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15 people share the 'red flags' that scream 'I'm an entitled brat'.

15 people share the 'red flags' that scream 'I'm an entitled brat'.


Ever wonder what would immediately label someone a jerk?

Reddit posed the question, 'What screams 'I'm an entitled pos'?' the internet was all too happy to answer.

Here are the top comments. Enjoy!

1. AldenDi says:

I used to work in a movie theater. I saw a little girl collect her garbage to throw away. Her mother saw too and said 'No, just drop that on the floor. They have people for that.'

2. UncensoredChef says:

Snapping or whistling for service at a bar... F*ck those people

3. vanillachaide says:

I work retail and my store is closing. Earlier today, I had a never-ending line of people and one lady paid with a gift card. She knew she wouldn't be back so she left it with me to use on the next customer.

Next customer comes up and the gift card covered her whole order. Looking at the receipt after, she noticed the lime she bought was 50 cents each instead of 30 cents. She held up the line demanding the 20 cents on limes that SHE DIDN'T EVEN PAY A CENT FOR HERSELF.

4. Flauni says:

When the terminal says 'ENTER PIN'. Like, back the f*ck off.

5. [deleted] writes:

People who turn their birthday into a birth-week and it becomes their topic of discussion for the entire month.

6. randylikecandy writes:

Taking up two parking spaces.

7. BumblingBlunderbuss writes:

Not saying please/thank you to people in customer service.

8. [deleted] writes:

I have a job where I return calls to people who applied for online jobs. Her information said “Miss Rosa Clark” (not her real name). I gave my intro then said “Is this Rosa?” She responded, “This is MISS Rosa, I’m not a CHILD!”

I told her I was sorry because my info does not provide age and she’s like, “That don’t matter! It’s common courtesy that your generation seems to be completely ignorant to!” Keep in mind I’m contacting her because she applied for a job, and I’m the person who helps.

So I turned on my 'fedupwithyoursh*t' voice and said, “Sorry, ROSA. Good luck on your job hunt,” and immediately hung up. Felt better than sneezing.

9. coffeeblossom says:

When you're a full-grown adult, and you still throw full-blown temper tantrums when you don't get your way.

10. flinchm writes:

“Do you know who I am?” Classic entitlement move for the least impressive members of the entitled community. We get it. You’re the nephew of someone who once inherited something. You can hit a baseball 20% of the time you bat. Your mom pays someone a lot of money to make her look like she’s still 37. Yay for you.

11. Sutcliffe writes:

Coworkers who refuse to do things around the office because it is not their job or below them. Even managers/accountants/engineers/doctors/etc have to take out the trash or carry a heavy box sometimes. Get over yourself you arrogant tw*ts!

12. Roarlord says:

'PLACE THE ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA' F*ck you, entitled point-of-sale machine, I don't want to bag my 10 kg bag of cat food.

13. robyn_bnerd writes:

Taking your ex husband to court 28 times in one year for more child support, including a time where he had shattered his ankle and broken several ribs and was on doctor prescribed bed-rest, and when he had a heart attack. But she refused to get a job. Ladies and gents, my future Mother-in-law

14. SeeYouOn16 says:

Getting a job at your dad's company because he is your dad and then acting like you're better than everyone else there even though you have zero skills. Then after a few years of not advancing, you flip out on the people that make the company work and rage quit.

Then sit on your ass for a year and half without ever getting off the couch to even apply for a job while your family works every day and they just send you money to pay for your bills. My little brother.

15. Vadermaulkylo fessed up and said:

As someone who used to be exactly this, constantly belittling people for past mistakes they’ve made.

There you have it!

Do you agree with everything these folks had to say?

Sources: Reddit
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