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18 married people share the weirdest thing a guest did during their wedding.

18 married people share the weirdest thing a guest did during their wedding.


Planning a wedding can be a chaotic journey in forcing your friends to learn how to formally RSVP, awkwardly explaining why you can't afford to give everyone a plus-one and wondering how flowers could possibly cost so much...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'Married people, what is something your guests did that completely dumbfounded you while planning or at the wedding?' people were ready to vent about the rude, tacky, or downright confusing requests and behaviors from their wedding guests.


Mother in-law insisted we use her old college buddy as our wedding photographer cause he'd do it for free. All right, got a neat hook up and it saves us money. The guy was the biggest f*cking tool I've ever met.

Didn't care what my wife and I wanted, just took a bunch of cliche ' wedding photography for dummies' type pictures. During the reception he kept pulling my wife and I away from the festivities to get 'candid shots.'

Made disparaging and misogynistic comments about some of the female guests. At one point my wife approached him and thanked him for his service and he flat out said, 'I'm not doing it for you, I'm doing to for your mom.' We had an absolutely wonderful wedding, but my wife and I both agree that it would have perfect if he wasn't there. - raviolibassist


My old roommate wore her wedding dress to my wedding. Not a dress that was white or looked like a wedding dress. The actual dress she wore to her wedding a few months earlier. Who does that? - [deleted]


My mother in law told me our written vows were too long and needed to be shortened. My sister in law asked me to move our wedding date two weeks beforehand because she started a second part time job and didn't want to ask for the time off. She didn't come. - MotterFodder


One of our wedding guests who RSVP'ed that they would be there didn't show up... turns out she got confused and showed up the very next day and texted us pictures from the gorgeous garden we got married in. She went out and bought a new dress and everything for the event. I really just feel sorry for her she missed a good time. - lowdownporto


Before the ceremony we were taking family pictures with 50+ people (parents/family are all divorced). My dad started arguing with my wife, said 'SHE'S JUST LIKE YOUR MOM, RUN!' then pretended he got a phone call and walked out. We didn't talk for 6 months. - simpleshark


One of my bridesmaids boyfriends came to the wedding in jeans and a short sleeve button up, that wasn't even buttoned. It was not a black tie wedding by any means, but buy some khakis for god's sake! - lightningface


One of my bridesmaids was late for pictures and her dress had been hemmed with duct tape in the car on the way there. My mom offered to have the dresses altered when my mom paid for them.

Bridesmaid never went in to the shop when she was supposed to have the final fitting. I think my favorite part was that this bridesmaid showed up stoned out of her f*cking mind. It was pretty obvious to everyone. - TuckerWilliams


Guest book, someone wrote a sh*tty comment in it, saying wedding started good but then it 'turned to sh*t'. I was devastated and our families launched this entire inquiry in to it. The writer of said comment owned up to it. Apparently the 'turned to sh*t' was in reference to a girl not wanting to get with him. - PowerArmourT60


My good friend's girlfriend (now wife) got extremely drunk at our wedding, she ended up climbing on top of the top table and grinding away by herself and nearly fell off. She's usually pretty quiet. It wasn't even late, it was like 7pm. - trebortus


Swapping out invited guests. My cousin couldn't come to the wedding so my aunt just assumed that my other cousin's boyfriend could just come in his place. Didn't even occur to her that maybe we had other people to invite if obligatory invites were declined. But it was ok to bring a stranger that the teenage cousin has been dating for an hour. - Zippity-Boo-Yah


A friend showed up in jeans and a basketball jersey. Not that it was a black tie wedding or anything, but I thought it was common knowledge that jeans are explicitly NOT wedding attire unless otherwise specified (I've seen some country themed weddings encourage jeans and boots, for instance).

The weirdest thing is that he was a decent amount older than the rest of our friend group too-- we were mostly 22-23 and he was 31 or something. - YoshiSparkle


Yelled at me because, in her opinion, I wasn't dancing enough with my husband, and then tried to physically drag me to the floor. - vengeance_pigeon


I'm divorcing.. but my sister got engaged at my rehearsal dinner!! I was so annoyed. I didn't voice my annoyance, that's just how my sister is, always has to take center stage. But they'd been technically engaged for months, already had bought a ring etc but chose THAT NIGHT for him to give it to her. I was (in my head) like.. really??

You just couldn't handle me being in the spotlight for a minute, could you. smh. Both she and her fiance had bad judgement and love attention too much. But. They're divorced.. I'm getting a divorce, none of it worked. So who cares. hahaha - jaysjami


This wasn't a guest, but I had an outdoor wedding at a family friend's home and two people watched with binoculars from a truck across the road. We still have no clue who they were. - kettyma8215


Four. Count it, FOUR different women wore white. This was a super small wedding (I wanted to courthouse and done. Didn't happen) of 20ish people, so it was rather blatant. One was an Aunt I've always hated (mutual hate) who was throwing obvious drunken shade at the other white dress wearing turd who was my Uncle's (Aunt's ex) date.

The other was my 'best friend' and the last was my cousin. So, of the four, three definitely did it maliciously. On the bright side, I was too damn happy and didn't notice until looking at the photos. Also, MIL and FIL showed up but refused to speak to anyone.

In their defense, there's such an air of banjo noises about them that I doubt anyone would hear their words over the opening notes of the Deliverance theme. Edit: Almost forgot, a friend's gift was offering my husband and I a threesome after confessing her secret, deep love of me. Weddings bring out the best in people. - TugBoatShelia


I had people ask me what gifts I was giving. My sister made me feel like a terrible person for asking her to come to my wedding, and then tried to make me feel even worse about not going to hers. I was surprised that no one brought any gifts. I was not happy that the officiant went on for close to an hour about god knowing that we were atheists, but had agreed to 'something short' on behalf of my husband's family being so religious.

I was a little peeved that I paid for photos that my husband really doesn't care about, and he even got pissy when I asked the best man to put his jacket and tie back on for said pictures. My maid of honor tried to talk me out of getting married on my wedding day. I think that covers everything that dumbfounded me. - [deleted]


Should I talk about how after the ceremony my mom took my dress and flowers with her to go to the hotel and took a nap instead of coming to the reception? Or should I talk about how the priest forgot we asked him to do our ceremony and didn't show up until 40 min later?

Nah I'll mention how my rich uncle wrote me a check for $500 that I thought was a blessing from heaven (fiancé lost job I had to pay for weddings myself and he had to support sick mother) and instead turned out to be a $5 check that spiraled us into debt because of overdraft fees. - boldly-going-nowhere


We had a small wedding, officiated by a friend of ours. My MIL sat there and rolled her eyes the entire time. Guess who wanted us to have a large, lavish and expensive wedding? Neither my wife nor I were amused. - DrakeMaijstral

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