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16 people share the most satisfying way they ever got revenge on an enemy.

16 people share the most satisfying way they ever got revenge on an enemy.


Life is full of challenging forks in the road when you're forced to choose between looking inward, reflecting on your actions, and vowing to change and grow for the future or getting back at the person who wronged you with a 5-part petty plan...

Is revenge truly as sweet as it seems? Sometimes the answer is a hard yes. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the best revenge you've ever gotten?' people were ready to reveal their favorite story of hilariously petty or gloriously satisfying revenge.


I worked in IT at this company. The IT department has its own budget and one particular line item is for chairs. My chair had just broken, so I looked around for one that wouldn't kill my back like the last one did. It was a $400 chair and the budget was already allotted for it.

I told the finance guy, whom took caring of ordering from vendors, the chair I wanted and sent him a link. He said he would order it right away. Two weeks pass and my new chair comes, but it's the exact same model as my last shitty chair. Needless to say I was unhappy.

A couple of months go by and the finance guy wants his computer upgraded. Not only does he want an upgrade, but he wants a laptop as well so he can take it home. I then denied his upgrade for two years and when he did finally get a 'new' computer, it was a hand-me-down from another department. - advicevice


I am a car enthusiast, and work on my Jeep quite often. One as*hole in my highschool continually f*cked with my car, so one day, I took 4 jack stands, and a floor jack to school, and during a study hall, I put his car on blocks, and hid the wheels and tires all over campus. The best part was I never got in any trouble. - disturbed_pickle


My old neighbor is a dumb crusty as*hole that will fly off the handle at any chance he can get. One night he lost it because I parked in front of his house for an hour. We exchanged choice words. A couple times he threatened to kill me.

Knowing full well that he's a small business owner, I went home and signed his personal and business email up for thousands of mailing lists. The process was fairly slow at first until I found the FDA mailing list site that will let you sign up to 2000+ mailing lists.'

I added his business address to computer security lists, retail lists, porn lists. You name it. I was furious when I started the whole process but after 2 hours of of this, I had worked myself into a calm, trance like state. Does the punishment fit the crime? I don't know, but if you are going to be a dumb twat, you deserve to have unfavorable things happen to you. - RectalGoPro


My ex wife left me for another guy. This guy was average looking but made good money. Six years later she has 5 kids, is broke and calls me bitching about how much she can't stand him or her new life. Best thing about this 'revenge'...I didn't have to do a thing. - pb5434


I had a friend that would constantly play really irritating pranks on everyone in our group of friends. One day a few of us had had enough of his bullsh*t and posted a really ridiculous ad in the M4M section on craigslist with all of his contact information. For 3 or 4 days straight he got nothing but dudes sending him d*ck pictures and he couldn't figure out why. - dktrnkkrz


I've talked about this before in another context but it's the best revenge story I have. I used to get paid to write essays for people. I wrote all of this girl's applications essays (8 schools) but she made all sorts of excuses and ended up only paying a fraction of what she owed me. This girl come from a rich family and spends about $10,000/month on her shopping.

She could afford to pay me. But she decided to be cheap and not bother paying me...even though my essays helped her get into a much better school than she expected. I got my revenge though. The school was waayy beyond her academic capabilities so she ended up flunking most of her classes and getting kicked out. Hah. - bankergoesrawrr


In my early 20's, living in NYC, my ex blew off date night to go out with co workers and get wasted. Which was fine, except I had left some work related stuff I needed for the next day on his desk, so I let myself into his place and was in his office when he came home bamboozled with a woman who was definitely not me, and was equally blotto. Unquestionable infidelity ensued. I was too shocked to react, and let myself out after they had passed out.

I knew I needed to end it, but felt too ashamed to admit I knew he had cheated. So I showed up at his door early the next morning with no warning and proceeded to end it for infuriatingly vague 'this isn't working for me' reasons.

He proceeded to go a bit nutty. There was a lot of begging and crying over the next 2 months on his part. He suspected I knew, and proceeded to accuse all of his co workers and friends who had been out that night of telling me, which revealed to them that he was quite the scumbag.

His accusations and volatile behavior in the workplace apparently escalated and made people uncomfortable, and him a liability, so he was let go. I was told all of this by a former friend and roommate of my ex. They thought his behavior was despicable and slowly began to cut ties. They also signed a new lease without him. With no job, and no - CrackersDoMatter


Ex cheated on me, I cleaned myself up, got a great job and went on to live a happy life. Seriously, best revenge ever. - StuffHobbes


I used to live with a buddy who was dating this chick we didn't get along with. And by we, I mean all our dude friends. She was insecure, super prissy, and clingy all at the same time.

The final straw was when she started 'inviting' herself to guys night and then complaining that all we did was drink beer and play video games. So fast forward to them getting engaged. She practically lived at the house now and it was high time I got a different abode.

So, as my parting shot, I gifted my buddy four years of Playboy. I think it cost me a grand total of $24. Worth every penny. My buddy gets to see t*ts and she gets volcanically mad every time it arrives. And since the bill comes to me, all I have to do is renew it. Sweet sweet justice. - squizzix


Years back I was a manager of a tech support dept for an ISP. Company had 2 call centers plus a data center, I had to manage all personnel, so we used AIM (I know, I'm old) to communicate between buildings. New CEO comes in, and decides he needs to eliminate all chat clients because 'people can use them for non work purposes.'

(No IT background at all, btw) His solution? Just use the phone! Nevermind that when I'm being messaged by a subordinate, they are already ON the phone with the client. Can we just create work-only handles? No. He says he'll have our developers build an internal chat client 'at some point' (never happens.)

So, since I'm also admin on the mail server, I start reading this as*hats email. And wouldn't you know, he has been spending the vast majority of his time emailing back and forth with his GF in Colorado. Even sending dirty pics back and forth, quite a few taken in his office.

I printed the whole load of them out, took about a ream of paper, and handed them to the company owner. Dude was fired the next day. The moral of the story is, if you're going to f*ck with the admins, you better make sure your sh*t don't stink. - sp0rkah0lic


I had the most evil teacher in 2nd grade, she hated the me more than anything. So one day I raised my hand and for about 30 minutes she didn't call on me but I was persistant.

My hand got so tired but reluctantly she called on me. I already knew what I was gonna say, 'I was stretching.' She looked at me for 2 seconds then started to shake in anger. You could see god damn veins on her temple. She put me on red that day. But I know it ruined her day - CobyFecalFingers


In high school I had an issue with some one stealing my gum out of my backpack. I ended up painting the top piece in each row with the finger nail polish used to stop nail biting. Hilarious. - eric960430


Actually to give you some backstory this was the last of a series of revenge-pranks. The first prank I tried to do I did because everyday he came into my office (I do a lot of work for him) he would see a picture of my mom on my desktop (I was homesick) and he always commented on how hot my mom was.

So I decided to ask my Mom to call him at work and call him sexist and a bad influence and whatnot which she thought was funny. Well it turned out they ended up chatting for an hour after he realized it was a joke and he told everyone in the office my Mom was trying to pick him up. So every single day for two years he asked me 'How my Mom was doing and when she was gonna call next.'

He even copied down her number and called her to wish her a happy new year both years just to get at me. At my five year pinning at my work (weird eh?) he told the story to a room full of 'higher-ups' and of course I turned red. So this is when I decided to get him back. I had recently become single and he was giving me advice all the time about how I need to go out and play the field. I ended up finding out his daughter's name and looked her up on facebook.

Asked if she would help me prank her dad and she agreed so we went out for dinner and I took a picture of us drinking out of the same drink with two straws. Got it developed and put it in a heart-shaped frame on my desk.

Then I got my boss to let it slip I have a new beau and that I have a picture of her on my desk already. He came straight in and stood in silence for a bit and muttered 'but that's my daughter' Since I did that prank he has stopped asking me how my Mom is doing. Also last Christmas I got a mug made with that picture on it with 'World's Greatest Dad' written on it. - JCurry2


As*hole Manager put me exclusively on night shift when he knew I had a very pregnant wife at home and gave me a poor review despite an inch thick stack of printed e-mails from customers saying I was awesome.

Fast forward 10 years and my wife (works in HR) hears a familiar voice next door in a job interview. After the interview my wife pokes her head in and asks 'Was that man's name XXXXX?'... it was my old Manager.

'Let's have a chat about him' she says to the interviewer. He didn't get the job. When she told me, I was happy for a month... mainly because he'd never know it was my wife that completely f*cked him over. - olafthebent


Back in college, I lived in the fraternity house and shared a bathroom with several other guys. I noticed my bottle of cologne went dry much faster than it normally did. I started to take my toiletries back to my room since then.

Before I did though, I pissed in the empty bottle. Throughout the semester I'd take note of the fill line and how it got lower and lower. I finally told my suite-mates they'd been spraying themselves with my piss after I moved out. - jat0369


My brother had just turned 16, got his license, got a car from my parents, and trashed his bicycle - because he didn't need it anymore. I was 13 and my bike was what got me around. My brother is an a*shole that gets grounded a lot, grounded from the car too. He would then just help himself to my bike.

After many warnings I took matters into my own hands. I loosened the handle bars on my bike. Seeing the handle bars pop off the bike and him eating street was a glorious day in my revenge book. - theraf8100

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