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Couple's 'fake engagement party' completely backfires after surprise video reveal.

Couple's 'fake engagement party' completely backfires after surprise video reveal.


We've heard of couples demanding ridiculously expensive gifts, cash bars, family members getting snubbed from bridal parties, or vindictive mother-in-law's wearing but, but what about 'an engagement party' swing and a miss?

So, when a party guest decided to consult the gloriously petty and vicious 'Wedding Shaming' Reddit group about an engagement party from hell, judgmental strangers of the internet were ready to pile on the wedding shame.

Fake engagement party turned disaster...

Some high school friends of mine asked if my partner and I would help them set up for their engagement party. They hired a community hall and (including my partner and I) about 6 of us showed up around 4 hours early to arrange seating, decorate and use the kitchen there to prepare food for all the attendees.

It was hard and sweaty work as we were setting up for 100+ guests - both sets of families were excited to be there...

The bride had been very preoccupied with the projector and sound system during the whole time we were working for her event. Cut to the speeches after everyone had dinner and the only working part of the tech was the microphone.

After watching the couple try to play a video for 15 minutes, they hurriedly announced that they were in fact, already married in secret, and this was their reception! Suddenly, their video finally plays and we see their wedding on a beach... With 20 select guests, also at this event, who had been sworn to secrecy.

One of the 'close friends' who was setting up everything with us turned to me and said 'so we're good enough to do free work for her but not to attend the wedding?!' - she immediately left she was so offended. I proceeded to hear and see several older family members cry out in perceived betrayal.

The bride spent the next hour making an apology tour around the room trying to soothe the reaction, so we bounced. Extremely weird turn that made it super uncomfortable for everyone in the moment.

If you're going to exclude your family and friends from your wedding day, do you really need to make them do manual labor at your phony engagement party?

It seems like this couple only decided to throw a second party in hopes that everyone they excluded would buy them gifts, but this complete backfire is undeniably hilarious. Here's what the jury of internet strangers had to say...

stereolights said:

I photographed one of these, but they just... had everyone at the party attend the secret ceremony. It was a beautiful surprise. I cannot fathom why you'd do it any other way

ImmediateShine3 said:

Damn, the only acceptable way to do this for me would have been to PAY for catering and hire people for set-up and decorations (or have the 20 wedding guest attendees set up the room). That was rude and FU

ceruleanbluish said:

Wow. It would have been one thing if they'd eloped with no guests and then planned a reception back at home, but singling out 20 people as important enough to attend the ceremony, then coming back to rub it in everyone else's faces? Next-level trashy.

FryOneFatManic said:

They wouldn't be getting a gift from me if I'd been one of those not in the know. Now, if they had eloped and had not had any guests at all, just the necessary witnesses, that would have been different.

Note to self: if you're going to have a secret wedding and surprise all the people who were rejected from the first wedding with the news at a fake engagement party....just don't. Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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