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20 people share the most humiliating beliefs they had as kids.

20 people share the most humiliating beliefs they had as kids.


Santa owns the local deli, it's illegal to drive with a light on inside the car, and your toothbrush starts to cry if you don't use it every night--being a kid is an extreme sport in learning to filter out little lies...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the most embarrassing belief you used to have?' people were ready to share the cringe-inducing, wildly inaccurate or overall hilarious beliefs they had when they were younger.


That the pictures on the side of the Uhaul trucks were rented specifically because someone was moving to that state. Didn’t realize they were random until I was probably 15. - adamdeluxedition


The pool light is a trap door leading to the ocean and sharks can come through it and the sharks will eat me, but only if I'm in the deep end alone. - Majestic_Dildocorn


If I watched a TV show for 8+ yo while I am 7, police will come - not_a_fangirl


Pee is stored in the balls. - PrimeMinsterTrumble


I was convinced that every person that died in a movie had actually died. Like they got a pool of actors ready to bite the bullet for the sake of cinema. - King-Halcyon


When I was about 5 years old, I thought the inside bits of a pomegranate were “nemo eggs” and tried hatching a bunch of them in a sink full of water. - s4ilorm00n


When I was in kindergarten, I used to believe that anybody with short hair was a boy and anybody with long hair was a girl. This got me in trouble when my reading partner was a girl with short hair. I didn’t believe her and insisted that she was a boy. - [deleted]


That Disney world was in the clouds, and you had to take a rocketship to go up there. I guess it was because of the old commercials they used to have. - Michigan_Ent


I thought the Macarena was a state dance of Wisconsin because we learned it in gym class the first week of 1st grade after moving there from NJ. - Well_thatwas_random


My brothers convinced me that you had to change your name every 7 years right before my 7th birthday. - [deleted]


As a kid I believed garbage and litter caused tornadoes. Not really sure why, but when I saw a plastic wrapper on the ground I'd pick it up and smugly say 'no tornadoes happening today!' - Syek26


A very skinny man lived inside the street light poles switching the lights from green to red. - mauri11


I thought windmills used electricity to produce wind. Not the other way around. - Gladyx


Breaking my graham cracker into 1/4 pieces gave me more cracker. I wouldn't tell my Mom so she didn't take the 'extras' away. - sauerpatchkid


In elementary school up until about 4th grade, I was convinced that Thomas Edison had invented the spoon - kinglee0


That every time I farted, my heart skipped a beat. - Caligulette


That the cartoon characters lived in the TV - JangWolly


That every time I took a bite from a strawberry pop tart I had to swallow twice or I would die. Not any of the other pop tarts. Just the strawberry ones. I was very young. - DiscipleOfBadassery


Taking the tag off a mattress would result in my arrest. - [deleted]


That once you get your period you'll bleed every day for the rest of your life. I don't know how I misunderstood sex ed that badly, but boy am I glad I was wrong. - Ontokkii

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