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16 hotel employees share the weirdest thing they discovered in a guest's room.

16 hotel employees share the weirdest thing they discovered in a guest's room.


Working in a hotel and discovering how some people choose to behave can be an extreme test of anyone's faith in the current state and future of humanity...

There's nothing like trying to channel positive vibes to get through the shift like scrubbing vomit off of a bachelorette party sign that says 'One Penis Forever.' So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Hotel cleaners, what is the weirdest thing you have found in a person's room?' people who work in hotels were ready to reveal their funniest or most shocking horrors stories. If you're going to be the story that the hotel staff shares for years to come, you're definitely going to have to leave a big tip...


We had a guy stay in the hotel who was in town for a competitive eating contest. Um when he checked out, he sh*t all over the bed. Like ALL over. I think he wiped his a*s with the sheets. We threw everything away. it was so gross - uwuimapotatoo


A dead elk on a tarp during hunting season. - Comfortable_Air3632


A loaded gun in the nightstand…in a room with two toddlers. A giant ring of salt on the carpet like straight out of Supernatural. A toilet completely filled with chewing tobacco, so much it was clogged. - malmalforever


I went to put a towel in one of the rooms and the bathroom was covered floor to ceiling in poo - wetlettuce42


Not a guest room, but someone somehow vomited all over every square inch of the men's lobby restroom. I had the privilege of discovering (and smelling) this one myself. Thankfully we had a dedicated overnight housekeeper on staff who was responsible for cleaning it up, because I would have walked out. He did so without so much as a complaint. - High_Ground_3


I saw these three cowboy dudes (and this was the south so that was normal) come out of a room around checkout. I head in to clean it up and there were beer cans and bottles on every available surface but the floor. Weirdest part though, room smelled completely normal and was fairly clean. Not a single indication that the beer was drank there. - AsexualAccountant


I find countless underwear and lingerie that you can tell was purchased for a romantic getaway and I am sure they are expensive, as they are not practical to wear in any way at all. Recently I found a pair of underwear that holds the record for tiniest item of clothing I have ever seen...some sort of red thong...

I saw a piece of them hanging out of the bed and thought why is there a string of red yarn in the bed, we’re they knitting? It took me a minute to realize this is an article of clothing. - Silspar24


I used to work on housekeeping at a children's theme park called Gulliver's kingdom, I remember going into a room and it STANK, soon found the source, 3 dirty nappies floating in a bathtub.

That is disgusting but unfortunately not completely abnormal, what was wierd was the sight of an untouched large fish from one of the fish&chip shops tucked up in the double bed like a small child, around it a murder scene had been painted with tomato sauce, and placed carefully in a equally spaced ring arround the bed were chips all printing towards the fish.

It looked like some sort of satanic ritual to summon the god of the god of chip shops. It was a pain in the arse to clean up but it was defo a memory. - Dashie_2010


5 pairs of Yeezys he traveled alone - cirelia


I worked as a hotel cleaner for one day, I was 22 and there was a 19 year old who had been there about a year, she called me in the walkie talkie and told me “dude I just threw trash away and the only reason it was heavy was because of all the used full condoms in it” so that - Logical-Command


Bees and bee crap literally covering every single spot in the place. The guy was a beekeeper and was delivering a hive. He brought it into the room, where the hive tipped over and broke. It took days of scrubbing with some harsh chemicals to get the poo off. Even had to repaint walls - ReleaseThat2638


A pile of human skin, on the floor beside the bed. It was like sunburned skin peelings. Truly f*cking disgusting. - in_essence


I had a checkout where someone left behind their false teeth. They never came back for them. - Angelunatic74


A hole cut in a mattress because the 'platinum level' guest sh*t the bed drunk and then used a butter knife to cut it out and flip the mattress over. - tomsaiyuk


I worked at a mountain/ski resort the first year it opened. There was a big snowfall in mid-November and suddenly we were fully booked for the Thanksgiving weekend. Management didn't hire any extra cleaning staff, so it took us almost the rest of the next week to work our way through all the rooms and suites.

You would not believe how many people had left half-eaten turkey carcasses, not in the refrigerator, or in the trash, but just sitting out on the counter...the smell permeated the rooms, the carpets, the drapes. It was just appalling... - Spirit50Lake


Blood, lots of blood. Literally on everything. Me, and the person cleaning with me, got out of there and reported it. Customer had gotten extremely drunk and sliced his hand open, then freaked. Also found various weapons and one time a raccoon trap. This was my first job, in high school. - Lurking_On_Toast

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