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Love to 'Irish Goodbye?' 16 people share the best way to bail on an event.

Love to 'Irish Goodbye?' 16 people share the best way to bail on an event.


Sneaking out of a house party and texting 'sorry I had to leave' immediately after, telling everyone you're getting another drink only to walk right by the bar and out the door, or hugging everyone you've ever met goodbye--we all have our go-to way of heading back home...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's your best 'we'd love to stay but...' excuse to leave an event?' people were ready to share their favorite way to skip the long goodbyes and abruptly jump ship on an awkward situation.


We better get going if we're going to stay ahead of the weather. - wxguy215


We have a big day tomorrow. Most people don't bother asking what that entails. - nrubhsa


I don't sleep a lot and I work third shift, so I'm tired like all the time (3 of 4 last events that have taken place at a friend's house I've fallen asleep randomly at). So I just tell people I'm tired and it's a long bus ride home. - fxkmehxrder


'We'd love to stay but we're suppose to watch my sister's kids tonight.' My sister lives 10 hours away. - mccarthybergeron


Leave immediately in a hurry, Only lies have details. - [deleted]


I usually make up some excuse about my dog. Either she was in all day and needed out, out all day and needed in, or whatever. I don't have kids so I have to make do. - squirmdragon


Two excuses that nobody ever wants to question: 1: I have therapy 2. I have church - gayspacecommie


I always use a line from Phoebe on the show Friends 'I wish I could but I don't want to' - crazyladyscientist


'My home alarm was triggered and I need to go back to make sure everything is okay.' - -eDgAR-


'You’ll never guess. I just got a message from my landlord. Apparently my apartment flooded. Something with the sprinklers.' - [deleted]


I, like many others suffering with the condition, can sense a migraine coming on minutes before it hits. If I can get to my medicine and darkness within the next few minutes, I'm solid.

So I occasionally say I need to go RIGHT NOW or I will have a debilitating migraine and throw up everywhere. It cuts out the long, drawn out goodbyes and people don't argue. - BoopsForTheSoul


Always have a plan before you go. Preface the acceptance with, 'Well, I can't stay because xyz, but I'll come by for a while.' Then, if you're having fun and want to stay, you can act like you worked something out for xyz and now you can stay. - GalacticHeimat


Go for the full Bender: 'Well, I'm tired of this room and everyone in it.' - apetc


A friend of mine actually uses the 'I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got ice cubes in the freezer.' - Charrawazt


'We'd love to stay but we have to feed our cat through a tube at 2 hour intervals.' For reals, we had to make our excuses at a friend's engagement party because my cat had pneumonia. - Mindless_mike


My husband has diabetes so when I give him the signal he says 'I have to go home and take my insulin.' - biscuit272

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