information leading to an audit. - dr_octagon_dmd


A friend of mine superglued an enormous dildo to the windshield of her husband's car when she found out he cheated on her. He couldn't get it off, so he had to drive to the mechanic with that thing wobbling away in the wind. - floppy_genitals


Pushed a kid who had been a douche to me all week at camp out onto to lake asleep on his air mattress - Jrei7540


Was mad at my dad when I was much younger so to get back at him, I decided to place Legos on the floor of his bedroom between his bed and bathroom. Woke up to a scream and instantly regretted it... - cassus_fett


I rubbed my roommates chicken tender on my balls and watched him eat it. He insulted my girlfriend so I thought that was the best way to get revenge - Tokenblackguy9


My ex and her new SO share her Kroger account. At the end of every month I use her phone number to use their fuel points. Saved a dollar per gallon several times - kerrybaumann


I worked at a dry cleaners and whenever a customer was an as*hole I would 'accidentally' mark their clothes to be washed with heavy starch. It basically meant that they were stiff and hard and incredibly uncomfortable. Sometimes the would ask for them to be redone, sometimes they would just deal with it and think it was normal for them to be like that after being dry cleaned. - BrickLuvsLamp


My brother wouldn't stop eating my food out of the fridge so I got up really early, went to the shop, bought his favorite newspaper and emailed him all the answers to the crossword so he wouldn't be able to do it in his lunch break. Sorry, but that's just how we roll in England. - jand2013


This was several years ago (I don't think this is even possible anymore), but I got my hands on like 50 of those cards that were always shoved in magazines where you could order a subscription. Put her name and address on them all, checked 'bill me later,' and mailed them. She still has no idea. - [deleted]


One time I got in a fight with my roommate. Then I came home from the bars that night and drunkenly poured milk in her laundry that was in the wash - semen_slurper


Some lady cut me off in line at the airport and was a Royal a*s to everyone about everything. She was also reading game of thrones (book 1). So I told her what happened to ned. She was beyond pissed. - orenbvip


When I was a cashier at a grocery store, this lady was so rude to me, I stealthily smashed the hell out of her package of grapes as I was bagging them. - drunken_hoebag


We were camping at my grandpa's farm and he has donkeys that roam around the area, so naturally there were dried up old donkey turds lying around. My stepbrother was being an idiot and throwing some dried turds at me and my cousin. We warned him to stop but he just kept chucking them at us. So I pinned him down while my cousin took a clump of donkey poop and shoved it in his mouth. - manchovy_paste


I worked for lady Satan when I was a young single mom. She was completely abusive but I desperately needed the money to provide for my daughter so I had to stay. As soon as my student loan came in I just quit coming into work without explanation and after being a very reliable employee.

That day was the day she was supposed to catch a flight for Mexico. She had to cancel her vacation so the store would stay open. I regret nothing. - thesmurfstrangler27


When I was 10 I murdered all my sisters' Sims and printed out the photos and hid them in her room, she was still finding them months later. - GracieAngel


My dad married a woman that had kids my age. One was a daughter that would get into my stuff and steal my clothes. She also had the largest collection of cassette tapes I'd ever seen, a whole double wall cabinet full of them.

When my best blouse went missing along with my new gym shorts (this was 1983 and I didn't have many clothes at all) I managed to lay my hands on a reel-to-reel magnet tape degausser.

Was a 20 pound electromagnet and I waited until no one was home, plugged it in and ran it WELL across all of her tapes - the entire rack, took 15 minutes to give the whole cabinet the thrice over, and a few days later I hear her complaining to one of her friends on the phone that her tape deck was not working as none of her tapes were playing well anymore... - foodandart

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