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Man tricks spam caller into donating to charity, readers share their own stories.

Man tricks spam caller into donating to charity, readers share their own stories.


Spam calls are the bane of telephone existence.

They can be frustrating, disruptive and often predatory. No one truly wants to be rude, but after a certain point, we all have our limits. One man found a clever way to channel his rage towards telemarketers into good.

Spam caller donates to charity


My wife gets a lot of spam calls, I get very due to it being an unlisted number. Normally we just put the phone down on them, but a poster on another group suggested getting the callers to call another number: one that you use to donate a fixed amount to a charity.

Here in Finland we have a charity called 'Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto' - a famous charity for children's welfare. They have a donating number 0600 17000. Well, we got a call from an unknown number and, low and behold, it was predatory spam call.

Caller: Can I interest you in subscribing too....

Me: Yes

Caller: Great...

Me: My phone's battery is very low, can you call me back on my work number - it'll get transferred directly to my computer.

Caller: Yes

Me: 0600 17000 ... call me back in a minute please

Caller: Certainly

10 minutes later I get a rather irate call about that they'd called the number 5 or 6 times but only got the donation line.... I calculate that about 30 euros they donated.

I do feel a little guilty doing this to someone who is just trying to earn a living, but spam callers are an absolute pain (getting a call at 11 in the evening for example) and a few are quite aggressive, so....

People were elated and some even shared their own spam workarounds.


Here I just got done wasting 40 minutes of some scammers life. Oh sorry one moment I have to stop my oven.... OK where were we, oh maybe you should just start from the top. A few minutes later, Ahh jeeze my neighbor just knocked on my door he probably just needs a cup of milk hold on a minute.

I told him my name was Yuri S. Cammer. When the light bulb clicked was worth it. But now I think I need to add your method to my repertoire. They no longer seem to be phased by, sir I work for the phone company and this call will be flagged and reported.


Why feel guilty? The hours they call you and their demeanor make them deserve nothing less.


Omfg, I love this so much!!!! Please don't feel guilty! I pay for an app to screen these calls. I have been potentially slammed 355 times in the last month (it gives me a report). I am going to configure the app to redirect to my favorite charity. You are AWESOME for sharing this!


eh, I just answer 'Thank you for calling City Pizza on 5th street. We are currently closed to renovations but look forward to our reopening soon!' pause...repeat. 'Thank you for calling City Pizza on 5th street. We are currently closed for re-'

Hang up mid-sentence, sounds like you were a short recording that loops a limited amount of time. No idea how many lists I got off of using that.


I use RoboKiller and it does its job well. I pay annually for the service and hate that I need to. It’s blocked up to three calls in a one hour period, though.


'Colonoscopy office, we are currently offering a reward for any information on a missing watch.'


OK, as I was reading the comments I got a spam call. Of course I answered.

'Thank you for calling Evil incorporated, your source for all of your evil needs. For plans, plots, and preparations please press one now. If this is an emergency with'

At this point I realized they had hung up. My other half started laughing her butt off as she realized what had happened.


Genius! Anyone know if that will work in the US?


basically any number with pay per minute works, charity is just a little bit of doing good on top of it.


I love listening to music while I'm at work and have my music website open on computer almost all day. When I get lots of spam calls, especially on my house line (I work at home), I answer the call without saying anything and place the phone on my computer speakers so all the caller hears is music or a commercial. After a few minutes, I hang up.


That's cute, congratulations on hitting on a good way to deflect them and make money fo the charity too.

Satisfying, to say the least. Do you have any good techniques for dealing with telemarketers or spam calls?

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