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16 guests share what went down at the worst wedding they ever attended.

16 guests share what went down at the worst wedding they ever attended.


While most weddings go off without anyone interrupting the ceremony to speak now instead of forever holding their peace, not every couple is so lucky in their journey down the aisle...

Sometimes Uncle Jeremy makes the mistake of over-indulging in the open bar while cousin Ted decides the reception is his personal audition for 'The Voice.' So, when a Reddit user asked the gloriously petty and hilariously judgmental group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about the worst weddings they ever had the displeasure of RSVPing 'yes' to, scarred guests everywhere were eager to tell the tale.


I attended a family wedding where the groom told his mother-in-law about an hour before the ceremony that he didn't like her. There were a lot of tears but the bride married him anyway.

After the reception, he got drunk and tossed his wedding ring into a field and a wedding guest found it the next morning. Somehow they are still married but I don't have a lot of hope for their future. - inurface_spacecoyote


I was a bridesmaid in a wedding once cancelled already by hurricane Michael; the bridesmaids suggested flying to Tulum instead, so I did, only to be a 3rd wheel for the skunked couple. I did my best to arrange a nice dinner and private beach bed thing at a cool resort and stay away, because by now I was irritated at the groom’s racist remarks toward the locals and of course they deserved some privacy.

For the redo, my flight to Savannah was cancelled due to weather at my origin. I flew from New York to Atlanta on the next available flight, rented a car and drove the remainder of the journey, arriving at my appointed time for hair and makeup on just a few hours of sleep. I did my goddamn best, fixed a messed up seating chart, ordered and paid for all the food that wasn’t catered leading up to the event. I left when everyone was doing the chicken dance.

Because I hadn’t been included in reservations with the rest of the party on Tybee Island, I had to take a cab back to Savannah, where I had a hotel and left the rental car cos I would be drinking. The next day I was accused of stealing another bridesmaid’s mother’s costume jewelry and told off for leaving without saying goodbye. I did, they were just too drunk to remember.

I spent over two thousand dollars on this affair and as a result ended friendships with the entire wedding party, some who were long term friends. I was just a person to balance out the photos cos there were more groomsmen. Worst wedding experience of my life. Never again. - r00sterfish


I used to photograph weddings. This one took the cake. The bride was doing shots at 8am in the bridal suite getting ready. She then has the maid of honor call one of the guys to make sure they get plastic bottles or vodka not glass. They were riding on motorcycles and she didn’t want to take a chance of the bottles breaking if they fell off.

The guy she was marrying she knew for about 2 months. He had four different kids by four different women. How do I know this? He has all of their names tattooed on his arm. Nothing is crossed out, just their names in a row. She told me the significance and then bragged she’d be the fifth on his arm.

The reception was a shit show. They passed through a Harley dealership and were an hour late to the reception from the ceremony. A drunken squad of bikers with bride and bridesmaids on the back of their bikes. One guy hit a car in the parking lot because he was so blitzed. By the end of the night the bride was passed out on a table while the groom was doing shots with other ladies at the reception. Took great photos for them. - Compulsive-Gremlin


Went to one at a firehall where they ran out of Ziti halfway through the buffet line and were sending people out to buy more food from KFC. Bride was out of her dress and in neon green booty shorts and a black tanktop before dinner was even served. They’re divorced now. - SK360


This was a wedding reception. There was a swingers group that would host parties at a bar inside a hotel. Well the hotel also booked a wedding reception for the same night as the swingers party. Well the groom ended up hooking up with an older lady there and was caught leaving her room. Groom was slapped and punched, bride was raging crying and screaming.

Groomsmen had zero idea what to do and were similarly plastered. Groom was fairly drunk and got a bloody nose after she punched him in the face a few times. Both families were screaming at each other and bridesmaids were being held back by staff and other family members.

They looked more than ready to rip that guy apart. Cops got called and everyone was kicked out. That night was the talk of the town and group for a while. The hotel made sure to not book receptions and swingers on the same night from now on. - Fuckitall1121


Went to a dry wedding in August. We were in a tent with no circulation. I was sweaty. Speeches were done before the dinner. The maid of honor had a 45 minute slideshow of pictures of her and the bride. It was legitimately the worst wedding I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a wedding where the bride had a camo dress on. - larsy87


I was in a wedding where the couple never showed up. It was so confusing. Never found out what actually happened. - Haunting_Year2376


I was the best man at a Catholic wedding. I was behind the altar, watching the guests arrive, when the officiating priest suddenly embraced me from behind. I had to literally pry the little guy off me. Not a great beginning. After the ceremony, my wife and I were shocked at how cheap and perfunctory the reception was.

It was held in the church basement, there was no alcohol (at a Catholic wedding?), in fact, not even soft drinks, and it didn’t seem like the heat was working. We played the piano and sang a bit in an attempt to lighten the mood, but the new couple left abruptly after only half an hour. Years later, the groom told me, “We left because my wife is in love with you. She always has been.” Oops...awkward! I didn’t have the nerve to ask, “Then why did you get married at all?” I suppose she was pregnant. - emjaytee1234


Wife and I got dragged to her friend’s mother’s wedding. I think it was her 3rd marriage. Other than it being super awkward it went off without a hitch. The reason for it being awkward was the son of the bride was involved in the murder of the groom’s nephew.

He went with some friends to buy drugs but turns out they didn’t have any intention of paying for them. The bride’s son was at the wedding. He was charged with murder and plead down to something that got him multiple years probation. - kevinACS


I officiated a friend's wedding. they made the guest sit and watch them open their gifts. - fu3zy


The bride snapped her fingers at me and barked 'Dresser!' in front of all the guests because she wanted her train adjusting for the photo-shoot. Didn't even have the courtesy to look me in the eye, just snapped her fingers and pointed. - Beardstrumpet


I traveled to NY for my cousin's wedding, along with about 30 other relatives and maybe 100 guests. We all had a huge rehearsal dinner and partied pretty late into the night. Around 8 am my sister woke me and said our cousin had gotten cold feet and snuck away during the night.

The bride & her family were furious, not the least because they had spent 10s of 1000s of $$ on the reception. He wasn't missing - he called & said he was on his way to the beach. I felt sorry for the bride. It was so messy - lots of hurt feelings & yelling. I snuck out to the airport & flew home. Needless to say, they never did get back together. - HometownUnicorns


BIL's wedding. They did the smash the cake in each others face, but he kinda punched her in the face with some cake. She ran off to the bathroom with the ladies, and it was just awkward after that - TheChalbs


We had to get up before dawn, drive up a mountain to stare into the rising sun while the minister read a passage from all of the seven major world religions. Then the bride and groom threw rice on us. The wedding cake was gluten free, wheat free, sugar free, tasted like a wax candle. - zenos_dog


I was a bridesmaid in an outdoor wedding where the ceremony took place at a gazebo in a garden. I missed the rehearsal due to work, but followed along with the groomsmen I was paired with. I'm not sure the issue was addressed at the rehearsal, but there was a beehive under the gazebo.

Loud music and sound equipment, lots of hairspray and perfume smells, people stomping on the gazebo taking pics and such. The bees were not happy. The whole wedding party was swatting and cringing. The officiant was rushing things as much as he could to get us out of there. I never saw the wedding video, but I'm sure it was a complete mess. - Muppet_Rock


A friend of mine's first wedding. I was friends with both bride and groom. From what we'd seen over the 2 years they'd been together their relationship was fun and happy, shes super sweet and just the most genuinely nice girl, a bit sheltered but fierce and ready to make the most of life.

He was quite funny and chill, could be moody at times but he would bounce back quick and was smart and fun to talk to. We're all a bunch of nerds so we met through extracurricular competitions held between our schools.

They started with a very formal religious ceremony that took FOREVER. When we got to the reception my friend was still too young to drink and while she seemed happy I could tell something was off.

The groom was very cold and indifferent to everyone, we found this odd as we'd all been friends since grade school and it wasn't normal for him. Bride was still only 20 so too young to drink but the groom was 22 so it wasn't a dry reception thankfully.

I left right after they dipped out of the reception for their honeymoon... I didn't hear from her for 6 months. When she came back she told me that they got divorced a month later.

Groom had been sleeping with the MoH for MONTHS because my friend had wanted to save herself. He confessed this on their honeymoon, after they consummated, by handing her his phone with texts from the MoH while he went to shower.

Nobody talks to the groom anymore, myself included, honestly I'm not even sure he still lives here. Happy ending though, she met a wonderful man about a year later, they have been married for like 6 years now and THEIR wedding was a blast! Best one I ever attended hands down and I despise weddings just in general.

As a close second, my brothers 'second' wedding like a year ago where they had to get remarried to have their marriage recognised as valid by the Catholic church. My brother is barely religious, not in any formal way at least and I - Imoverrich

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