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Pie price dispute ends in arrest for haggling customer.

Pie price dispute ends in arrest for haggling customer.


This here is a tale of a sweet tooth and a bad egg.

Okay, that's an oversimilification, but this is a pretty funny story of petty revenge. Never test small business owners.

Don't mess with the Pies


I owned a deli in an office building that had over 1400 people that worked there. I did quite well. One product I sold a ton of were Tastykake pies.

In fact I sold so many that my guy would move his close to expiring cakes from grocery stores and put them in my place.

Most of my customers were daily people who bought coffee, breakfast and lunch. But one of the tenants was To**** Motor Credit (redacted for safety). And their credit guys would call people who were behind on their car payments and tell them, "Either come in today and make a payment or we will re-po your car".

So I'd get these deadbeats coming in, parking in my designated spots and then checking out my store. Most were pretty slimy.

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