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16 people share what went down with the most 'interesting' roommate they ever had.

16 people share what went down with the most 'interesting' roommate they ever had.


Sharing a living space, bathroom, and kitchen with strangers from the internet or fellow college students is a chaotic journey most of us have had to endure...

Choose your fighter: Passive aggressive note on the fridge person or 'I pay rent so therefore I can be as dirty and loud as I want' person. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'what are your most interesting roommate stories?' people were ready to share the story of their weirdest, funniest, or most fascinating housemate.


First college roommate rarely did laundry and would 'borrow' my underwear - especially for dates - and return them dirty (unwashed). I told him in unequivocal terms to keep his hands off my junk, but he'd borrow whatever he needed anyway - Back2Bach


My college roommate didn't know how to do laundry before we started school. We had a community washer and dryer on our floor. Probably the third week of school, I went down to get a soda from the machine and I walk in and there are bubbles four inches deep on the floor.

My roommate walks in behind me to check his laundry. He had put 3 full scoops of Tide in the washer with his load. I had to take him to an off campus laundromat to wash all of the excess soap out of his clothes. - micromaniac_8


My flatmate was using the speaker in the living room for playing music, he said he was gonna go shower so he left. 2 minutes later we heard moaning and slapping. He forgot to disconnect from the speaker. - Terrible-Cost-7741


My freshman year roommate could not fall asleep unless he was watching How I Met Your Mother. I had to close his laptop constantly for him and, as a result, I now hate How I Met Your Mother - Big-Pool


She made 'chicken stew' which consisted of unseasoned chicken boiled in an entire bottle of red wine vinaigrette dressing and nothing else. The whole place smelled like vinegar for weeks. - TwiceInEveryMoment


I moved in with a couple. She was VERY obviously pregnant but denied it. They had 7 pet rats, which I was chill with. Their bed was on the floor so the rats could sleep with them, cool. Whatever you’re into, not for me to judge.

The rat sh*t that was EVERYWHERE in the house was an issue. In the tub, in the wash machine, outside their room in their shoes.

My final straw was when I baked 15 DOZEN butter tarts for Xmas gifts cuz I was a broke 20 year old and they ATE THEM ALL in one evening and that night she went into labour and had the baby she definitely wasn’t pregnant with and demanded I give up the home office I paid extra for each month to do my work from for her new not baby but keep paying for it. - notanaltaccount88


I woke up around 5:30am and made my way to the kitchen, groggy and barely awake. As I turned the corner, I stopped in my tracks because my roommate of 3 months was crouched on the counter, wearing a speedo.

In a Gollum voice, he said 'My precious!!!' and mimicked Gollum's weird movements. I refused to react to it, said nothing, and made breakfast. It's been 10 years and we're still great friends. - antwauhny


Lived with a guy who for over a year ate a can of Puritan brand beef stew for dinner every single night. - jcd1974


A few years back my former roommate and I let our downstairs neighbor move in with us because the guy he was living with had taken up a new habit.. he’d befriended the pigeons that hung out on the rooftop outside his bedroom window and eventually started taking them inside and caring for them like pets. Sh*t got real dirty real quick. - neuro_illogical


Senior year of college I lived with 8 other students in a house, girls upstairs and boys downstairs. One time the boys were really rowdy so I went downstairs to check it out and this girl from my literature class was beating in their fridge with a fire extinguisher. I think I’ve lost the ability to be surprised after that year. - Mirrorflute88


Had a roommate that was a liar and a stealer. I saw photos of him on Facebook wearing my clothes. I confronted him and he said he must own the same shirt as me. He went out and bought the same shirt a couple days later and put it on. Then he handed me the old shirt saying he found mine behind the dryer. It was stretched out and had his distinct smell on it. - knovit


I spent over a year falling asleep to the angry, muffled, whisper-but-not-really arguments between my roomie and his girlfriend. Just muffled enough that I couldn't understand what the problem was, but they were clearly not happy together.

So I'd just lie in bed wondering, what's my duty of care here? Like they weren't violent with each other, and it wasn't like one person was terrorizing the other, it was just two young people in a consensual and mutual spiral of despair. - NomenNescio13


My roommate once create a whole new lifeform by leaving beans in the fridge until they molded so bad they became pure white. Then she got mad when I threw it away because she was going to use it later. - Shadow948


I taught a roommate how to boil water. Iced tea was the first thing, other than sandwiches and salads, that she had ever made. - maruffin


I’m pretty sure I used to live with a hobbit.

-Man about 5'1', curly brown hair, constantly cheerful demeanor

-Never wore shoes, inside or out

-Literally slept on the floor in what can only be explained as a nest of blankets

-Started a garden and encouraged me to eat his tomatoes all the time

-Would bring home samosas and other goodies, always giving me half just because

-He and his wife had a dream of living off the grid in a tiny home on a truck

I hope he’s doing well -



My roommate in college claimed he was involved with the mafia. He was constantly sweaty, was very jumpy, and always had a lot of cash in his car. He never was around on the weekends, and I never saw him drink. Strangest of all, is that he never once slept in his room. He was always on the couch by the door.

He eventually told me that it was because if someone ever broke in looking for him, he wanted 'them' to find him right away, so no one else would get hurt. I still don't know if he was telling the truth but nonetheless I ALWAYS locked my bedroom door at night. - DrLandingStrip

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