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16 reactions to the 'Unpopular Opinion': Blowing out candles on a cake is unsanitary.

16 reactions to the 'Unpopular Opinion': Blowing out candles on a cake is unsanitary.


Unpopular Opinion: Blowing out candles on a cake is unsanitary.

You’re basically just spitting on it, then serving it to a bunch of people. There will be spit on that cake, I don’t care how clean your son is Bethany, he is two years old, I won’t eat his saliva.

I don’t tell people this at the party, I just decline the cake, but I find it gross. As annoying as I find it, I don’t try to ruin the fun. I’m not a germaphobe, this is the only “unsanitary” thing that makes me feel this way, in most other scenarios I’m the unsanitary one. I’m pretty gross ngl, but I still find this strange :/

Here's what people had to say to OP:

1. Rainbwned

If you are looking for hygiene, don't start at a two year old's birthday. Every piece of food on the table has been handled by a toddler.

2. DieSuzie2112

Oh buddy, wait until you find out about your phone. I’ll eat the cake straight off the floor, you think a little spit is gonna stop me?

terrible_username1 OP responded:

I don’t eat the phone though, do I?

3. Dijiwolf1975

Door knobs, Handrails, Subway seats, Mailbox handles, Work keyboards... Germs everywhere. Little Jimmy's saliva steam isn't going to hurt me. I've already had chickenpox.

4. Seaweed_Steve

The person making the cake probably breathed on it far more than the person blowing out the candles. And the ingredients of those cake were probably be breathed on and touched.

But you can’t live your life that preoccupied by germs or you’d never eat out, touch a door handle or handle money.

a_different_pov_85 countered:

To be fair, any germs or bacteria from breathing on the cake while being made would be mostly killed during the baking process.

5. wutato

Breathing and spitting is different. I'm not OP but people can sanitize their hands (washing it, hand sanitizer gel) after touching dirty things. If I see a kid or someone spitting on food while blowing on it (like hot food, or cake like OP describes) I don't eat it, unless it's my partner. I mean, sometimes the spit is just ridiculous.

6. Sproeier

Sounds like you are just a bit of a germaphobe.

7. Sammysoupcat

I mean, I find blowing out candles nasty. And I hate spit, even thinking about it grosses me out, especially if it's someone else's, but mine is gross as well. I've never kissed someone and as far as I'm concerned, I don't want to considering I can't share a straw with someone.

8. Thumbtack1985

Weirdly I've never thought about this lol. Thanks for ruining birthdays for me

terrible_username1 OP responded:

You’re welcome :D

9. toxicpanduh

That's alright, the door you opened on your way to the birthday party had more germs on it. Germs exist, maybe develop some immunities. We really need to stop people breeding who can't develop a healthy immune system.

terrible_username1 OP responded:

Yes, but I didn’t eat the door did I? I get that it’s not that big of a deal, but I still find it a little gross idk

10. toszma

Your mouth has more bacteria than an average toilet seat. This is how the human body is set up. It establishes contact with the world and builds an immune system.... remember the debate we had over it the last 3 years?

Parents who forbid their kids to play in the dirt and put things in their mouth, do them a great disservice.

terrible_username1 OP responded:

Exactly, my mouth has a bunch of bacteria’s, so why put them on a cake? Seems unnecessary, no?

Of course I would never forbid my kids to do unhygienic stuff, I never did that. Just me personally don’t eat cake that has been spat on.

11. FelixTheFirecat

My guy unless you're celebrating the ebola patient zero's birthday you should be fine. Unless you have the immune system of a chair.

terrible_username1 OP responded:

I mean, have you ever seen a sick chair? I will take that as a compliment. Thank you, kind stranger.

12. nicarox

Oof. You sound very fun.

terrible_username1 OP responded:

I’m not :D

13. canwepleasejustnot

Ever touch your face/eyes/nose/mouth? Because your hands are also gross.

terrible_username1 OP responded:

Yes but that’s my gross, I don’t smear it on other peoples food.

14. corpsejuic3

i will never eat a cake someone has blown all over lol especially a kid. so nasty.

15. Cellophane7

Holy f**ing sh*t I've never agreed harder with any opinion I've ever heard in my life. And the people who lick the cake/frosting off of the base of the candles after pulling them out are psychopaths. I will never understand this sh*t lol

16. arbie-vel

I’ve been saying this for years. When I tell you people don’t care.. 😞

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