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16 people share the most 'WTF' way they've seen a rich person brag about their money.

16 people share the most 'WTF' way they've seen a rich person brag about their money.


While it's easy to fantasize about a life of luxury where money is no object and you never have to sit in the middle seat on the back of a packed plane ever again, flaunting extreme wealth is only something that the Kardashian family can get away with...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the most WTF way you've seen someone brag about being rich?' people were ready to share the boldest, grossest, tackiest or downright weirdest ways they've ever seen a wealthy person boast about their wallet.


Scanning receipts for some very expensive purchases and making a album of all of them on facebook. - fishymamba


This kid in my high school got a Porsche 911 the day he got his permit. He was chauffeured to school in it every day for the next 6 months by his personal driver; when he got his license, he drove it for like 3 months and then complained about having to 'downgrade' to a BMW M5 because it handled snow better. - SpookZero


The son of the governor came into my retail store complaining of a broken dishwasher. I check to see when he purchased it, he'd owned it for two years. I told him there was nothing that I could do other than help him get it serviced or sell him a new one.

Both options would leave him without a dishwasher for more than a week. He snapped at me and told me how he couldn't do dishes manually because his time was worth more than that, he preceded to tell me how much he makes per hour and asked if I was going to come do his dishes. I said, 'no, but if you make that much you should be able to afford some paper plates.' - ReditRyan


Saw a girl in my college class absolutely break down after receiving a phone-call. She re-entered the classroom crying, red in the face, etc. We all rushed to her to ask her what was wrong.

She broke the news to us that her Dad had forgotten to give her SHOPPING MONEY for later. She had acted like her entire world would be ending. The looks on our faces turned from worry to disbelief. - thefluffyburrito


I work at a ritzy yacht club. I make fairly decent money but I'm still part of the working class. Every week there is at least one member who will come in with a check of a paltry amount (like $20 or so) and will loudly declare 'don't worry, I'm here to pay your salary for the week!' This. This irks me. - lush1984


I once heard a girl say 'I only got to go on holiday 4 times this year' with a sad face. - CrazyBearShark


My roommate claimed that I was disgusting for opening a bag of trash when I heard a loud clanking upon taking out the trash after some of my dishes had been missing. My missing dishes were in the trash and she had thrown them away (this was also not the first occurrence). The main response she gave upon being confronted was 'Gross! If I dropped my iPhone in the trash I wouldn't dig it out. I can't believe you looked in a trash bag.' - BigMeechWSU


In middle school I knew a kid who claimed he was so rich that raccoons didn't come on his property. It wasn't that they paid for fences or anything. No, the raccoons just knew. - sentient_mcrib


One day I was visiting a house of a 'friend.' When I pull into the driveway, he gets out to greet me. I opened my trunk to grab my laptop and slammed it close. He turned and said, 'Hey man, This is a rich neighborhood. We don't slam our car trunk like that.' He was not kidding. - OutofMoney


I saw someone burn money in a bonfire. - MonkeySwings


'I'll take the most expensive thing on the menu.' - SynergySins


'I'm so pissed at my mom, I mean it's my 16th birthday not her's. I should be able to get the BMW if I want it, she just keeps pushing the Mercedes on me though. I am going to be so mad if my birthday rolls around and the Mercedes is out front.' It felt like I was in a MTV show, I wanted to throw up. - deedawg


I was bumped up to first class on my way home from a trip. I've never been in first class and assumed it was just better seats and food options but no... I was suddenly treated differently as if I had suddenly become more important than everyone else on the plane. I especially remember at the end of the flight when first class was unloading.

My bags were still in the back of the plane so I didn't get up right away and was planning on waiting for everyone to get off before me. The flight attendants offered to make everyone make way for me to get to the back of the plane, get my bags, and get off. I told her that I didn't want to inconvenience everyone and she responded, 'Maybe they are the ones inconveniencing you.' This statement took me by suprise... is this really the way rich people think? - Brain-Crumbs


'I never wear the same socks twice' - PupuleKane


There's a guy in my group who can't stop talking about how awesome it is that his rich mom pays for everything for him. The funniest thing to watch is when he's hitting on our waitress (because he always hits on the waitress, every time we go out) and the check comes, and he proudly tells her that his bill is going on his mom's credit card. Oh yeah, dude, you're really going to impress her with that one. - scarrlet


A kid I knew really wanted a ps2 and there was this rich kid who knew this and bought two ps2s and smashed one in front of the the kid who had wanted one. - [deleted]

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