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Bride disinvites nosy MIL from wedding for sabotaging 'revealing' dress. AITA?

Bride disinvites nosy MIL from wedding for sabotaging 'revealing' dress. AITA?


"AITA for uninviting my MIL from my wedding after she tried to sabotage my wedding dress?"

My future MIL has never been a fan of me (26F) for the entire duration of mine and my fiancé's (29M) relationship. I'm honestly not sure why it is that she's always disliked me and been cold to me, but after multiple attempts over the years to build some type of relationship with her (we've been together for 4 years) nothing has worked.

She couldn't give two s&*ts about me up until the wedding planning started a few months ago...My fiance and I are paying for majority of the wedding ourselves, while my dad and stepmom are financially contributing as well. MIL and FIL have not contributed at all, but MIL is giving her opinion on thing's as if she's footing the bill.

'You should make the themes this color,' 'make sure you have this dish on the menu to be served,' 'don't do an open bar you don't want people being too rowdy', 'make sure me, my sister and cousin are sitting front row at the wedding ceremony' etc etc.

My fiancé and I are absolutely sick of this. Every time she tries to give an opinion we politely shut it down and tell her we have it under control, but she just never gets the hint! Before she became such a nightmare I regretfully invited her to come dress shopping, because I didn't want her to feel left out.

While a few weeks ago we went dress shopping (my mom and close friends came too) and I found my DREAM wedding dress. I have a curvy hourglass figure, and I found a dress that shows off my figure perfectly and makes me feel gorgeous. The dress is kind of revealing (low cut on the chest, and mermaid style) but it's nothing I'd be ashamed of my family and friends seeing me in.

My MIL on the other hand HATED the dress I chose. She made sure to express that to me multiple times. She even went as far as to say 'this is a wedding, not a strip club I don't like it.' Well I bought the dress anyway since I'm the one paying for it after all.

Last night my fiancé and I are cleaning up after dinner and I received a call from the shop I ordered my dress from. They were calling me concerned because apparently a lady (my MIL) called then pretending to be me and wanted to switch the dress I chose to a more appropriate dress.

The sales associate realized that it wasn't my phone number that called to make the change, and called me immediately to confirm before they changed the order. I was LIVID. My fiancé heard the entire conversation and was LIVID as well.

He called his mom to confront her and she fessed up, after denying it a few times. I told her if she's so bothered by my dress to consider herself uninvited from the wedding and hung up on her.

Safe to say she is NOT happy. She's been calling both my husband and I non stop trying to defend herself but I've had enough. I feel bad for my fiancé because he won't get to have his planned dance with her. Did I take it too far AITA?

This mother-in-law is so bold it's almost impressive. Of course, the jury of internet strangers and wedding shamers was excited to weigh in. Here's what people had to say:

ChakraMama318 said:

NTA (Not the A%$#ole) - I would have done the same thing. But you and your fiancé need to be in lockstep on this. So if he is/starts hedging- don’t go through with the wedding until you are both on the same page. You need to get these boundaries in place now because MIL will be a nightmare if you have kids if you don’t.

idontcare8587 said:

NTA. nope nope nope. If she's doing this before the wedding, what will she do AT the wedding?

misslo718 said:

NTA. Your fiancé needs to step in and reign in his mom.

Jazzlike_Humor3340 said:

NTA. And important lesson learned - your fiance is willing to stand up to his mother to defend you. Keep an eye on how he acts and reacts as this continues. While it would be AH to set up something like this to 'test' him, it is a test of your relationship and interactions, and it is entirely appropriate to use it as a moment to get a glimpse of what your future together may be.

sub1030 said:

This is the easiest NTA ever. This isn't her wedding. She isn't paying for ANYTHING let alone the dress. She seems like a confrontational person to began with. Time to have fun at your wedding without having to worry about her ruining it NY being there.

So, there you have it...

Everyone agreed unanimously here that this bride wasn't at all wrong to ban her bold and brazen, rude and judgmental, meddling future mother-in-law from the wedding if she refuses to back off.

In an ideal world, her future husband would be able to spend the day with his mom, but until she can learn to keep her toxic opinions to herself then she can stay home that night. Good luck, everyone...this bridal shower's about to be tense.

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