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19 guests debate the worst wedding foods, 'the food truck fad must die.'

19 guests debate the worst wedding foods, 'the food truck fad must die.'


The standard buffet, the sit-down catered dinner of fish or cold chicken, the family-style options, or an 'open bar and appetizers let's get everyone hammered?' Deciding what kind of food you want to serve at your wedding can be a stressful and expensive undertaking...

So, when a Reddit user decided to consult the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming,' group with this controversial question, 'What's the worst wedding food you have seen? (and why I think the 'food truck' fad needs to die)' disappointed guests everywhere were ready to complain.


Worst wedding ever was a potluck wedding. All the guests were asked to bring a dish but there was zero planning or coordination of what dishes would be served and the couple provided nothing. So we had about two dozen trays of potato salad, a bunch of cookies, and other cheap high carb stuff. The only protein was one crockpot of meatballs to serve close to 200 people. - HeatherAnne1975


The worst wedding I've been to had 3 food options:

a fish dish that was drowned in a sauce which smelled and looked like toothpaste -a dish with duck, the portion was too small to feed a single person

a beef dish, big enough to feed 3 people. In the end, no one touched the fish and the people who ordered the beef shared hat they couldn't finish. - Fabulous_Alpaka


I went to a wedding that was a potluck of bbq food. You had to rsvp with what dish you were bringing. They didn’t cook the food on site. All food had to be cooked, driven an hour away to another town and then sat in a room for the entire ceremony and the 2 1/2 hours the bride & groom were gone taking pictures. They didn’t want anyone eating without them. The only drinks were water or kegs of cheap beer. The bride did a keg stand. I’d definitely take a food truck over that. - Anxioussiren32


A single nacho chip with salsa dollop on a plate. Obviously delicious, but it was confusing for sure. - meestahmoostah


Worst food: had a friend 'cater' and the main entree was bourbon chicken. But this was undercooked bourbon chicken. Luckily we are at the last table called for th buffet so minimal chicken left and in general very little food left. Bride and groom were living with friends and heard us complaining about the food after the wedding. Also she was pregnant and smoking/drinking so super classy. - soul_of_ice


At my friend's wedding. The staff at the hall she booked had some sort of issue causing them to have to prepare all the food for her wedding that morning. It sat under heat lamps all day until dinner was served around 7pm. All of the food was super dry and warm on the outside but cold on the inside. Not a single person there enjoyed their meal and most of it was barely eaten.

They were also super stingy with the antipasto plates they put on everyone's tables. Each table had 8 people and the antipasto plate only had 5 little balls of cheese, three slivers of garlic bread, maybe a spoonful of roasted peppers and a few pieces of assorted deli meat. There was only enough for everyone at the table to have a small nibble. We're also convinced they swapped out the alcohol for water. The only alcohol offered at the bar was vodka and gin or bottled beer.

They wouldn't allow shots. My husband got a gin and tonic and I had a screwdriver and we couldn't taste any alcohol in our drinks and other guests said the same. I asked my friend after if she ever spoke with the hall about all the issues but she just let it slide because her parents paid for it. - LookAcrossTheWater


I felt for the bride and groom at this wedding. They paid a damn fortune for a very high end caterer. The food was family-style, and would have been great had the caterer been prepared.

For some reason they didn’t bring enough platters and didn’t bring warming dishes. So they put everything on one platter for each table. One giant platter of lukewarm fish, potatoes, veggies, salad, bread rolls, and beef. All congealing and mixing together.

They did get a 40% refund. But only because the caterer had promised there would be vegan options, and mixing everything on one plate meant nothing was vegan. - SpicyWonderBread


I went to a wedding once where I didn't get anything to eat because the buffet had been cleaned out by the time my table was called up to go. There were over 250 people, the buffet they'd ordered was for 100. There was also no cake for the guests because only the top tier of the cake we saw was real cake, and that was only for the bridal party. I have never left a wedding so early in my entire life. - MamieJoJackson


Worst ever was a vegetarian plate with stone cold ravioli with tomato soup poured over it. I asked the waitress to at least heat it up. The caterer came storming out, looked at my plate and said that was not the meal they prepared. Finally got something delicious about an hour later. - Zorro6855


I was invited to a huge wedding (200-300 people, maybe more). Full 6+ hour wedding, too, and the invite said reception to follow and all that. They served food buffet style. The food was mini meatballs made by the bride's mom herself, and cheese and crackers. That's it. For 300+ people. Needless to say, there was not enough food for everyone.

They had Costco cake (which tbh, I love their cake so no shame there), but it wasn't going to be served until after speeches. The speeches lasted a couple hours (!!!), so many people including myself actually left during that time. As you would expect, there was also not enough cake for everyone. The overall wedding was weird but luckily I didn't know the bride and groom that well so my absence went unnoticed.

But like, if you're expecting people to stay the whole time you gotta make sure there's plenty of food to feed them. And FWIW the bride's whole family was richer than I'll ever be, so it wasn't a matter of them not having enough money. - ArcticFox46


I own a food truck and get asked constantly to cater weddings. I’ve done 2 and will never do another one for the exact reasons you give here. Having a massive line of people staring at you is absolutely anxiety inducing, especially when it’s such an important event like a wedding - young_otis


Was in wedding party where the bride worked at Arby’s. The reception was catered by Arby’s including sliced “meat”, plates, plastic forks, cheese sauce etc. The whole deal was Arby’s. All you can eat Arby’s at a wedding. - mshirley1


Fancy wedding at an art gallery, cocktail reception, which is fine BUT they didn’t tell anyone. People expected it to be at the gallery’s restaurant but instead they had a marquee in the sculpture garden - and there was literally no seating provided of any kind, except for the bridal party.

Standing for hours in heels on pebblecrete in winter is ludicrous, plus someone had to eventually go find chairs for the grandparents, the food was nothing but canapés and people were starving and complaining. We left right after the speeches. - TGin-the-goldy


My friend had a 200 guest wedding and had one food truck. The worst part is they told the food truck they’d have half the guests so they ran out of food. It was a train wreck in slow motion. First they ran out of burgers, then sandwiches, then Mac and cheese. Half the guests weren’t going to get fed. The mother of the groom was PISSED because they had no organization to it and she and many other family members were the ones that didn’t get the food.

The DJ, a mutual friend who was doing the reception for about a third of the price as a wedding gift, paid for a bunch of pizza to quell the growing riot and my friend says her mother in law still gripes about how she had to eat pizza at her only son’s wedding four years after the event. It was a disaster. - TheKristieConundrum


Half-eaten food (e.g. meatballs, cheese) from guests of another wedding served in the next wedding. Many guests ended up in the A&E with severe diarrhea. This happened to the wedding of a friend of mine. They selected the venue very carefully. It was in between his and her town so families could come.

Wedding takes place, they go on the honeymoon and when they return friends were like 'we didn't want to disturb you at your honeymoon but we need to tell you why people may be cross with you.' They felt very embarrassed but there wasn't much they could do. Afterwards they heard similar stories about the venue they wished they had heard before. - Local_Scarcity_9367


Worst wedding food: wedding called to start for a certain time but didn’t actually start until several hours later. Didn’t bother telling the venue or most of the guests. The food was disgusting by the time it was served close the 9 pm. - neworderfan


Sloppy joes. And there was not even enough for everyone. It was secondhand embarrassing. Lmao I was just the photographer for the wedding. I made sure I got two sloppy joes since they decided to tell me during the wedding they couldn’t pay me for my services. Lmao - Felixxfelicis93


I went to a wedding where the food was one punch bowl, peanut M&Ms, those cheap cracker sandwiches with cheese inside and pillow mints. Only the punch bowl had a serving spoon.

There were easily 100 people in attendance, and there was enough food out for maybe 25. To top it off, there were only enough chairs for maybe 20 people. She wanted to save money to pay for her Disney World honeymoon. - dude_icus


My parents owned a dominos pizza when I was in high school and we did a wedding dinner once. Don’t get me wrong I like dominos but not for a wedding. - Prestigious_Goose_10

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