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Demoted MOH drops out of $1500 bachelorette she can't afford, bride keeps money.

Demoted MOH drops out of $1500 bachelorette she can't afford, bride keeps money.


Not being able to afford an expensive destination bachelorette party complete with matching sunglasses, bathing suits, and rose gold sequined decorations is completely understandable, but what happens when the bride holds your down payment hostage?

So, when a relieved but conflicted ex-MOH decided to consult the gloriously petty and judgmental Reddit group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about a wedding party from hell, people were eager to pile on to the drama.

At least I didn’t buy the dress yet…

My ex friend got engaged up until the day I was uninvited. I was first asked to be MOH and then promptly demoted to bridesmaid because I was also in another wedding and couldn’t be a wedding planner which is what she wanted her MOH to essentially be

I was very clear about my financial situation when asked because I am not going to put myself in debt for another person's event and was told that would be fine. I had a budget I couldn’t go over for the bach event that was blown when they booked the Airbnb.

Trying to make the best of a bad situation I was fully planning on hanging out at the house for the majority of the trip as my budget is already blown on the house and gas.

10 days prior to the trip I get notified that the event is double my budget and she will reimburse me if I can’t go because she is so sorry she didn’t know it was going to be this much and she knew I couldn’t afford it.

I decide to drop from the bach as I can’t afford 1500 when my budget which was already discussed with the bride would be 650. She assured me she would refund me what I paid for the house because I couldn’t go. Now that I am trying to get the money back that I did pay for the house she has changed her tune.

Now I'M the a*shole for “dropping out” last minute and she doesn’t want me in her wedding or to even be friends, and as HER FINANCES are tight she will refund me when she can. (When last week she was telling me she will get me a check she feels guilty yada yada yada.)

Now this is a chick I’ve been friends with for over 15 years and she is going to drop me as a friend because I can’t spend 1500 on her bach weekend. After a month of trying to get my money back I am now giving up calling it just a loss because I’ve got no way other then snail mail to contact her as she has blocked me through all forms of communication.

I mean I know I should be thankful I no longer have to deal with this bucket of crazy but I wanted to get my money back first!!!!

Here's what the jury of shamers had to say...

Complex_Mushroom452 said:

These bachelorette weekends are truly getting out of hand. If brides expect this much from their wedding party, they should be paying out of their own pockets for everyone to attend. Truly wild.

Sunshine-N-gumdrops said:

Take her to court

the_greek_italian said:

The worst thing about Bridezillas is their lack of communication and changing their original plans/statements that are unnecessary. Your friend is an As*hole for going behind your back like that and claiming that you caused this drama to happen.

dabitchondaporch said:

This is what Small Claims Court is for. Go get her.

Good luck out there everyone!

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