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Drunk 'Wedding Coordinatorzilla' fails at every task, makes out with groomsman.

Drunk 'Wedding Coordinatorzilla' fails at every task, makes out with groomsman.


Having an intimate, no-frills backyard wedding can help couples avoid some of the standard chaos of big venues, mysterious fees, and expensive vendors, but trusting one professional coordinator to take the reins can apparently also be a risk...

If you didn't think you had to put in your contract 'please don't chug my champagne and make a move on my guests,' think again. So, when a frustrated bride decided to vent to the gloriously petty and judgmental group, 'Wedding Shaming,' about her 1-star experience with an expensive wedding coordinator, the jury of internet strangers was scandalized and ready to fight.

Wedding Coordinator did not provide complete services and made out with one of the groomsmen…

I’ll keep it short, because I’m still distressed about it. I did a backyard wedding. She was in charge of the decor inside the tent, my flowers, cake, and the aisle and of course...coordinate the wedding.

She was by herself trying to set up everything the day of. She requested our help (my family, groom's mom, and me, the bride). My husband stayed one hour before ceremony to help set everything up. I stayed until two hours before. We weren’t supposed to do do anything the day of because we hired her expecting to take care of things.

My bouquet was not what I had requested. The arch was not decorated fully (because not enough time). A lot of our guests saw that she was drinking and dancing with guests. She wasn’t directing the timeline and did not communicate with the DJ.

She provided servers, but one was caught stealing food and party favors. The cake/ cupcakes, half were lost because she placed the green wall next to the cake table that got knocked down. Then, we start seeing pictures (at a photo booth) that she made out with one of the groomsmen. Our wedding coordinator is married.

I am just so disappointed. The wedding would of been a disaster without my bridesmaids, my family, and husband. I just needed to vent. I’ve asked her for at least half back. She hasn’t responded. I paid $5,000 for her.

Not to mention I see her page promoting our wedding to many things she didn’t even set up or brought. Please, please do research on your wedding coordinator.

Ok, yes $5,000 for this disappointing and unprofessional experience is wedding robbery, but is this coordinator a hilarious icon?

Getting hammered, hooking up with a groomsman, letting your staff help themselves to food and favors and failing to uphold 95% of your promises? You almost have to respect this impressively bad hustle. Of course, the jury of wedding shamers was eager to pile on. Here's what people had to say:

macimom said:

I’d sue her in small claims court

Melodic_Anything_743 said

Absolutely ask for your money back! If that doesn’t work post your brutally honest reviews of her on all outlets you can find, also attached photo of her make up session with the reviews, it’s proof after all.

RioBlue93 said:

But how hot was the groomsmen? Do you have a photo? (just kidding) Super unprofessional. So sorry.

N3ssaW said:

I'd send her husband the pics

Fartholder said:

This would be great on Judge Judy when you sue her.

Note: ask for a reference or at least do some quick amaetur sleuthing before paying a stranger 5 grand to run your backyard wedding. Hopefully not, but better luck next time? Good luck, everyone!

Sources: Reddit
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