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17 people share the absolute most embarrassing moment of their lives.

17 people share the absolute most embarrassing moment of their lives.


The red-faced, heart-pounding, sweaty-palm shudder of a deeply embarrassing moment can be hilariously haunting...

So, when a Reddit user asked strangers of the internet, 'What was your most embarrassing moment?' people were ready to share the humiliating, hysterical, or cringe-inducing incident that occasionally wakes them up at 3 AM.


At my big birthday I invited lots of people (Approximately 55-60), then suddenly they're playing a national classic birthday song. Everyone was insisting that I should dance, and formed a circle around me. It was so spontaneous so I began to break-dance. My god it's cringe. Even some of my classmates still remind me of that moment. I really felt humiliated. - COHL7500


Fainted in a high school psych class while watching a video of brain surgery. Apparently I just fell out of my desk like a sack of bricks. Woke up on the floor and everyone was freaking out/staring at me. - Trlckery


Went on a date to a movie. Mid movie I had to get up and use the restroom. Came back into a dark theater and sat down next to the wrong guy. Put my arm around him, took a sip of his drink, and reached my hand into his pop corn before I realized it was the wrong guy. Oh man. I was mortified. - GadgetQueen


When I was 11, I was in a play. I was having trouble saying a line and I kept messing up. The director yelled my line out. I got flustered so I started yelling, 'Yes! That's my line! That's my line!' 17 years later, I still cringed - Bkbee


I was at a fair with my ex boyfriend and his family, the sun was shining very brightly in my face and I saw my ex walk ahead of me, so I walked faster and grabbed his hand. Next thing I know I hear 'what the hell' and I look up and it's his cousin. Still cringe. - lexaproqueen


I once walked out of school, got on my scooter then face planted into the pavement in the front of the school. - don8_csgo_skins_pls


In 2nd grade. I wrote 'will you marry me?' On a page and put it into the girl's desk. After school, everyone was walking to the bus and she was at the water fountain. She looked at me, crushed the note, and said 'uhhh.. no.' Ouch - The_dog_says


One time in middle school, a friend walked in on me pooping. I still think about it and cringe and I'm 27 - ludens-gecko


Staring at a beautiful woman and walked into a power pole. - easychairinmybr


Forgot my sister was gay when I was drunk, she brought 'a friend' to our christmas party. I asked permission in front of the girl if I could make out with the girl. They've been together 6 years now...They like to bring that up at friends gathering. Shudders. - PM_UR_GW_PICS


Sophmore in high school in biology when I suddenly need to use the bathroom, they always had us use sign out sheets so I was signing myself out right in front of my crush's desk. I bent over and arched my back so he'd have a reallll nice view of my a*s in my American eagle jeans, even wiggled it a bit, I was a flirt. Get to the bathroom and realize I was just wagging around my period stained a*s for the whole world to see. - LegendaryBandAide


Fifth grade. Told my mom I didn't feel good and she made me eat breakfast and go to school (she thought I was faking). Come morning assembly, I projectile vomited on three people and all over the floor. Needless to say, I wasn't faking. - henryharp


I was in third grade and had to puke and the rule was we had to ask for permission so I ran up to the front of the room and the young student teacher looked in horror as I spewed on the chalkboard and the tray underneath it that held the chalk sticks - decaturbadass


As I was leaving an interview, I shook hands and said thanks, turned and walked into a wall. Everyone around lost it. - sasamiel


The worst was on a busy Saturday where I had 3 funerals and a wedding to play as organist. By the time the wedding finally arrived after the 3 funerals were over, I must've been tired (or daydreaming) because I played funeral procession music as the bride entered the church, rather than the Trumpet Voluntary, as scheduled. - Back2Bach


Back in 4th or 5th grade, the class was playing Heads Up 7 Up (where the class put their heads down and thumbs up except for 7 kids who go around and touch a thumb, then they have to guess who touched their thumb) and i was one of the 7 touching thumbs. I was waiting in the front for the others to finish picking and i let a huge audible fart rip. Some snickering, 'who was that?' I was so embarrassed, even though no one really laughed, now I find it hilarious. I was known as the weird, crazy, gross girl. Still am. - MadginaDemTatas


I was in my kinder class and there was a boy (we will call him Kevin) that always shit himself. My teacher smelled something funny and asked us all who did it. Kevin's best friend (let's call him Jorge) came to Kevin's rescue by going around the entire class and sniffing everyone's a*s from the chair they were sitting in.

He smells Kevin's a*s and says 'oh it's not him, he smells like fruit roll ups' then he smells my ass and tells the teacher I s*it myself. So the teacher makes me come up to her desk and turn around and proceeds to look down my pants. I was clean. It was Kevin. I'm scarred for life - Superfcknstpid

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