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17 people reveal the downright cringiest thing they ever did in hindsight.

17 people reveal the downright cringiest thing they ever did in hindsight.


Embarrassing moments are unfortunately part of being alive, but there are some core memories that can't be revisited without a painful shudder...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'In hindsight, what's the cringiest thing you've ever done?' people were ready to reveal the humiliating things that rip them out of a peaceful slumber at 3 AM in a cold sweat. Nobody remembers that fateful third grade recess, right?


For about a month my freshman year of high school, I wore mirrored glasses and turtlenecks and told people I was a vampire. - ranchochupacabrash


I walked into the break room at work once, and an attractive female coworker was in there. We all work at desks all day, so I tried to say something about stretching your legs, but instead out came 'so, came back here to spread your legs, eh?' - CensorVictim


In music lessons when I was 9 I pissed myself in her house because I was too scared to ask to use the toilet. - Hally_


I said 'I killed a man, and felt nothing' during a new hire orientation. Trying to be funny. Still think about that moment sometimes before I go to bed. Why the f*ck did I say that? - n0remack


In elementary school I pretended to speak another language. Everyone else was bilingual pretty much so I'd just make up bullshit words and I would keep a list of words I had made up definitions for so I could keep it straight.

Because I was in detention copying the dictionary a lot, I used that time to make up random words for each one. I'd study the list and memorize the words just to stay believable. I made up and learned a language because I thought it would make me fit in. With all the time spent doing that I could have learned an actual language. - Natelynne


When I was 15 I made a video of me 'raving' in the dark with glowsticks to the song 'Sandstorm.' - germenshipard


A girl stood me up for a date. The next day I saw her in the cafeteria and didn't want to seem like I cared or that it bothered me (it did but I wanted to just play it cool). So all I did was smile and give a little wave as I walked into a wall in front of her and all her friends. - thundertool


6th grade. Sometimes I would confuse something clear with the color white. Not the colors themselves, just the names of the colors. In health class we were discussing hydration and what the color of your urine meant. I raised my hand and asked 'what's it mean when you pee white?' I didn't understand the looks I got, especially from the teacher. I remembered the awkwardness and eventually put it all together. It is not a pleasant memory now. - coby858


I once renamed the Pokemon in my party to Will You Go Out With Me and handed my DS to my would be GF. She came out as being gay right there. - zelon64


First year university, ended up living in a hotel off-campus (the university guaranteed residence spaces to first-year students, but they had construction delays on the new residence buildings, and so had to rent 3 floors from a local hotel for the entire year).

Now, this was actually a really nice hotel (4-stars, middle of downtown Toronto), and had its own bar/club. As lazy students, we didn't want to go far, especially in the winter, so we would hang out in the hotel bar most nights.

So, one night, I muster up some courage and decide to talk to an older woman at the bar (30-ish, which is old when you are 19). We talk for a while, I engage in a poor attempt and flirting. Finally, I ask for her number. She smiles at me, says, 'you're very sweet,' and writes out her number on a cocktail napkin.

I get up to leave and go back to my friends. I look at the napkin, realize she had given me an obviously fake number to get rid of this kid, and toss it in the trash. Later, my friends ask me if I managed to get her number.

I tell them no, she gave me a fake one--it only had 4 numbers in it, so I threw it away. I then have to be explicitly reminded that while phone numbers aren't 4 digits long, hotel room numbers are - Scrivener83


In job interview I shook the employer's hand and said 'Hi, how are you?' (exercising my assertive social skills) which would've been fine except that I said it at the END of the f*cking interview.

Bonus cringe: I went to visit my mum when I was like 19, she gave me a girl's phone number and set me up on a blind date (you could stop reading this here, because that's bad enough).

Since I was such a cool guy I texted my friend something like 'I'm in this sh*t-hole town about to go on a date with some random' and of course I sent it directly to the girl, so when I met her I had to lead with 'yeah, sorry, just ignore that text...OK hi nice to meet you...' There was no second date. Oh, and hell no I did not get the job. - brend0ge


Freshman/early sophomore year of high school I chased after this girl and complained all the time that she was friend zoning me. I probably posted thirty statuses on Facebook in that time about how nice guys never get the girl and the friend zone sucked.

I am beyond embarrassed to admit this next part, but I actually made a Facebook page called 'friend zone club' where I posted dank friend zone memes. I completely forgot about it for a long time until a few weeks ago I was on my profile and noticed I was still the admin of that page, so I deleted it and cringed at myself harder than ever before. - chuhaaimnu


There was this one girl that I had a crush on in the last year of middle school, but I never really talked to her. On the last day of school I decided to tell her so I beckoned to her, whispered in her ear that I liked her and ran away. - amarkseatrel


When I was 13 I made a fake MSN account pretending to be one of those conversation bots. I added my crush and pretended to 'predict his future', which of course heavily hinted at eventually marrying me. - [deleted]


In college, my class won a trip to a PR event so my teacher got tacos for the entire class. It was a lecture hall so the room had steps that went all the way down to the white board.

Taco boy showed up he's walking down the steps while i realize my backpack was in his way. In the process of pulling it out of the way I hooked taco boys foot, tripping him, sending tacos all over the classroom - dinizio


I once asked a girl, who I haven't seen in months, 'When are you due?' She wasn't pregnant. I swear I really thought she was. Oooops! - vitruvian215


Had a presentation in college. I dressed fairly nice for it and had a white handkerchief in my back pocket. Got a little sweaty so I pulled the handkerchief out of my back pocket.. It was a pair of white underwear. - dinizio

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