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15 people share the 'red flags' that scream 'I'm an entitled brat'.

15 people share the 'red flags' that scream 'I'm an entitled brat'.


Ever wonder what would immediately label someone a jerk?

Reddit posed the question, "What screams 'I'm an entitled pos'?" the internet was all too happy to answer.

Here are the top comments. Enjoy!

1. AldenDi says:

I used to work in a movie theater. I saw a little girl collect her garbage to throw away. Her mother saw too and said "No, just drop that on the floor. They have people for that."

2. UncensoredChef says:

Snapping or whistling for service at a bar... F*ck those people

3. vanillachaide says:

I work retail and my store is closing. Earlier today, I had a never-ending line of people and one lady paid with a gift card. She knew she wouldn't be back so she left it with me to use on the next customer.

Next customer comes up and the gift card covered her whole order. Looking at the receipt after, she noticed the lime she bought was 50 cents each instead of 30 cents. She held up the line demanding the 20 cents on limes that SHE DIDN'T EVEN PAY A CENT FOR HERSELF.

Sources: Reddit
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