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Wendy's chili TSA mistake leads readers to share their own travel snack faux pas.

Wendy's chili TSA mistake leads readers to share their own travel snack faux pas.


"Funniest thing I’ve seen going through TSA"


Shout out to the TSA Agents dealing with this man with straight faces. This was my final straw for getting Pre-Check.

A few months back as I was going through screening at SEA, the line next to me came to a complete halt. I went from 2 people before the conveyer to through the conveyer and putting my shoes on before the line started moving over there.

As I’m putting on my shoes, I notice a passenger at the end of the line who has a briefcase open and is red in the face. He has several cylindrical paper containers open and the area smells like … chili?

You all. He attempted to pass through TSA with at least a gallon of Wendy’s chili. He claimed he was going to eat all of it on his flight. He was APPALLED that he could not bring a gallon of Wendy’s chili through the security checkpoint. There were at least 3 TSA agents dealing with him.

At that point, a TSA agent asked me and other gawkers to move along so I did. The last thing I heard was the man asking if they wanted him to eat it to prove that it was real.

I often wonder what happened to that man and his chili.

TSA agents aren’t paid enough.

Here were the top rated comments from readers:


That chili converts into a lethal weapon about 2 hours after being eaten.


I had the pleasure of watching a TSA agent smoothly and calmly moving a drunken passenger out of line, without him ever noticing he was being handled. He’d been weaving through the line coughing and chugging a beer.

She offered him a mask 3 times but he declined because he “had Covid last week and was fine now”. She says, “why don’t you come this way then and we’ll get you all set up.”

He happily followed her — some of the people in line started grumbling about him getting special treatment it was so low key. I told them I don’t know where he’s going but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t onto a plane.


It's a funny story, but it's one of those stories where, at the same time, my heart breaks and I feel for the guy.


I went through tsa with a cooler bag carrying 300 frozen homemade meatballs from my mom. My kids love them and don’t eat store meatballs. I knew tsa would pull the bag and they sure did. Agent was like wtf is this? My 6yo told him his grandma made him 300 meatballs to take home. The agent just shook his head in confusion and sent us on our way with the meatballs.

Anyone got a flight snack mistake that can top these?

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