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She got revenge on 'friend' who sued her over an accident, and Reddit loves her.

She got revenge on 'friend' who sued her over an accident, and Reddit loves her.


Pretty lawsuits are a drag. Unless they rule in your favor, of course!

When a lady did her best to correct a wrong she had inadvertently caused, the offended party asked for a lot more than expected. Here's the initial story with a hilarious conclusion:

The Drama:

u/macbookcouch writes:

I had some of my friends over at my house and one of my friends invited one of her other friends to come over. She had her MacBook on my couch when I sat on it and broke it.

Since it was completely my fault, I offered to pay her the money for it and she agreed. She got it 3 years ago and it cost 2200 dollars at the time. I told her I'd wire you the money in a week to her bank account.

She's now emailed me saying that as per our conversation she's expecting the 2700 that I have agreed for!!!! I didn't know why she added the extra money so I got her number from my friend and called her to find her telling me she's now expecting me to pay for her new upgraded MacBook since she was 'upgrading anyway'.

She said if I don't agree to do that she'll be suing me in small claims court. Can a judge agree to that? Should I wire her the $2,200 or should I just tell her go sue me?

Or! You can tell her to go *** herself.

At least, that's what the internet advised her to do. And after carefully considering their words, she returned the favor with the best update ever.

The conclusion:

I went through every single comment from the 200+ ones and I sincerely thank each and every one of you. I did some research specifically for repairing the screen for the macbook and for her particular model it’s around 310 for the screen + the labor cost so I wrote her back saying that since she didn't accept my initial offer of $2200, I’m withdrawing that offer, and offering to pay for the repair cost.

She sent me an email calling me a b*tch and that she’s going to take me to court. I got served a few days later and went to court.

I told the judge I gave her three options to choose from: 1) Either to write her a check for a brand new one which was 2200 dollars. 2) Get her a refurbished one from apple or a third party or even used which would be around 1400 dollars or 3) fix her current MacBook since the screen is the only thing affected here and it would cost around 300 dollars plus money for labor.

I printed out the email I sent her and the mail she sent back refusing demanding the 2700 and calling me a b*tch and saying we’ll go to court + screenshots for the price quotes from different websites for a new/refurbished and the screen fix for her particular model and gave it to the judge.

I also told him that when I offered at the very beginning to get her a new one from the apple store she said 'no I want the money in cash.' When I told her I’d give her 2200 for a new one she said okay but later came asking for 2700 because she wants to upgrade. I tried to show him how it's clearly visible that she's trying to take advantage of me.

She gave the judge an attitude almost the whole time, which really pissed the judge off and helped my case I guess. After listening to both of us, he ruled that I pay 50% of the repair cost since she negligently left her laptop on the couch. So I'll only be paying not more than 200-250 dollars for the whole thing.

If it weren’t for you guys I would’ve paid $2,200 dollars instead of around $200 and I honestly loved her look at the end as we walked out.

And Reddit rejoices!

But some users thought that this friend of a friend had more sinsister motives...

throwRA1a2b3c4d1 comments:

Truly OP was being so so so nice from the beginning. Who puts a laptop on a couch with a bunch of people over? Someone hoping to get their laptop crushed.

catskii says:

Maybe it was already broken and she put it there intentionally to scam people.

valryuu agrees:

Seriously, especially since she said she was 'going to upgrade anyway'. She probably obscured it with a blanket or something too so someone was more likely to accidentally sit on it.

CaimansGalore is just happy it worked out:

I love love love when people file stupid suits and the outcomes work out like this. Not only did she stupid her way out of $2000, but she’s also stuck with the court fees. Lol sucks to suck.

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