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18 guests share the absolute worst thing they ever witnessed at a wedding.

18 guests share the absolute worst thing they ever witnessed at a wedding.


Considering the money and planning required in most modern weddings, it's not a huge shock that something is bound to go a little wrong on the big day...

While most couples are usually too in love to worry about the signature cocktail missing cinnamon drizzle or the champagne tower falling over in the middle of the first dance, there are some day-of disasters that can't be swept under the aisle rug. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst thing that's happened at a wedding you were attending?' scarred guests everywhere were ready to recount the hilarious, awkward or chilling tale of the wedding that wasn't exactly a 'perfect special day.'


In the late 80's (the days of big hair with lots of hairspray) I was at a wedding where a bridesmaid stepped back a little too close to a candle and then 'poof' her hair lit up in flames. The minister quickly dove into action and put the flames out with his hands and the Bible he was holding. Most memorable wedding ever though! - BitChick


A wedding I attended: they popped champagne and an elderly woman screamed and covered her eye. She said the cork flew into her eye. First aid happening, everybody is worried and freaking out while the woman is crying and screaming of pain. The cork never actually hit her, it actually flew over her [I saw it go]. She was convinced it hit her in the eye... - LadySM


Pastor dropped one of our rings. We got married at an outdoor gazebo. Ring fell between boards on the steps. Brother sprinted half mile back to his car and got a hanger which was able to hook the ring.

But the combo of hanger and ring were too wide to make it back through the crack. Luckily groomsmen were given foldable Gerber knives and they were able to use them to guide the ring through the crack. Finally got it and wedding continued. Still married 11 years later. - elyvertz


As the groom, none of the guests or family I invited showed. Family was out of state, I can understand that, friends were in town. Neither the marriage nor those friendships lasted. - CouchWill


I remember I was the ring bearer for my second cousins wedding. Once I had successfully delivered the ring I took position next to the groomsmen. I was four at the time and was wildly swinging my leg, so much so that my shoe came flying off and hit my great uncle in the first row. the best man helped me put it back on and the wedding continued as usual. - [deleted]


One of the groomsmen lost a bet to another and got slapped as hard as possible. It knocked him out and he hit the floor. The rest of the wedding pictures I took I had to have him facing a certain way to the butterfly stitches wouldn't show. - sarahm0ses


So amidst all the late planning and hustle and bustle of my cousins wedding we were struggling to get a cake, when we finally ordered a delicious strawberry layered cake with cherries, its expected delivery date was the day of the wedding and luckily we got it that afternoon and we took it straight to the wedding hall without even unboxing it. When we did so it turned out to be an erotic cake after a 'mix up' with a pink penis daggering its way upwards. - K-Quick


Was working at a Holiday Inn. They held the reception in the holodome. One of the cater waiter's was coming through with a large tray. The best man took a step backwards to give her room, and he tripped over the edge of the fountain, and fell in. I thought it was hilarious, as did the best man.

The bride's parents were mortified. We took him into our best suite, gave him a robe, then took his tux down to the laundry area, and dried/pressed it for him. Offered to give him the suite for the night....he declined, but did thank us for getting him back into dry clothes. - Griffie


They decided to serve healthy snacks instead of real food. No candy, just dried fruit. No salted nuts. No cold cuts and crackers. Only veggie trays and dried fruit and unsalted nuts. For the whole wedding party. No meal. Drinks were non-alcoholic and definitely NO dairy served because for some reason diary was seen as the devil to them. Yet, they did have a cake. Go figure. - Rocklobster92


My sister and dad had been swimming all day before the wedding (which was an outdoor wedding). Anyways, during the ceremony and the trading of the rings, my sister (who was a flower girl) passed right the f*ck out from sun stroke. We had to put the ceremony on pause to make sure she was okay. Once we got her back up and made sure all was good they continued. And as soon as they continue, my dad passes out. - Bigtolia91


The bride's brother was dumped at the wedding and his (now-ex) got drunk and danced wildly while the guy cried in the corner. - DarthBotto


I was at my cousin's reception when I was 5. Had to pee so I went to the bathroom. The floor was wet so I slipped and hit my chin on the toilet while I was peeing. I was knocked unconscious and woke up in the hospital with 12 stitches on my chin. Reckon someone found me with my pants down in a puddle of blood and urine. - [deleted]


The bride's dad preformed a rap he wrote. It was bad. He was a geeky white guy. Sweet gesture but so awkward. - Quantumfrolick


The best man gave a speech at the reception in which he mentally broke down (with tears) and proceeded to tell everyone he actually loved the groom. - Qizo


I went with my best friend as her 'date' and she was wearing the same off-the-rack dress as the bridesmaids. I thought it was hilarious but she was really uncomfortable and that kind of killed the whole night. - Eleven_Eleven_11_11


I was about 11 years old, and was the flower girl at my second cousin's wedding. Obviously there was alcohol and people were all getting merry, but there was one woman related to the groom who seemed to be in a really bad mood. She got really drunk, slapped her sister and then declared she was there to have fun and for everyone to get off her case.

She got up on a table and started dancing, and in the process was sending drinks and plates flying into people's laps and they were getting very angry. Someone yelled out 'sit down, you stupid b*tch!' and she turned around to flip them off. Next minute, a beer bottle comes flying through the air and smashed her in the back of the head. She immediately passed out and was carried outside. - mifo


My mom's friend's daughter's wedding. I was maybe around 10. The wedding was over an hour late with a church full of people waiting. Finally the pastor comes in and announces that the night before, the groom was at a bar and some stranger started a fight with him. They ended up outside and the groom got shot in the leg. They'd been getting married at the scheduled time at the hospital and then the pastor drove to the church to tell everyone. They sent us to the reception where the bride showed up for a while, but the groom had to stay in the hospital. - rainbowbrite07


Someone's cell phone started ringing loudly during the exchange of vows in church, and the guy actually answered it, and began talking in full voice, as if he weren't even part of the occasion. The Minister stopped, because it was so intrusive, and asked him to please end it - and the guy got rude, and made some objectionable remarks. At which point the ushers escorted him out, while the idiot made a big scene. - Back2Bach

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