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Cheap 'bridezilla' loses DJ and photographer in the middle of the wedding.

Cheap 'bridezilla' loses DJ and photographer in the middle of the wedding.


As wedding prices seem intent on sending couples into debt for life, the bold moves that brides and grooms are willing to take to cut costs are getting hilariously extreme...

Destination bachelor and bachelorette parties with private villas and rose gold balloons, photobooths for guests to capture every Instagram-worthy moment, perfectly curated party favors and signature couples cocktails by expert mixologists--it's easy to lose the plot and forget why you're planning a wedding in the first place. So, when a wedding photographer decided to recount a horror story from the job on the gloriously petty and judgmental 'Wedding Shaming' group of Reddit, people were scandalized by this budget-obsessed bride.

Choosing Beggar Bridezilla loses DJ and photographer in the middle of her wedding...

When I was just starting out in photography (it's more of a hobby now that pays sometimes) I took one of these (low pay for full day shoots). I had a few photos to show off, but not pro-level portfolio.

I charged the lady $600 for 8 hours (I know, I was new and we all gotta start somewhere right?) at this really swanky local place. Old (like 1800's plantation) house converted into a wedding venue.

She paid the $300, non refundable deposit a couple of months before the wedding. The check bounced. Should have been a clue, but I needed the work and the pictures.

I called and emailed her to let her know what happened. She apologized. She swears she'll pay the full balance, in cash, at the wedding. Get there the day of, and there is no one in charge. Find the bride, she says she's going to get her money. Vanishes for 45 minutes.

Find her again, she says her mom has it. Can't find her mom. Find the mom, she's clueless. A couple of hours go by and I help myself to the free food, wedding starts.

At this point, I figure, WTH, I'll take some pictures anyway for my portfolio. Her uncle is there with a camera constantly getting in my shots. I had to ask him to move or sit down 5 different times.

Ceremony is over, they're doing the normal post ceremony stuff. Finally get bride alone, says she's going to get the money right then. Doesn't return for half an hour, then says her new hubby has it.

I finally realize, I ain't getting paid for this sh*t, but at least I got food and drinks and some experience. Started up a conversation with the DJ, ask him in a joking way if he's been paid. He says of course, I tell him what's going on. He checks his bank right then and wouldn't you know it, his check had bounced too.

He calls her over the PA (he's clearly done this before) and when she gets there, he informs her of the bounced check, I ask again about my money as well. She makes some excuse about having to run to the car to get it. I tell her she's told me her mom had it, her husband had it, and she's gone to personally get it twice in the last 4 hours. So, no. She can call someone over to go get it for her.

She starts b*tching that we're ruining her day and she'll pay us at the end. DJ said, 'Sorry, I don't work for free.' Cuts the music in the middle of everyone dancing and started unhooking his equipment. She loses it.

He tells her she's got 5 minutes to get his money, or he's out. I tell her the same. She runs off, and 10 minutes later, I'm helping the DJ pack up his stuff.

Her, her husband, her parents and the uncle stop us at the door saying they have us for 4 more hours, we have a contract and we can't leave. We both politely tell her that she hasn't held up her end of the contract by not paying for services by the appointed time. We agree that if we get our money right then, we'll stay. Shockingly, no one had the money for it, so we left.

Here's the best part. She calls me a month later stating that she just got back from her honeymoon, and saw me taking pictures, saw the thumbnails on my site but couldn't access them without a code and she'd like her pictures and the code. I told her I'd be happy to give her the proofs, and she could order the individual pictures she wanted from me, once she paid me the $600 she owed.

She then spent the next two weeks emailing me and leaving me voicemails stating that I either needed to give her her wedding pictures, remove them from my site bc she didn't give me permission to use them and she owns the copyright, or she'd take me to court.

I politely reminded her of the contract, told her that this isn't how that works, and said I'd be happy to meet her in court with all of my documentation (contract, bank statements showing bounced check, etc.). Never heard from her again.

Suffice it to say, now I won't even put your date down on my calendar until you've paid the deposit, and if you're still not fully paid up on the day of, my equipment won't come out of my car until I've been paid in full, if I even show up to begin with.

Did she think that the DJ and photographer would eventually get tired and give up on getting paid for their work? What exactly was the plan here? Of course, the jury of Wedding Shamers was eager to weigh in on this drama. Here's what people had to say...

Robyn_withaY said:

Good for you, hopefully she pays her vendors at her next wedding because you know that marriage isn't going to work out.

tommyp611 said:

Love that you and the DJ stood your ground. I'm a part-time DJ myself and I cannot believe how many people refuse to hold up their part of the deal or seem completely offended when it comes time to pay up. Everyone seems to magically disappear or have some crisis to deal with when it's time to collect payment.

Lavender_Daedra said:

I don't think I will ever understand how people can do this to working professionals. Pay for the wedding you can afford, period. I'm glad you stood up for yourself!

kevin_k said:

She really didn't think any of this through. I can understand the idea of getting one over on the DJ - after he entertains, he's got nothing to hold over you. But in what universe did she think she would get her pictures without paying for your services?!

Note: if you're going to run a casual wedding scam, don't try to rob the vendor with a microphone. Better luck next time, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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