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Bride asks guests to spend $5,000 for destination wedding, doesn't provide plus-ones.

Bride asks guests to spend $5,000 for destination wedding, doesn't provide plus-ones.


Opting out of an expensive destination is often expected and forgiven by the couple getting married as the cost of travel and accomodation can be too much for many guests...

Destination weddings aren't always 'a vacation' for everyone, especially when people have to take time off work to go to a party with someone else's family and friends. So, when a conflicted wedding guest decided to consult the delightfully petty and judgmental group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about whether or not a fancy destination wedding is 'afforable,' people were quick to weigh in.

Invited to Expensive Destination Wedding with No Invite for Partner, and Got told it was “Affordable'...

I was recently invited to a destination wedding at a location where the rich and famous like to go. The location is a 10 plus hour flight away, and with that much travel to the location, would essentially be a vacation.

I did not receive a plus one to the wedding. I understand that not everyone gets a plus one, and maybe that be okay for a local wedding and if they don’t know the significant other. They personally know my partner, and we’ve been together for almost a decade, and they did not invite them.

I also barely know anyone else invited to this wedding, as we are one off friends. Why would I want to travel to this destination by myself? Maybe if it was a local wedding, but they essentially booked a honeymoon resort for the wedding.

On top of that, the cost to attend the wedding is absurd. The main suggested hotel listed is over $1,000 a night. There’s activities as well and they have stay limits. The “cheaper” hotels they listed aren’t much cheaper. I couldn’t find anything in the region I could afford.

When I told the bride I wasn’t likely to attend due to the cost and was sorry and wished them a good time, she basically said, “Well, you have been abroad before, so you can afford this. It is affordable. You better come to my wedding.” Was like almost threatening me and started asking weird questions about my financial situation.

With all the costs total, it likely me cost me $5,000 to attention the wedding with the hotels nearby, airfare, transport, food, etc., and I am not even in the wedding party. I won’t be allowed to have my partner there too. I’ve never spent that much on something in my life. I grew up lower middle class and this is honestly just shocking to me.

Guess I am losing a “friend” over this. I’m almost afraid to send in the official no invite and am having a panic attack as I have anxiety.

Imagine having the audacity to tell a friend that your $5,000 wedding is 'affordable?'

Refusing to give someone a plus-one for a destination wedding is rude, especially when the price of a hotel is cheaper for guests when they can split it. $1,000 per night for the suggested hotel? Is this bride offering to front anyone's bill if she demands their presence? Are the party favors for the wedding $100 bills in golden bowls of diamonds or...?

Of course, the jury of internet strangers was incredibly eager to roast the veil right off this entitled bride. Here's what people had to say:

HolyShonks said:

You will certainly not be the only person declining for financial reasons. She's in for a reality check.

NBG1999 said:

If this person ends the friendship because you don’t want to spend over $5,000 at the drop of a hat on a trip you would otherwise not take, that says more about them than you. People who choose to have destination weddings need to understand that guests don’t owe them their attendance.

gertyorkes brought the 'Arrested Development' reference:

It’s one wedding Michael, how much could it cost? $5,000?

texttxttxttxttext said:

When they didn't give you a plus one I would have taken that as a subtle hint that I was not really needed at this wedding. It's pretty bizarre that the bride reacted the way she did. Nothing of value will be lost.

So, there you have it!

If you want people to attend your fancy, five-star destination wedding, you should start by giving them a plus-one. Good luck, everyone!

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