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10 utterly random tweets to put a smile on your face today.

10 utterly random tweets to put a smile on your face today.


Here are today's tweets! We've got cute, funny, political, and weird, among other things. Take a look. We hope you enjoy!

1. Plan for tonight.

Glass in hand, ready to go.

2. Burgers are getting buttered tonight!

Sorry, it's very cute.

3. A different version of 'slow' quitting.

Try saying, 'Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.' That should work as well.

4. Someone sued for the coffee being too hot.

Wonder if that works for apple pies?

5. Doesn't matter what your politics are, that's funny.

How many are we up to at this point?

6. Free beer?

Definitely don't drink that.

7. Great British Bakeoff has lost its mind.

If you're not following this controversy, enjoy...

8. Not the worst thing to happen in a job interview.

Tropical vacation is the best background for a job interview, and then keep asking about how much time you get off the entire time.

9. Assumptions make an ass out of u and me?

Everyone's done something like this.

10. Spooky season budget buster.

Unfortunately the skeletons in our closets are very real, and much scarier than a 12 foot decoration.

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