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Here are the most passive aggressive things you can bring to Thanksgiving this year.

Here are the most passive aggressive things you can bring to Thanksgiving this year.


While most people don't choose to wear their passive aggressive tendencies as a badge of honor, there are some family holidays and gatherings where the battles must be silent, secret, and beautifully stealthy...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the most passive-aggressive thing you can bring to a Thanksgiving dinner?' people were ready to share the hilariously petty 'this is war' side dishes, holiday gifts, or other unwelcomed and gloriously vindictive surprises. Apologies in advance to your mother-in-laws...


A second turkey - Eternal_Bagel


A second turkey wins but also cleaning products, and then start quietly cleaning the host's house. My grandmother did both of these things! - piranha_moat


I had a family member who always brought a pie or casserole with a piece cut out already. Luckily, she was a sh*tty cook so I didn’t care that much. Still pretty rude. - ConfusionNext7704


Find out whatever dessert is being made. Then bring a professionally made/better version of it. Passive aggressive without being the weirdo who brought a whole second turkey. Plus it's normal to bring a dessert or side dish as a guest. - RudeReindeer2934


My grandma finds it to be a passive aggressive attack at Thanksgiving if someone brings box stuffing instead of making it from scratch, themselves. - Rusti3dp


My jerk of an aunt was in charge of bringing a salad, she arrived with a head of lettuce and dropped it off in the kitchen 30 minutes before we ate. - jtho78


Unpeeled potatoes - just5ft


Whatever the host's signature dish is. Claim it was a misunderstanding as to who was making what. Put your dish in front of the host's. - I_DRINK_ANARCHY


A friend of mine hosted a graduation dinner for her daughter. My friend's mom arrived late and announced, 'sorry I'm late. The service at Denny's was slow.' When asked why she had eaten on her way to a celebratory dinner she said, 'oh, I knew there wouldn't be anything I'd want to eat, here.' Something like that would be pretty good. - EarhornJones


I have two sisters. This year, (crazy religious) sister # 2 won’t allow sister #1 to bring her significant other to Thanksgiving, because she doesn’t want her kids knowing that auntie is a lesbian. Sister # 1 has to come alone, while everyone else brings their spouse/ kids. I’ve been asked to bring a cake for dessert, and am seriously considering making a full rainbow pride cake, visible once you slice into it. - LibriBot


A book you're halfway through - Kneejerk_Nihilist


Order a pizza. - GratefulGamer11


A to-go box of a dinner you just finished - aawxo


100% it's a turkey. When asked why you brought a turkey, simply say 'I understand how hard they can be to cook properly' and do not elaborate further - PM_Me_Your_DicPics


Separate meal for you and your family, along with passive aggressive justifications for having done so. - Afro_Future


A family member's ex. - SpiderVanned

Sources: Reddit
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