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'Bridezilla' gives florist an ultimatum for letting surgery interfere with 'vision.'

'Bridezilla' gives florist an ultimatum for letting surgery interfere with 'vision.'


Planning a wedding can often turn otherwise normal and empathetic, people into selfish lace-adorned demons of destruction, but firing a vendor because they're getting surgery 8 whole weeks before your 'special day' might give other bridezillas a run for their money...

So, when a bride who was convinced she did the right thing decided to vent about her florist experience to a wedding group on Facebook, she was dragged so hard that the post ended up in the gloriously petty and judgmental Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming.' Note: think twice before you decide that your wedding is more important than someone's recovery from surgery.

Bridezilla upset florist is having surgery 8 weeks before her very important wedding… (the comment section was not on her side and she left the group lol)...

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Wow...everything about this is completely unhinged, but at least this florist kept their dignity. Here's what the jury of wedding shamers had to say:

Time_Act_3685 said:

'After careful consideration of your response and meeting with my staff...' is the most professional way of saying 'we spent all night shrieking at your goddamn audacity, and decided you can go f*ck yourself with the broom you rode in on.'

MadnessEvangelist said:

'Just decided 8 weeks out from my wedding.' Lol no, that not how that works. God only knows how long the florist was on a waiting list for their surgery.

SnooWords4839 said:

How dare you need surgery when I am getting married!

dbee8q said:

Wow. I met with my florist once when we hired her and chose themes, colors etc and then had no need for any contact with her until the week of the wedding. I had no need to see a sample as she is florist so I presumed she understood the words ivory, green and natural. It's always astounding to me how rude people are, especially when it comes to weddings.

Lynncy1 said:

My mom used to be a florist, and the bigger part of her job when it came to weddings was calming the bridezillas. The actual work of doing the flowers only took a day….but reassuring the brides that she understood their vision could last months!

So, there you have it!

It's safe to say that everyone unanimously agreed that this bride needs a severe and harsh reality slap that the world does not revolve around her wedding day. There is no bouquet of flowers that's more important than someone's health. Good luck, everyone (except for this bride).

Sources: Reddit
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