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Bride 'fires' sister as MOH over shower planning, brothers start bet pool on divorce.

Bride 'fires' sister as MOH over shower planning, brothers start bet pool on divorce.


Anyone who has ever been in a wedding knows that it's sometimes an incredibly expensive and exhausting exercise in glittery banners, matching bathing suits, hemming a dress you'll wear for two hours, and giving up all your vacation time to go on a trip with people you don't know...

So, when a relieved (former) Maid of Honor decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming' about getting 'fired' by her entitled sister, people were living for it.

Got fired as Maid of Honor today for refusing to host bridal shower. FINALLY FREE!

My sister and I have always been polar opposites. We generally don't get along but she tapped me as maid of honor a few months back. I figured it would be rough but didn't know how bad it would get.

She and her fiancé are going DEEPLY into debt right now planning this extravagant wedding for 200 guests.

They are both 23 years old and met 8 months ago on a dating app. I accepted the role with the caveat to her that my husband and I are new homeowners and plan to be expecting soon, so financially things are tight.

Gave her multiple outs to pick someone else. She insisted it was her dream to have me there and 'it wouldn't matter if you stood by my side in gym clothes.'

Fast forward to her demanding I plan her bachelorette party in Tulum (not exactly cheap to get there) and wants to stay at this specific insta-worthy (expensive) resort.

I told her I would put the deposit down once her bridal party had forked over their share of the cost (lol I was not born yesterday...I know the dropout rates of bridesmaids when it comes to expensive bachelorette parties) and that spun her up for a while, but she eventually agreed.

I've never received a dime, just many many thumbs up emojis btw. So far all I've done is put in the PTO request for the week. I don't think her friends can afford the plane tickets to get there, let alone final cost of the trip.

She's picked out specific dresses that she wants everyone to wear (about $300 each) with specific shoes (cost unknown but probably $$$). And a few weeks ago she asked me 'what's the best way to ask everyone to chip in for the MUA/Hairstylist?'

Those are only a few examples of the crap going on over the past few weeks...I won't even get into the demands she's sent my parents and grandparents about paying for this/that/the other.

She and her fiance seem so caught up in the wedding that they're not really thinking about what marriage actually means or considering if they are right for each other. They're in LOVE. (My brothers are jerks and have a divorce betting pool going already)

Her fiance doesn't really make a ton of money (like I'm guessing 45k a year) and on top of that she quit her job a few weeks ago 'to focus on wedding planning since it's so much work.'

I have no idea if they are even thinking about how to pay for this. Maybe they are planning to declare bankruptcy. IDK. (Yes this is for real, she's that irresponsible, and I'm not sure that we're blood related at this point.)

So anyways this morning everything blew up when she called asking about the bridal shower. They already had an engagement party that we hosted (paid for) in our backyard (and 'forgot' to tell us that an extra 50 people were showing up until 2 days before from 'work/church') and basically wrecked our house.

This morning's phone call came with an email she sent me with a longgggg a*s gift registry (not the wedding registry) and said 'can you share this with the invite?' and then a list of like, the same 50 people who came to the engagement party WHO HAVE ALREADY GIVEN THEM GIFTS lol.

I firmly told her between the engagement party and the bachelorette party, I was tapped out mentally and financially and perhaps someone else that could host her bridal shower.

BOY was that a hairtrigger of a boundary. She started screaming about how just because I had a courthouse wedding (we eloped during covid, it was great ha) I must want her to suffer and did I enjoy ruining long-standing traditions just for fun.

And after all the work and money she was pouring into this wedding, I was being ungrateful for being so unwilling to even help out a little. No one understands her and everyone wants her wedding to fail.

At that point I was finally pissed off and just said 'there are no failed weddings, just failed marriages.' And voila, I was told to go suck an egg and she is going find someone else who actually cares about her to stand next to her at the wedding. So I'm free. Whew, I really needed to vent. what do I do with this free week of PTO?

Of course, the jury of internet internet strangers was eager to pile on to this wedding drama. Here's what people had to say:

Dorkhette said:

Your brothers should just give you the betting pool money since you clearly won here.

Mysterious_Aspect471 said:

First off, congrats on a completely reasonable, less stress wedding for you and hubs! Enjoy the money you didn't spend! Secondly - what long-standing traditions? I'm sorry your sister's insane. These expensive gift grabs are not 'traditional' lol. Engagement party, bachelorette, and a wedding shower?

You get one gift, babe, not the four I'm sure she's expecting. Most people didn't use to have all of these parties, and if they did, it was because different groups of people wanted to throw them, they didn't demand them as far as I know. Oh, and they weren't destination parties.

oseapor said:

Ok, first of all, CONGRATS ON BEING FREE! Second, it just baffles me every time that people feel entitled to big a*s weddings when they clearly don’t have the funds. I get it, everyone wishes to have this fairytale wedding (who doesn’t) but we need to check out our financial reality.

BulldogsOnly said:

I’m planning a 275 person wedding right now and I’d LOVE to know how she’s filling her days…like there isn’t enough stuff to worry about or plan to make it a full time job…I had 85% of mine done in 3 weeks while working a job.

cruel_sister said:

It sounds to me like she wanted you to be a conduit for all her unreasonable requests - nothing more. Horrible. I’m really glad you’re free - enjoy your week off!

So, there you have it...

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this ex-MOH was completely justified in her refusal to host the shower (AKA yet another way to squeeze money out of everyone this bride has ever met). Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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