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Employee shares their favorite story of the 'most entitled shoplifter ever.'

Employee shares their favorite story of the 'most entitled shoplifter ever.'


Getting caught stealing and then doubling down with 'why would I pay?' is a pretty wild mentality.

'Most Entitled Shoplifter Ever'


So this happened last Monday. I was working in a shop when a guy came in and began loading up a basket. I came in from another shop so wasn't aware of the local shoplifters. So he loads up a basket and decides that paying is too much hassle for him.

He strolls out the store and me being the world's most bored/dedicated shop clerk decide to bolt it after him.

After I catch up with him, I picked up the basket of stuff he stole and began walking it back when he shouts at me 'hey where are you going with my stuff?'

Me: 'Back to the place you stole it from.'

Shoplifter: 'How am I supposed to eat?'

Me: 'Try buying thing.'

Shoplifter: 'Why should I do that?'

Me: 'Because it's what everyone else does. Now p*ss off.'

I walk back to the shop and twenty minutes later this guy comes back with the police and says that I was the person who attacked him.

Cop: 'Did you attack this man?'

Me: 'No. I tackled an idiot who stole from here though.'

Shoplifter: 'I'm not an idiot.'

Cop: 'Have you got proof of the theft?'

Me: 'Sure just need the boss to load up the tape.'

Shoplifter: 'Are you going to arrest him yet?'

Cop: 'No I'm not. We're just deciding on if you need arresting.'

So this idiot shoplifter actually hung around for the police to check the tape, confirm he was a thief and only protested after they concluded that he was indeed a thief.

He claimed yet again that 'he was only doing his shopping.'

Me: 'Try paying for it then I might give a crap.'

Cop: 'Sir your under arrest.'

Shoplifter: 'No I'm not you'll have to catch me first.'

To which he turns and starts running only to run into the door which didn't open fast enough for him. Idiot ended up knocking himself out and found himself in the back of a police car because he thought he could get me arrested for stopping him from stealing.

To cut a long story short don't steal kids it's not worth it 🤣

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Unfortunately in the US, workers are told not to pursue the shoplifter. And a pursing worker would probably get fired for tackling the shoplifter after the shoplifter sued for assault. There are so many videos of massive blatant shoplifting. Glad it worked out for you!

The OP responded here:


Oh it's similar in the UK but fortunately I have a boss who doesn't care either way so long as you get their stuff back. Plus the shoplifter is too much of a moron to get a lawyer that would take the case. Anyways I thought in the US you can just kneecap em with a .45 under the counter 🤣


I was a security guard back when I was in college in the 90's. Those were the days. We used tackle, handcuff, and fight with thieves on a weekly basis. It was like the wild west in Sears and I loved every minute of it.

About 5yrs later I was in the Air Force and wanted a weekend part-time job to save up for a downpayment on a house. Went back to a Sears, since I had already been employed there in college.

After 3 weeks of watching people steal stuff, and being told I couldn't do anything, I followed a thief to their car. Took all the crap the stole, put it on my Boss's desk and said 'I QUIT'. I just couldn't handle the fact we had to watch these low lives steal and could do nothing about it. I'm honestly surprised they have security guards in any department stores these days.


UK also here, can confirm we are told to let them go as “your life & health is worth more than what they stole” and “insurance won’t cover us”.

That does not mean than when faced with a blatant theft attempt that we always obey that. An elderly woman cashier had an attempted hold up. As the toe rag thrust his free hand towards the till to grab the notes, she slammed it down on his hand HARD!

The plastic lid broke, cutting his hand. He dropped and ran. The manager gave chase, caught him and then sat on him until the police arrived. The toe rag was a skinny young man - the manager was a hefty rugby player. The toe rag was actually crying for his “mummy” when they police arrived.

We had replaced the broken till drawer, the cashier had been sent to the break area to get over the shock, and the manager bought her a bouquet of flowers. Head Office told us “not to be so stupid in future”. No write up, no having to pay for the broken till drawer, just a “don’t do it again”.

Overall, just a truly bad attempt at theft. Has anyone thwarted a fool like this while working?

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