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Guy shares story of getting revenge on neighborhood gas thieves.

Guy shares story of getting revenge on neighborhood gas thieves.


With the price of gas what it is these days, you need to protect your investement. In a post on Reddit from the ProRevenge subreddit, a guy shared a story about how he dealt with some locals who were stealing his gas (they also happened to be his wife's cousins). Here's how things went down...

'Want some free gas? I gotcha bro!'

So several years ago, my friend, we'll call him Boris, and I would always help each other do the spring cleanup for our properties. This included taking out damaged trees, preparing garden plots, and taking care of our weed infested yards.

I was going to be first on the cleanup detail so I prepared tools and implements the Friday before the big clean up was to happen. Sharpening tools and chainsaw chains, lawn mower blade, and just getting everything in order. Among those tasks was mixing had with 2 cycle oil. Finished up kind of late and generally put things away for the next day.

The next morning Boris shows up with coffee and biscuits around 8 AM. As we were sitting on his tailgate enjoying breakfast, my neighbors ride by in their beat to hell Chevy cavalier smoking like a freight train.

We will call them Rocky and Bullwinkle. Boris and I made the usual jokes about the amount of smoke pouring from the exhaust. Damn, bet they go to the gas station and fill up with oil and check the gas. We soon finished breakfast and thought no more about it.

As we begin to get the tools laid out and has out a plan of attack, I can not find my gas cans. No mixed gas, regular gas, or a gas can in general. That's when it dawned on us why the car Rocky and Bullwinkle we're driving was smoking so bad. I'm pissed to say the least.

Well, all Boris and I could do was go shopping for gas cans, gas, and more 2 cycle oil. After we returned, we saw Rocky and Bullwinkle pass by several times, but all in all, we got a lot done. The next weekend we dedicated to clean up at Boris's.

A weekend or two go by and we have a family dinner at my wife's, Rocky and Bullwinkle's grand parents. Toward the latter part of the evening we were having a few drinks. Most people had left and myself and wife's grandfather were shooting the breeze when I had to take a leak.

As I was doing so, I saw a gas can with very distinct paint on it. I inquired from the old man about how it came into his possession and he stated Rocky and Bullwinkle left it there. I simply explained it was mine as was another and loaded them in my truck.

It ate at me every time that pos car with my post neighbors went by. So I hatched a plan from a rotten egg. I went and bought a few gallons of gas, a few gallons of diesel fuel, and some other various oils. I made a concoction of these different chemicals and filled my new 6 gallon gas can I had to purchase.

With some clean gas, I fill the lawn mower and cut some grass that evening making sure Rocky and Bullwinkle saw me. Then I put everything away but forgot and left that rotten egg gas can out.

I got up and went to work the next morning and didn't even think to check on the can. But when I got home, I checked and it was gone. My wife informed me that my plan must have worked as she watched Rocky and Bullwinkle go in and out with the car not only smoking, but spitting and sputtering as well.

'The last time they rode out, they didn't ride back in. Hmm.'

They gave me about an hour of peace before they came over and wanted to know if I could look at the car and see what was wrong. If it could not be fixed on the side of the road, maybe tow it home.

My response? I've had a long day and have a migraine. Maybe tomorrow. I saw the panic set in when I told them that. That's when they told me the had no insurance and it was on a main road. Tough luck.

So the highway patrol did run across it and had it towed. It was going to cost them around $500 to get it out of impound plus they had to have current registration and insurance. Car wasn't worth it.

Well, their those type of people that good luck just falls on them and the pastor for a local church gave them an old for Taurus. Took me a few cans of rotten egg gas but I got the motor to lock up after about a month.

This time it quit in their grandparents yard. So, they scrapped it and as luck would have it, they got their income tax returns. They bought a nice looking Ford f150 but it began having problems too. Smoked really bad.

They did take it to a mechanic that eventually found the problem. He got the truck running right again for about $1,500 and I have never had anymore gas come up missing. Thanks for reading.

Here's what people had to say:


Totalled two motors and cost them $2000 minimum, that's some pro revenge right there, served cold just the way it should be.

idrow1 asked:

How stupid are they? And why wouldn't you confront them on stealing your property when it first started? I would have put up cameras and pressed charges.

Affectionate_Gold_84 OP replied:

Oh I did confront them after I found my gas cans at their grandparents. They just lied and ol grandpa got amnesia about how the cans got to his house. Further confrontation would have just caused me problems as they were the grandparents golden boys who could do no wrong.

I did eventually install cameras but it was weeks after the last incident of things going missing. I didn't have any problems after the cameras went up. Really didn't have any problems after they found out the truck had bad fuel.

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