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Student gets 'disgusting' revenge on thief roommate who hides and ruins her things.

Student gets 'disgusting' revenge on thief roommate who hides and ruins her things.


It's hard to have a roommate from hell, because that means you live in hell with them.

When a frustrated roommate came to Reddit's popular 'Petty Revenge' forum, she shared a tale so deliciously disgusting, it simply had to be shared.

'Roommate stole my washcloths so I decided to let her steal one more.'

u/psychnerd27 writes:

My freshman year I had the most inconsiderate roommate who'd stay up all night talking loudly, eat my food, etc.

Oddly, my washcloths that I used to wash my face would go missing. Like, I think I lost like 3 or 4 throughout the semester. I thought someone was taking them but I had no idea where to.

Well, the end of the semester we were clearing out the bathroom cabinets to move out, and what did I find shoved in the far back corners of the cabinet? MY WASHCLOTHS. Which were COVERED in orange foundation. (Clearly evidence from my one rude roommate because she wore so much foundation every single day).

I was super annoyed because I had to keep buying more washcloths to replace the ones she stole.

Well, I decided to use one of my other washcloths and clean the DISGUSTING bathtub with it. I'm talking ring of shampoo, dirt, hair everywhere, etc. I was planning to just throw it away afterwards, but I decided to hang it up and let it dry.... in the same place I would hang my washcloths for my face.

The next day the washcloth I had used for the bathtub was covered in orange foundation.... the look on her face when I told her...

No regrets.

And Reddit was totally on her side.

Some even think she didn't take it far enough!

crazy-bisquit comments:

The best part is telling her!! It doesn’t even count if you don’t tell the person what you did because they would never feel the disgust and shame.

Moveableforce says:

I hope you acted extra innocently that you were just trying to save a few bucks and clean it because you keep losing all your towels 'for some reason :)' Really dig under her skin. Or in this case dig under her foundation.

p0is0n writes:

Honestly OP was too nice. There is a lot of creative things she could have done!

Have you ever taken petty revenge on a rueful roommate? And how did it pan out?

Sound off in the comments!

Sources: Reddit
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