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17 people share the 'black market' that savvy students ran out of their school.

17 people share the 'black market' that savvy students ran out of their school.


Line up,'s time to learn how to break into entrepreneurship...

While parents and teachers might shut down a debatably legal student-run 'business' that may or may not scam fellow classmates, the kids who ruled the 'black market' could afford whatever they wanted at the chain restaurant attached to the movie theatre every Friday night at the mall.

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What 'black market' did kids at your school run?' people were ready to confess to the underground business that was organized out of the cafeteria bathroom. If anyone needs an essay written, it'll be $20 and $50 to guarantee an A.


I used to deal in whiteboard markers for teachers in high school. One teacher had a tendency to hoard them, leaving none for other teachers. I would take markers from him and provide them to other teachers in need.

While there was no formal payment, I was given a little bit more leniency at times (e. g. Requests to leave the classroom for a moment etc.) Once the marker would start squeeling on the whiteboard because it was almost empty, I'd get teachers giving me a nod as if to say 'you got the goods?'

I'd then supply them with the marker color of their choosing (usually black). It was actually a lot of fun, and I never heard teachers talk about my systems or chastise me for taking markers. - stoic4somethings


I was in elementary school when pogs were big. Everyone had cool slammers and stuff but I didn't have money for good ones. My dad made one out of 1/2' mild steel for me and used an engraving pen to make a simple pattern.

Everyone was asking me where I got them from. I didnt wanna lose my unfair edge but I also knew I could make money. My dad had a big sheet of this 1/2' steel. I told them I was the only one who could get them. I sold them for 15 bucks a pop. My dad kept 10 I got 5. And that's when I learned what overhead was. - FNC1A1


I went to a private high school with a strict dress code, ties, belt, etc. So I bought a bunch of ties and belts from a thrift store and ran a lucrative rental business out of my locker. - ccrawsh


I used to sell coke (the drink) because they didn't allow fizzy drinks to be brought in - Seventy0


We made a website that started as us doing stupid prank phone calls and jacka*s stunts. It turned into a homework sharing and answers to tests and quizzes that people would steal later. Luckily I wasn’t involved by that time but my friends weren’t involved in graduation. - mastad0420


Banana chips were 25¢ in the vending machine in middle school. I always went to school early, so I always ended up buying all of them and selling them for 50¢ a bag. - Ckaiyion


I would buy 6 packs of soda for $1.79 and resell the 6 sodas for a total of $3.00. - [deleted]


Slap bracelets. Small Southern town with just a Walmart and one or two small clothing stores that carried them. Anyone who went out of town to do clothes shopping or because their parents worked there would come back with bracelets we couldn't get here, so a little black market popped up. - Konzern


I had the principal's secretary's handwriting down and used to sell hall passes for $1 each. Made a killing. - BhagwanBill


Silly bandz. I remember a kid made like $50 one day - cain62


These little game coupons that our teacher gave out for winning class quiz games. Right when people were starting to get scanners/printers in their own homes some kid made copies of his coupons and sold or traded them to other students. - LeluWater


The only guy in the school who's family had proper TV channels used to tape wrestling events and rent them out. - 221


Cuban sandwiches straight out a duffle bag before school. They were bomb, cheap and way better than the lunch in the cafeteria. - spaaaaaghetaboutit


My school used the metallic ends of pencils as a currency. Bronze was rarest, so it was the most expensive. Green was most common, so it was the least. We traded for erasers or pencil cases or a spot up in the four square line. Eventually got banned but we still operated with people acting as banks to keep the currency hidden and to keep transactions hidden. - Flavory_Boat50


Pokemon cards we would hide under playground equipment and trade them because the teachers would take them if they saw them. So we always set up 'deals' in class and created a whole pokemon card trading network - immapengoon


My mom won a year's supply of Double Stuffed Oreo's. I sold them in ziploc bags while in 4th grade to everyone I could, even teachers... my mom thought my friends where eating them all. - [deleted]


I have family in NY and would go visit a couple times a year back in high school. Every once in a while we'd visit Chinatown in NYC and I'd end up buying $100s worth of fake watches (Rolex, Tag, Gucci, etc) return to school and sell them for double than what I paid for them. - firkin_slang_whanger

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