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16 people reveal the absolute cringiest thing they ever did in middle school.

16 people reveal the absolute cringiest thing they ever did in middle school.


The hormones, the awkward slow dances in the gymnasium at the winter semi-formal, the sweaty pep rallies--middle school is hard to look back on without a shudder...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What was the cringiest thing you did in middle school?' people were brave enough to share their most humiliating moments.


One cringey thing I did was constantly wear flare jeans and flip flops in the rainy winter of Washington. This was 2007. I was short so the flare part of the jeans would get stuck under my flip flops as I walked and so the bottoms got super torn up and wet from the rain on the ground. - mollypaget


I accidentally told the teacher that my name was Satan, on my first day in a new school - Calvin_Breseman


In 7th grade when I was very sheltered, I watched Austin Powers: Goldmember before my Wednesday church group. When our youth pastor said he had a headache and his advil wasn't working, I suggested Viagra because I thought all pills were for headaches. The class got quiet and didn't explain to me why what I said was wrong once I tried to explain myself... God why... - kateykatz


Somewhere around 6th grade...I bought a pair of glasses at Claire's (young girls accesory store). However, they weren't sunglasses, but a pair of fake glasses meant to look like a real pair. Clear plastic lenses.

I always thought it would be neat to have glasses so I bought them and wore them to school and told everybody I needed glasses now. Everyone asked me about them and said they looked good and they had no idea I even needed them! However, my ruse was foiled when someone asked to look at them and pointed out to everyone they weren't real glasses. Cringe. - scaredasyou


We did a unit on STDs in eighth grade health class, part of which included watching a brief documentary about a woman who had unprotected sex, contracted HIV, and died of AIDS.

At the end of the film, our teacher asked the class what we thought. No one else really wanted to talk, so I raised my hand and proudly declared that the movie had reinforced my decision to remain abstinent until marriage. - craezie


I essentially stalked my crush because I was so socially awkward. When his brother told me that my crush didn't like me, I threatened to tie him to a tree and bash his balls in with a bat. I was creepy in middle school. Every time I think about it I just want to curl into fetal position. - orangekayla


I was in 7th grade. While standing in line for lunch I decided to try out a new word I had just learned. Pointing to the vat of mayo, I turned to my friend and shouted 'LOOK AT ALL THE C*M!' just as the lunch room got quiet. I'm 46 now and still cringe. - NewtonsKnickers


I wrote myself secret admirer notes. I would make the notes in class when no one was looking and then ask to use the restroom. I'd just slip them in my locker and wait until class ended. Then I would show then to the girl that had the locker next to me. I would act so surprised and get really blushy. God... - therasengankid


Fingerless. Gloves. In Summer. - Whoistcmt


I wore a belt around my neck for a couple weeks. - MrMagnetik


First period of 7th grade, first day. I was excited to get a new start (seeing as 6th wasn't a whopping success for me), and I was simultaneously freaking out. Don't say anything stupid. Don't look at anyone funny. Don't fart. Just take it easy and everything'll be fine.

The teacher asks us to come up one by one to hand in our schedules to make sure we're in the right room. I take one step, foot catches my backpack on the floor, and I sail to the ground at what I can only assume was terminal velocity. The resounding thud was as loud as my confidence in my 'new start' was fleeting.

Everyone was laughing, I was red-faced embarrassed. Well, sh*t, at least we got that out of the way early this time 'round, right? No way it could get worse! I pick myself off the floor, brush it off, and then proceed to trip up on my backpack a second time. Good times, good times. - Reethk_Vaszune


I was a young girl with beautiful long, blonde hair. For reasons I can't even fathom, I decided to shave my own head. Only I freaked out and gave up after one pass of my dad's razor.

I shaved off a small area right in the front middle of my forehead. Of course, it was stupid obvious. Of course, people made fun of me. Of course, it to months and months before it was long enough to tie back with the rest of my hair. Ah, yay me. - ausgekugelt


I once fell down the stairs in a comically improbable fashion.. two flights of stairs. I tripped, went rolling down, and made a one-handed grab for the bannister near the bottom of the first flight. This effectively turned me into a human tetherball, sending me swinging around the bannister and down a second flight of stairs. Plenty of witnesses. - VenisonBurgers


Wore baggy camo cargo pants and t-shirts with anime characters on them. Loaded my hair with hair gel to get some really hard spikes. Icing on the cringe getup: puka shell necklace. - MrTambourineDan


My absolute favorite outfit was a pair of orange boys cargo pants and an over-sized yellow gap t-shirt. I wore this outfit probably once a week. I went through an 'ugly is cool' phase. - lollipoppipop


Uneven bowl cut. UNEVEN BOWL CUT. - [deleted]

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