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15 people share the funny thing happened at school that caused chaos for the faculty.

15 people share the funny thing happened at school that caused chaos for the faculty.


Every school has at least one ridiculous incident.

A class clown too committed to the bit, who wreaks havoc on the order of things. A teacher who tries too hard and ends up in the cringe hall-of-fame. A logistical issue that ends up affecting everyone in a cartoonish way. All it takes is a bit of surfing online to discover the universality of school chaos, but no one can deny, some stories are juicier than others.

In a popular Ask Reddit thread, people shared the funny thing that happened at their school that caused chaos for the faculty, and it ruly runs the gamut.

1. From JacobCStowe:

Someone had a baby in the bathroom stall…I wish I was making this up.

2. From McFeely_Smackup:

It wasn't funny, but when I was in high school, there were two teachers in the school that were married. I was sitting in the husband's classroom waiting for the class to start when another kid ran in and said 'Hey Mr B, your wife is making out with Mr H in his classroom'. Turns out they'd locked the door, but about a dozen kids were looking through the skinny door window watching them.

The guy didn't even say anything. He just looked crushed. he just walked out of the class and never came back...i mean we never saw him again. Turned out his wife and the other teacher had been having an affair and he'd might have suspected, but having it confirmed by one of his students in front of the whole class was too much.

The school didn't discipline the two cheaters, but the students sure as hell did. both of them had to listen to 'cheating' puns and jokes every day. 'Hey Ms S, I'm going to copy off Joe's test, cheating is cool with you right?' kind of stuff. Neither came back the next school year.

3. From JulieFromJerz:

Hired a mariachi band to follow around our principal for our senior class prank. It was hysterical.

4. From Spencer2091:

In middle school, a staff (not a teacher, he watched lunch and was a basketball coach for a high school) got arrested for selling w**d to the kids. He won an award for 'best staff of the year' that year which had an entire yearbook page dedicated to him, but he was arrested after the yearbooks were printed. They had to go into each yearbook and cover that page with purple duct tape (to match the color scheme).

Prior to him being arrested, I was getting bullied horribly. None of the teachers or other staff could get the kids to stop, but once the staff who was arrested said 'leave Spencer alone,' the kids would immediately stop. I later realized he was threatening to take their w**d away if they bullied me, and that's why he was the only one who could get them to stop.

5. From Jimmycapped:

2000. Teachers trying to stop kids smoking in the bathroom so they locked the bathroom doors. Kid took a s#$t on the carpet in front of the bathroom door, like right in the main hallway. Chaos ensued. Today, that kid is a pastor. Lol.

6. From telnorp:

One of the classrooms at my school was a prefab hut, and over time it developed a hole in the floor at the back of the room (developed, or was helped, unsure). Every lesson I had in there for a good few months before they fixed it, someone would arrive, greet the teacher, and sit down.

Then after a few minutes they'd arrive again, straight-faced 'sorry I'm late sir', and sit down. Then again a few minutes later they'd arrive again...etc. The fun part was watching the teacher playing the memory game of figuring out who'd arrived too many times.

7. From Nutesatchel:

My wife is a school teacher, and a couple years ago the senior prank was them sticking a bunch of those suction cup dildos to the windows. And let's just say that the school has a lot of windows. It was the brainchild of some douchebag architect who thought building a high school with no walls just windows was good idea.

Anyway, they managed to get the largest of the dildos stuck to the 3rd floor outside window, of one of the classrooms. So the male assistant principal gets a ladder but it's not quite long enough so he's teetering on the top of this ladder trying knock a 2-foot long purple d*ck of the side of the school with a broom handle.

She said he was beating that thing like it owed him money and it was just bouncing around, flopping and banging against the window. While everyone watched through tears of laughter.

8. From pieonthedonkey:

Freshman year one of my friends wanted to me run for student body vice president as a part of his counterculture party. He insisted on having me be his VP, to the point where he got all the necessary signatures for me to run without my knowledge and just went ahead and signed me up. We had to write speeches to get other kids to vote for us, and those speeches had to be approved by some faculty member.

So I wrote a very disparaging speech about the validity and purpose of student counsel, laden with curse words and personal attacks towards our administration, thinking it would get screened ahead of time and they would disqualify me. I guess no one actually read my speech and just rubber-stamped it, so on that morning they pulled me aside and handed me a printed out copy of my speech.

I went ahead and gave my speech and I guess none of the faculty knew what to do because no one stopped me but they were clearly panicked and furious. I got a lot of laughs and applause. I assume it was too late to print all new ballots because when we went to vote my name was crossed out with a sharpie.

I also got suspended for 5 days despite my explanation that I did not want to run and submitted my speech for approval, on time, fully intending to be disqualified. I was also told by some older student counsel members involved in the ballot counting process that I won by a landslide due to write ins and people just circling the black line of my name, but I have no idea if that's true.

9. From MrCondor:

Somebody unscrewed the classroom door and left it supported by the hinge tension, angry teacher came back from his march to the head of department and slammed the door. Except it didn't slam, rather come off the wall completely and absolute madness ensued. Ahh, good times.

10. From Unlikely_Use:

A student got ahold of a LOT of explicit pictures and taped them to all of the school clocks, suspended from the ceiling. None of the teachers were tall enough to pull them down, so they were up there for a bit.

11. From Big_Explanation_8803:

A boy in my class brought some locusts in to show and tell. They escaped and got into the air vents. This was just before summer break. School came back to a full-on plague.

12. From Livingroxets:

In my HS, there was a solid week where somebody set a trash can on fire daily. Nobody knew if it was one person or a group of people, but I think after day five everyone got pretty tired of having to stand out in the football field while the fire department inspected the area. It stopped after that week with no explanation and no word from the culprit.

Second best was definitely the senior prank performed by the class two years ahead of mine. They bought crickets from our local PetSmart and set them free on our school’s main staircase. It took forever to get rid of them and I can remember sitting in class and hearing faint chirping coming from seemingly every direction.

13. From todmaster:

Our P.E. teacher putting us in wrestling moves in the boys locker room. The school was not best pleased when it came to light and Neither were the parents.

14. From phantommoose:

When my husband was about 11, he brought a 5-gallon bucket of garter snakes to school for show and tell. At lunch, all the snakes escaped, and they were catching snakes for weeks.

15. From B__Malz:

Someone in my high school sent letters to the parents of everyone they deemed 'virgins' saying their son or daughter was tested for and found to have an STD by the school nurse and that they needed to come to the school immediately. Used the school letterhead etc so they got charged with mail fraud lol.

Sources: Reddit
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