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13 of the best examples of wedding shaming.

13 of the best examples of wedding shaming.


The internet is a terrible place. The internet is also a wonderful place. If you want to find people acting weird, wild and hilarious around their wedding planning, the internet delivers. If you've haver had a wedding, been to a wedding, or seen a wedding on TV, you should enjoy these.

1. Virtual cash grab.

2. Basically the same.

3. Call PETA.

4. Do cats even have allergies?

5. Mmmm. Pool pasta.

6. Ruh oh.

7. So romantic.

8. Really reasonable request to insist someone put holes in their body to be part of your wedding.

9. This is cute.

10. Incredibly rude to have sex within 9 months of your wedding.

11. This is why you pay graphic designers.

12. Cool dudes.

13. First we're getting married. Then we're starting a band.

If you're getting married we hope you don't make these mistakes.

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