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11 regretful guests and ex-bridesmaids share their worst wedding horror story.

11 regretful guests and ex-bridesmaids share their worst wedding horror story.


Being a bridesmaid or maid of honor is often a white lace-adorned spooky circus of group chats, surprise Venmo requests, matching phallic sunglasses and wondering why you're on the most expensive vacation you've ever taken with 8 of someone else's friends...

Most of the time, weddings go smoothly and the most stressful thing that happens is that Uncle Jim enjoyed the open bar a bit too much. Even if you've felt like an unpaid intern for months because your best friend happened to get engaged, celebrating love and a future of happiness together with a dance floor and champagne usually eliminates any lingering resentment.

Sometimes people aren't as lucky, though. So, when disgruntled guests, ex-Maids of honor, and bridesmaids with battle scars decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental Reddit Group, 'Wedding Shaming,', the fireside horror stories began.

1. The true evil Bridezilla...

My best friend un-asked me to be her chief bridesmaid because I ended up in a wheelchair after an accident. Her mum didn't want an 'overweight cripple' to ruin her photographs (I wish I didn't know that she said that, I was only a size 14 and it really affected my body image) I decided not to attend as a guest on the day despite being asked to come because I was heartbroken.

I found out on the day her hair and makeup were ruined because she insisted on going to gym before she got married and the makeup melted and the hair wilted. Long story short I learned to walk again, got out of the wheelchair and I'm happy now. We are sadly no longer friends - Holiday_Frosting4728

2. The inappropriate father-of-the-bride...

The father of the bride’s toast was entirely about the night the bride was conceived. Nothing about the couple, just took us through the night step by step for at least 15 minutes. I can only be thankful that she was a 'test tube baby.' I don’t think I ever expected to hear that term in a wedding speech but that day I did in spades! - TheMorticiaAddams

3. The overly cautious catering staff...

A former friend planned to have a big reception a few weeks after she and her husband had a courthouse ceremony. Now, this reception was really everything a wedding would have, except the ceremony. So the bride was coming out walked down by her dad, then they were to be announced as a couple, then there was to be food, dancing, toasts, a bridal party and lots of celebrating into the night. The event was supposed to be from 5pm (cocktail hour) to 10.

Unfortunately, when the bride arrived, someone thought she stumbled while she was walking inside carrying her dress, and the caterer decided the bride was drunk and they wouldn’t be serving her any alcohol. This was, to say the least, not a great way to start the day when we arrived at 2pm.

To clarify, at this point the bride was fine. She wasn’t drunk. We prepped in the bridal suite with no problems and the guests didn’t arrive until 5. During that time, there was no booze or anything in the bridal suite. We thought this would be satisfactory enough that the caterers must understand they made a mistake.

They did not think they made a mistake and refused to serve her anything during her own wedding. However, she was someone who did not like to be told no, and being told she was getting cut off before her day even started made this thing roll into a huge sh*tshow.

The bartenders thought she was being fed alcohol from others and took a hard line to stop serving altogether. At this point it was only 6pm and guests had been there for, at most, an hour. Dinner wasn’t even done being served yet. This wasn’t acceptable.

So the bride shut it down. She shut down her own wedding because they couldn’t have their beers there. She announced it was over, over the DJ mic, and then she started folding chairs and giving orders. It was horrible. - young_coastie

4. Getting dumped as MOH...

I was asked to be maid of honor. And after that, I lost my job, had a total falling out with my family and almost lost my house. It all happened in immediate succession. My mental health was really bad and the bride wanted an engagement party, a bachelorette party and a bridal shower all within the next two months.

That I was supposed to plan and pay for (in the midst of hardly being able to afford food and losing my house). When I had to pull out of being maid of honor she got upset and my brother (her fiancé) wouldn’t talk to me because I ‘hurt her feelings’. I was like. Yeah. I get it. It’s upsetting. But you know what would be cool? Some empathy. - MidnightLark33

5. The time the guests were drugged...

I was a bridesmaid in my best friends wedding. There were 3 of us in the bridal party, 2 of us are very close to the bride but how the MoH was chosen for strange reasons (possible inappropriate relationship between party members, jealous partner didn't want their man walking with a certain girl, whatever). MoH threw a great bachelorette party, and was really a dream for the bride because she was extremely helpful. That is until she turned into a nightmare.

Bride was very nervous on her wedding day as brides often are. We all started drinking at breakfast not heavy rather a mimosa or Blood Mary and continued all day. Again, not large amounts, we're talking like 2 or 3 drinks all day, we were all very aware of the importance of the day for the bride and none of us wanted to be stupid drunk.

MoH starts handing the bride drinks and after the ceremony she kicked it into overdrive. Bride shared a couple with me. Suddenly these drinks are hitting us like a truck and we didn't have many, definitely not enough for how we ended up feeling. We both have no memory of most to the night. We've seen the pictures and videos, we weren't passed out, we were dancing, laughing, having a blast.

Well, the drinks hit us hard because the MoH, in attempt to calm the bride slipped anti-anxiety meds in the drinks she was handing the bride. Drugged us. And if that isn't bad enough, I was a hard-core prescription drug addict for years, okay, decades, but at that point off them for 5+ years. She knew that and she knew that the bride was sharing her drinks with people and just let it happen. Needless to say, our original quartet is now a trio and none of us speak to the MoH anymore - Black_Tears524

6. The messy love triangle...

I was MOH for my BFF. My ex boyfriend was the best man. I didn’t get to bring a plus one, as only “established couples” could. So the ex got to bring his new girlfriend, that he had cheated on me with. After 15 years of friendship the bride pretty much quit talking to me after the wedding. Not gonna lie, still bothers me after several years. - ThrowawayMOHBFF

7. The MOH who doesn't know her part...

The maid of honor opened her speech saying she didn’t actually know the bride very well ... - myponycat

8. The 'fancy' frat party...

I went to a very fancy wedding about 10 years ago. The bride and the groom, as well as the whole bridal party were so drunk at the start of the ceremony they literally stumbled down the aisle. After they barely made it through the vows we went to the most elaborate cocktail hour, which was actually two hours, where my hardcore alcoholic father was so concerned about the amount of drinking going on that he sobered up.

My mother and I ended up leaving pretty soon after dinner, but my father helped the Father of the Bride truck home drunk guests in his minivan until 4:00 in the morning because they were too messed up to be allowed in cabs. - GoddessOfMagic

9. Heartbreak at a wedding...

Was a bridesmaid for my friends wedding a few years back, so was my roommate. 6 total on either side. Ironically, half the wedding party was single, the other half wasn’t, and in good spirits the bride and groom “paired” the singles with each other based on who they thought had the best chemistry.

My roommate and I were both in relationships, so we just sat to the side and laughed watching the single ladies flirt lightheartedly with the single men. It actually wasn’t a bad setup. it sounds weird, but it really would have worked out. Except for this.

My roommate and I got up early on wedding day and spent the morning getting ready with bride and other ladies. My boyfriend (now husband) offered to pick up my roommates boyfriend for the ceremony/reception and they’d carpool together. Ceremony and pictures went fine, except in our spare time, my roommate was doing her damndest to avoid her bf, not even talking to him.

This trend continued at the reception, and I pulled her aside and she said she was planning on breaking up with him in the next few days, just not feeling the relationship anymore. I tried to save face whenever the poor man asked me what was going on, if everything was okay, saying that “oh she’s just really stressed out by bridesmaid duties she doesn’t wanna get distracted.”

Eventually he manages to corner her, and she snaps and dumps him right there at the reception. He knows no one at this wedding besides her, so he decided to start walking home. Did I mention we were in the middle of f*cking nowhere at the bride’s parents house because they owned a bit of land in farming country?

My boyfriend and I tried to salvage the situation - he tried going after now ex-bf, while I tried to keep my roommate from being a drunken fool and literally shouting her “newfound freedom” to the entire company of people.

Both of us completely failed. Last I heard, ex-bf managed to get a hold of his sister to pick him up somewhere on the road, and my roommate started absolutely throwing herself SHAMELESSLY at the single groomsmen (and any other man she discovered was single at the reception) despite their obvious interest in other people and despite that fact that said other people were standing RIGHT THERE.

By the end of the night, the entire crowd (except for the bride, by some miracle) knew she had dropped her man literally hours prior. The other bridesmaids were livid that she was trying to steal all the attention that night with her newly found single life, and my boyfriend and I didn’t even get to enjoy the reception. I think we maybe got to dance to one song, and that was after we gave up any hope of damage control and decided to let whatever consequences happen.

There were some major falling outs after the bride got back from her honeymoon and discovered all that went down, and I think today she’s only really friends with myself and her maid of honor. I stopped living with my roommate after that semester of college. There’s more drama associated with her, but it’s not wedding-related so I won’t go into it here. But yeah. Wedding almost completely upstaged by a bridesmaid gone rogue. - ChaoticCamryn

10. Where's the bouncer?

Drunk guy was flirting with a woman at the reception. She wasn’t interested and said something that hurt his feelings, I guess. He shoved her to the floor and yelled “who do you think you’re talking to, b*tch?” And she jumped up to fight him, but people rushed over to break it up.

All the old people and families with kids left like immediately after. I felt so bad for the bride and groom. The groom was (rightfully) super pissed and kept yelling “at my f*cking wedding???” while drunk dude was being forced out of the venue. - ecologybabe

11. The surprise catering gig...

I was asked to be MOH for a friend I had only known for about 2 years. She said she didn’t have any close girlfriends she’d known longer because she had a hard time keeping friends (should have been a red flag). I said yes but about 3 months after they got engaged (and 10 months until the wedding) my dad passed away unexpectedly. She gave me about a month to be sad and then started giving me a hard time about how I hadn’t planned her shower yet.

That was pretty much how it went for the rest of the year until their wedding. I was grieving and had pretty much nothing in my tank, but I felt bad because she didn’t have a lot of friends. I was killing myself pulling off a co-ed shower and her dream bachelorette party, but nothing I did seemed to be good enough for her and she was unhappy the whole year.

As the wedding got closer, my best friend “Alice” (who doesn’t know the bride very well and was not invited to the wedding) saw how much the bride was upsetting me with her demands and asked the bride if she could do anything to help her out with the wedding. Alice is an amazing baker, and bride asks if she’ll make her a wedding cake. Alice agreed and kindly offered to make it for free since she knew bride and groom were struggling to stay under budget.

Unbeknownst to me, the Bride later asked Alice if she wouldn’t mind telling the caterers (a local restaurant, not a full service catering company) where they can set up the food on the day of the wedding, since she’ll already be at the reception hall dropping off the cake. Alice agreed.

On the day of the wedding Alice showed up to drop off the cake at the reception hall an hour or so before the ceremony. Nothing in the hall was set up or decorated, and the restaurant had just dropped off the food in insulated bags. Alice found that the bride had left her an extremely detailed list with 50ish tasks for Alice to complete, including setting up all the catering dishes and sternos, putting out all the decor and table settings for the reception hall (with detailed diagrams for where everything should go), and SERVING FOOD TO WEDDING GUESTS AND REFILLING THE CATERING TRAYS THROUGHOUT THE RECEPTION.

The Bride NEVER asked Alice to do any of this beforehand and just foisted it on her day of. Her plan all along was that Alice would just be her unpaid day of coordinator and would be too nice of a person to fuck over the bride by not setting anything up - which is exactly what happened. A few minutes before the reception started, a couple members of the bride’s family showed up with their own copies of the decor diagrams to check and make sure Alice set everything up properly. They even yelled at Alice for decor that was out of place and yelled at her again several times throughout the reception when she wasn’t serving or not refilling the food trays fast enough.

I, like Alice, had no idea the bride had planned for any of this. So imagine my complete shock when I walked into the reception and saw Alice behind the buffet serving food??? I was super confused and kept asking her what she was doing there, but she didn’t want to ruin the day and said she would tell me later. She was even crying in the bathroom at one point after dinner was over and still wouldn’t tell me.

I was also shocked to see another one of MY friends that the bride was not close to and only knew through me sitting in a chair on the stage at the reception. Turns out she enlisted him to be her unpaid DJ, promising him he’d just have to press play on Spotify playlist when dancing started and then enjoy the night. Instead he was trapped in the chair all night with rude family members of the bride and groom yelling at him about the music and making requests.

Overall, the wedding day was horrific and the bride and groom treated me and the rest of the wedding party just as terribly as her unpaid labor, but at least we had agreed to be a part of the wedding.

It was a few days after the wedding that Alice finally hit her breaking point. She got a phone call from the restaurant that catered the wedding. Apparently they left their insulated food bags at reception hall and called the bride and groom on their honeymoon to get them back. Without telling Alice, the bride and groom gave the restaurant her phone number and said she would bring them the bags……WHAT.

Alice called me crying and finally told me what happened. I was HORRIFIED. It’s one thing for the bride to treat me badly all year, it’s another thing to enlist MY friends who she barely knew to be her unpaid servants for the day, especially when she had plenty of friends and family attending who could have helped out.

Alice didn’t want me to tell the bride how upset she was and I respected her privacy, otherwise I would have absolutely blown up at her. I think all the time about what I would said in that confrontation, and I really want to know what the fuck the bride was thinking and make her explain her behavior. But we just stopped hanging out pretty soon after that and now we haven’t spoken in a couple years.

But Alice is unbelievably kind person and an incredible friend who I’m very lucky to have in my life. I was her MOH a few years ago and she’s mine for my wedding in a couple months.

Unfortunately this story doesn’t even scratch the surface of the horrible things this bride did to me and the rest of the wedding party when I was her MOH, but it is definitely the most egregious. The second worst thing happened at her engagement party, which was an overnight trip and the whole wedding party stayed at an Airbnb. My FH (bf at the time) couldn’t make it and neither could the wife of the best man. After a night of drinking, the married best man came into my room late at night and tried to hook up. I said no and was very upset.

I told the bride first thing in the morning, and at first she was equally upset….but then she told her FH. He said I was making it up and she sided with him. I had to see the best man and his wife at wedding events for the rest of the year and felt sick every time I saw them. Right before the wedding they announced they were pregnant - salondijon8

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